Select Committee on Treasury First Special Report

Letter from Dawn Primarolo MP, Paymaster General, to Sir Michael Spicer MP, Chairman of the Treasury Sub-committee

The Treasury Committee published its report on the work of the full committee and your own sub committee in December 2000. There were a number of observations and recommendations in that report relating to the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. I enclose the Government's formal response to these.

We discussed a number of these issues when I met with the sub committee on 8 February[2] and I have written separately to confirm that the Revenue departments will be providing the committee with both an interim progress report and formal annual report on achievements under the Closer Working Programme.

12 March 2001

2   This evidence is expected to be printed with a forthcoming Report on HM Customs and Excise: Collection of Excise Duties. Back

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Prepared 22 March 2001