Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1

Corus Business
Current Post
Port TalbotStrip Products Sinter Plant1 line 1 line
Coke Ovens 2 batteries2 batteries
Blast Furnaces 2 furnaces2 furnaces
BOS Steelmaking 2 vessels2 vessels
Continuous Casting 2 casters 2 casters
Hot mill 1 line 1 line
Pickle line 2 lines1 line
Cold mill 1 line1 line
Annealing & temper 1 continuous line1 continuous line
HDG line 1 lineclosed
LlanwernStrip Products Sinter Plant2 linesclosed
Coke Ovens 4 batteriesclosed
Blast Furnaces 2 furnacesclosed
BOS Steelmaking 3 vesselsclosed
Continuous Casting 2 castersclosed
Hot mill 1 line (21 shifts)1 line (15 shifts)
Pickle line 2 lines2 lines
Cold mill 1 line (21 shifts)1 line (17 shifts)
Annealing & temper batch annealingclosed
HDG line 1 line1 line
TrostrePackaging Plus Pickle line1 line1 line
Cold mill 1 line1 line
Double reduction mill 1 line1 line
Annealing line 2 continuous lines2 continuous lines
Tinning line 1 line2 lines
ECCS line 1 line1 line
Laminating line 1 line1 line
Ebbw ValePackaging Plus Pickle line1 lineclosed
Cold mill 1 line closed
Double reduction mill 1 lineclosed
Annealing line 1 continuous line & batch annealing closed
Tinning line 2 linesclosed
HDG line 1 lineclosed
ShottonColorsPickle lines 1 lineclosed
Cold mills 1 lineclosed
Annealing line batch annealingclosed
Electrogalvanising lines 2 lines1 line
HDG lines 2 lines2 lines
Colorcoat paint line 2 lines2 lines
TafarnaubachColorsColorcoat paint line (including laminator ) 1 line1 line
BryngwynColorsColorcoat paint line (laminator on one line) 2 linesclosed
PontardulaisColorsAluminising line 1 line1 line
Orb WorksElectrical Steels Processing linesno change
WhiteheadsSpecial Strip Narrow Cold Millno change
AmmanfordConstruction Products Sheet profiling linesno change
Catnic, CaerphillyConstruction Products Lintel productionno change
WhiteheadsConstruction Products Framing productionno change
NewportSteel Service no change

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 4 April 2001