Select Committee on Treasury Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from Mr John Whitmore to the General Secretary of the British Numismatic Trade Association

  You sent a note about "the work and future status" of the Royal Mint.

  The manufacture of coins is an industrial process, and the Royal Mint has had no monopoly of the metal-bashing aspect of even the British coinage for over two hundred years, so it would be difficult to argue against privatisation of this part, especially as there is so little precious metal involved now.

  The design and issue of new coins would have to remain under the control of the Crown through the Treasury whatever else might change, and it might be desirable in order to ensure that present standards are maintained to keep the relatively small number of engravers and other staff engaged in the production of models and working dies.

  The activities of the direct selling department have always created mixed feelings among the BNTA membership, but I cannot imagine there would be significant differences if privatised, in fact it might then be obliged to compete with other dealers on a level playing field.

  There might be an opportunity on a reappraisal of Treasury and Mint relationships to revive regular issues of circulating sterling silver crowns at a face value of £5 or £10, something we have not had since 1902, and which appears to be impossible under the present arrangements.

  One part of the present organisation that I feel must be preserved through public funding and control is the Mint Museum. This provides collectors, dealers, and other museums with a service that is unique and indispensable. This is because it is able to answer numismatic problems by reference to both its historical records and the expertise of the current engraving and design staff. It could not function as it does if it were to be hived off to another museum, even the British.

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Prepared 27 March 2001