Select Committee on Trade and Industry Annxes to the Report

Annex D


Industrial and Trade Relations with Japan, Eleventh Report of 1997-98, HC 568: Government Response, Seventh Special Report, EC 1130

  1.  The Committee decided to undertake an inquiry into trade with Japan as the first of its trade-related inquiries, in view of the importance to the UK of the trading relationship, its reputation as a difficult market, and the significance of Japanese inward investment into the UK. It held three sessions of evidence, spent a week in Japan in March 1998, and reported in July 1998.

  2.  The Report drew attention to a number of general issues, including deregulation and the strength of sterling, and made a number of detailed recommendations, including on chargeable market reports. The Report also raised the question of substitution of high for intermediate level nuclear waste to be returned to Japan by BNFL.

  3.  The Government's Reply, received in October 1998, described the Report as "a fair and well balanced reflection of trade relations with Japan" and had "no arguments with the conclusions reached".

  4.  In addition to the exercise now being conducted, the Committee continues to receive papers on the subject from a number of those engaged in trade relations with Japan.

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