Select Committee on Trade and Industry Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary Memorandum from Luton Vauxhall Partnership

1.  Multiplier effect on suppliers

  The work that Vauxhall have done so far has identified figures for first tier supplier and they fall within two categories:

  a)  If the Epsilon goes to Ellesmere Port then the number will be circa 900.

  b)  If the new model does NOT go to EP then this figure will circa 1,500.

  In addition employment opportunities lost from Inward Investment due to the announcement is circa 1,000.

  It will be a few weeks before we have any information from second and third tiers and any speculation at this stage could be heavily under/over estimated.

2.  Level of Government Assistance

  We are still not in a position to provide this information because of the ongoing research into the supply chain. We anticipate being able to provide the information within three or four weeks.

3.  Mature Students affected by closure

  1.  The decline in students from mature age groups and the more or less stasis participation in higher education from socio economic groups 3M, 4 and 5.

  2.  The numbers of students on our courses at Vauxhall who might wish to progress to completion after the Plant itself closes. See attached spreadsheet "Guidelines Courses"[3]

  The information in the second category is as follows:-

  With regard to the Certificate in Management Studies (CMS), we are completing one programme in February and expect to run another programme before closure for up to 25 participants. We are also hoping to run an EdExcel programme for those wishing to upgrade their CMS qualification and a further 20-25 may be involved here. With regard to our Workbased Learning ungraded programmes, our BA (Hons) in Business Administration will finish some time in 2003-04 and currently there are around 30 enrolments and similarly the BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Technology will finish in 2003-04 with about 15 enrolments. The position in respect of further education is much more diverse and not easily summarised in terms of timescales but as indicated at the Hearing there are 96,000 hours of learning a month overall.

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Prepared 8 February 2001