Select Committee on Trade and Industry Appendices to the Report


3 September 1996Signature of the Protocol between French Under-secretary of State for Energy and Raw Materials and Turkish Under-secretary of State for Energy, for continuing the bilateral co-operation in the field of hydro-power and in particular regarding the following projects:

Yusufeli, Artvin, Borcka and Muratli.
23 July 1997Turkish Governmental Decree awarding the Yusufeli and Artvin dams and hydro-electric power plants to the Consortium led by Spie Batignolles TP provided that the Consortium secures the local and foreign loans for the full financing of the projects.

22 September 1997Approval by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for the authorisation of its General Directorate of State Hydraulic works (DSI) for the negotiation of the contracts for the implementation of the Yusufeli and Artvin projects.
8 October 1997DSI letter to Spie Batignolles TP, Leader of the Consortium, asking for technical and financial proposals of the Consortium regarding the two projects of Yusufeli and Artvin.

  From February to September 1998 and at the beginning of 1999, negotiations with DSI for the finalisation of the following documents related to the Yusufeli project implementation:

    —  Technical specifications.

    —  Contract Conditions.

    —  Scope of Engineering and Consultancy Services.
9 March 1999Submission to DSI of the Consortium's technical and financial proposal for the Yusufeli project.
April to November 1999Negotiation of the contract unit rates with DSI and contract finalisation.
17 December 1999Submission by DSI of the contract for the implementation of the Yusufeli project to the approval of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

24 January 2000Approval of the Contract by the Minister.
10 February 2000Initialling of the Contract by the Parties.
18 February 2000Approval by the Council of Ministers.

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