Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum from HM Treasury


  There is no established comprehensive list of statistics produced by government departments, although virtually all of those produced by the Government Statistical Service (GSS) have been included in the National Statistics StatBase database. Exactly what may be treated as a statistical publication varies to some degree from department to department.

  Statistics currently within the scope of National Statistics were listed in the document "Initial Scope of National Statistics" published with the Framework Document in June 2000. There are a number of difficulties in using this list, including the different levels of detail:

    —  For some departments, the list covers the statistical publications which come within scope (eg MAFF).

    —  Others state only that statistics previously published as GSS statistics are included in National Statistics (eg DTI).

    —  ONS makes a general statement about National Statistics covering all outputs.

  To overcome such problems, we are currently compiling a list of statistical series (as defined on StatBase) consistent with the June "within scope" list, for general use. This is expected to be available early next year.

  There is no centrally held list of statistics not within the scope of National Statistics. Given the Sub-committee's request, we are exploring the possibility of extending the StatBase exercise described above to produce a comprehensive list of statistics not in scope.

13 November 2000

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Prepared 18 January 2001