Select Committee on Trade and Industry Annxes to the Report

Annex C


The Post Office, Third Report of Session 1997-98, HC 380: Government Response, Fifth Special Report, HC 684

  1.  The Committee devoted considerable attention to the Post Office in the 1992 Parliament, culminating in a 1995 Report which proposed the conversion of the Post Office into a plc. The new Government announced a further options overview in May 1997, and the Committee decided to hear oral evidence in November 1997. It reported in January 1998.

  2.  The Committee backed the idea of a publicly-owned company status: a commercial dividend policy: a scheme of regulation: and maintenance of the network.

  3.  The Reply, received on 6 April 1998, welcomed the Committee's Report as a "timely contribution", and set out the terms of an announcement made that day by the President of the Board of Trade on a second phase of the review, intended to reach conclusions on many of the specific matters raised by the Committee.

  4.  The Committee has returned to the subject in a Special Report in December 1998, covering oral evidence heard that month, and in Reports in September 1999 and November 2000.

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