Select Committee on Trade and Industry Annxes to the Report

Annex I


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Sixth Report of Session 1997-98, HC 774: Government Response, Seventh Special Report, HC 528

  1.  The Committee decided to undertake a brief inquiry into SMEs to help inform the first debate planned on SMEs, in fulfilment of the new Government's commitment to hold an annual debate on the subject. After an April 1998 seminar and oral evidence in June 1998, the Committee reported rapidly so as to be able to help the House. Its principal conclusion was that a coherent SMEs policy framework was essential but remained lacking.

  2.  The Government response was guardedly welcoming and provided an opportunity for publication of a good deal of further information on finance for SMEs, EU policy, Business Links plans and other matters. The issues were followed up in the Committee's subsequent September 1999 Report (see below).

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