Select Committee on Trade and Industry Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


Single Regeneration Budget (SRB)

  Luton as one of the 50 most deprived areas in England was eligible for a comprehensive regeneration scheme and the Luton Dunstable Partnership was successful in round 6 in attracting £15.8 million of support in addition to the £9.4 million allocated in previous rounds. Vauxhall Motors is a partner.

    —  Total of £25.2 million allocated to Luton over the period 1995-96—2006-07 to tackle unemployment, education and skills, tackle social exclusion, improve the environment including housing, support business and tackle crime and drugs and improve community safety;

    —  significant leverage from private sector (£20.79 million) and public sector (£53.389 million);

    —  provides matched funding for £7.695 million of ERDF and £3.049 million of ESF

    —  aims to reduce unemployment in target wards to Luton average.

Skills Development Fund (SDF)

  £39k allocated to Bedfordshire & Luton Learning Partnership to analyse current level of skills against needs.

Land & Property

  Community Investment Fund contribution of £103k towards Centre for Youth & Community Development by Bangladeshi Youth League.


  DETR—New Deal for Communities to tackle regeneration in Marsh Farm. Potential investment of £30 million.

  DETR—Transport funding £1.909 million for current financial year for maintenance, bridges and safety schemes.

  DETR—Housing Investment Programme £6.2 million for current year to improve housing stock and construction skills.

  DTI—British Trade International £4k for research.

  DCMS—£1,017 million from range of Lottery distributors to combat social exclusion, improve skills and build community capacity.

  Home Office—£1.902 million to tackle drugs, improve community safety and reduce youth offending.


    —  Sure Start—£1.6 million to improve the life of young children;

    —  New Start—£26k for partnership development and support for 16 to 17 year olds;

    —  Traning and Learning—£5.907 million in current year for training and business development.


  European Funding in current year:

    —  KONVER II—£2.551 million for tourism, economic development, business support and training;

    —  ESF—£281k for training.

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Prepared 8 February 2001