Select Committee on Trade and Industry Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from the General Secretary Transport and General Workers Union to the Chairman

  The T&G welcomes the Select Committee's decision to visit Vauxhall Luton to meet with the people who are directly affected by the decision by General Motors to close the plant. The impact on the local community would be far reaching—if car production were to end in Luton, it is estimated that 5,000 jobs may be affected. We know that there are many companies in Luton who will be affected both directly, as part of the supply chain, and indirectly.

  On the evidence that you will hear from Vauxhall workers today, you will hear the cast iron facts, that there is no economic case for closure and the productivity agreement with the work force has been ripped up. This is not an ailing plant it is a productive plant with an excellent workforce who deserve better. The company's decision is an act of industrial vandalism against the workers and the community.

  Although we welcome the Select Committee's intervention and visit to Luton, the decision to close Vauxhall's factory was not taken in Luton but in Detroit. The decision to end car production was taken by General Motors at a global level and as such only the Global Chief Executive can provide the evidence required by the Select Committee to carry out your inquiry.

  I believe that you should therefore demand that Rick Waganer appear before the committee, in order to justify how General Motors have spent the previously received public subsidy and why the company have broken the recently signed agreement with their workers.

10 January 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2001