Select Committee on Trade and Industry Annxes to the Report

Follow-up Questions


It would be helpful to have an update on the latest publication dates of the EIAR and the RAP, and on discussions with other ECAs involved in the project

  We do not have final dates for publication of the EIAR and RAP.

  Once the EIAR is completed, we expect there to be a period prior to publication during which it is discussed with the buyer. This document is being produced for the lead contractor, Sulzer, and it is not within HMG's gift to determine when it will be published but we shall push for it to be made public as soon as possible.

  Similarly, the RAP is being produced for the Turkish buyer; we assume that it will be published, but a decision on publication is not ours.

  The Export Risk Guarantee Agency (ERG), the Swiss ECA, recently circulated to ECGD and the other export credit agencies (on a confidential basis) a report by Dr Kudat (the resettlement expert appointed by them to assist in drawing up the RAP) on progress to date and future work requirements. In response to a recent Parliamentary Question, ECGD has specifically asked ERG whether they are willing to have this document placed in the Library of the House. They have stated that they are not prepared to make this document—which is not a final report—publicly available at this stage. When the final reports are available, we will seek agreement to their being made publicly available.


An indication of progress on increasing transparency and other reforms in ECAs within the OECD Consensus would be useful

  The assumption is that this question relates to the progress in the OECD on the discussions relating to establishing common approaches for ECAs on the environment. These discussions are taking place within the OECD Working Party on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees (ECG).

  Significant progress has been made in ECG over the last 12 months toward fulfilling the complementary mandates set by OECD Ministers and G8 Heads.

  At their meeting in February 2000, the ECG agreed upon an Action Statement on the Environment, which, inter alia, committed members to develop procedures and methodologies for identifying and assessing the environmental impact of projects. The stated aim is to synthesise best practice to achieve a framework of common approaches for ECAs.

  The ECG subsequently agreed to a comprehensive Work Plan—which has been published on the OECD website—to facilitate the fulfilment of the Ministerial mandate. Discussion of the Work Plan is well underway, with additional special sessions of the ECG dedicated to the environment.

  Against this background, members are also exchanging information on their environmental screening systems as they are developed and introduced.

  There are also on going exchanges of information among members in relation to projects which are being co-financed by a number of ECAs.


The Committee would be assisted by a note on progress with consideration of the means of ensuring an independent evaluation of the archaeological and rescue plans for Hasankeyf

  Evaluation of the archaeological and rescue plans for Hasankeyf will form part of the EIAR.

  The World Bank is providing some funding from its Historical Conservation programme.

  We will be discussing with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport what further assurance might be provided.

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