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  Wales features prominently in the following BTA activities/promotions in Germany:

Advertising Campaigns

  BTA has been running image advertising in Germany for the whole of Britain since the late 1970s. Our partners in the campaign have traditionally been the major ferry companies with routes to Britain. The annual budget for the campaign is around £650,000, of which media normally accounts for £500,000.

  In 1995, the Britain—Island of Three Countries campaign was developed and this has evolved into the present Britain themes campaign. Each year, the advertising campaign produces requests for between 20,000 and 25,000 copies of the Germany language edition of the Wales Guide and conversion studies show that awareness of Wales has risen significantly over the last five years.

Direct Mail Activity

  Wales features prominently in all the major direct mail activity in Germany aimed at our consumer database of 250,000 names. Response rates—at between 10 per cent and 16 per cent—are significantly higher than the industry norm of 2 per cent and produce a further 10,000 requests for information on Wales.

Relationship Marketing/Britain Insider

  Appearing twice a year Britain Insider has a print run of 120,000 copies per edition and is aimed at the repeat visitor. Two pages are devoted specifically to Wales and each edition produces over 2,000 specific responses for information on Wales.

Consumer Events

  Double Decker Britain, BTA's mobile information/marketing touring bus which visits five German cities each year, offered a specific Wales stand this year which produced over 4,000 responses.

  Wales was represented at all the major consumer travel fairs in Germany last year (ie Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and Dresden) and information was distributed to over 80,000 visitors to the stands.

Press and PR

  BTA Frankfurt runs a total of 12 group press trips each year throughout Britain, involving a total of 80 top journalists from Germany. Two of the trips in 2000 will go to Wales and BTA pays 50 per cent of the costs.

  Five times a year BTA produces its Destination Britain newsletter which goes out to all major media contacts in Germany. Most recent Wales articles have included:

    —  "Island-Feeling": Anglesey;

    —  "Guide to the Historic Parks and Gardens of Wales";

    —  "National Botanic Garden of Wales";

    —  "Dylan Thomas Trail";

    —  "Walking in Wales"; and

    —  "Castles of South Wales".

Consumer Information Service/Holiday Counselling

  In addition to general enquiries, over 8.000 consumer enquiries on Wales are serviced each year by our Frankfurt office and appropriate material is sent out in response.

Travel Trade Activity

  In addition, the BTA office in Berlin—which deals exclusively with the travel trade—handles over 1,000 enquiries from travel agents and tour operators in Germany.

  The BTA Berlin office features Wales in the:

    —  annual travel agency seminars—audience 450 top travel agents;

    —  Agents Sales Guide to Britain—the handbook on travel to Britain distributed to 27,500 travel trade contacts; and

    —  quarterly travel trade newsletters to 3,200 top contacts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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