Select Committee on Treasury Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Clerk of the Sub-Committee from the British Numismatic Trade Association

  Thank you for asking for comments from the BNTA about the work of the Royal Mint.

  The British numismatic trade is happy to assist the Mint in promoting numismatics as a hobby, by selling coin sets and other numismatic items produced by the Mint. For many years, there has been a close working relationship in this area between ourselves, and the BNTA has its own sub-committee devoted to meeting regularly with Mint officials and discussing matters of mutual interest.

  One area, where the BNTA seeks further clarification is, however, the marketing of coins produced in earlier years by the Mint, which the Mint then seeks to re-purchase from the numismatic trade, to re-sell in special promotions.

  We attach also a letter from one of our members, Mr John Whitmore.

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Prepared 27 March 2001