Select Committee on Trade and Industry Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


  By 31 March 2001 the operators will have:

  1.  Developed, with other stakeholders, clear standards and procedures to deliver significantly improved consultation with local communities.

  2.  Participated in obligatory pre-rollout and pre-application consultation with local planning authorities.

  3.  Published clear, transparent and accountable criteria and cross-industry agreement on site sharing, against which progress will be published regularly.

  4.  Established professional development workshops on technological developments within telecommunications for local authority officers and elected members.

  5.  Delivered, with the Government, a database of information available to the public on radio base stations.

  6.  Assessed all radio base stations for international (ICNIRP) compliance for public exposure, and produced a programme for ICNIRP compliance for all radio base stations as recommended by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones.

  7.  Provided, as part of planning applications for radio base stations, a certification of compliance with ICNIRP public exposure guidelines.

  8.  Provided specific staff resources to respond to complaints and enquiries about radio base stations, within 10 working days.

  9.  Begun financially supporting the Government's independent scientific research programme on mobile communications health issues.

  10.  Developed standard supporting documentation for all planning submissions whether full planning or prior approval.

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Prepared 3 April 2001