Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 260 - 261)



  260. One very brief question on the image again. You were talking about culture and you were talking about male voice choirs and other choirs and everything thing else. One thing we have not mentioned—and it came across very strongly yesterday in one of our meetings—is the promotion of Welsh produce, Welsh foods. You might argue that that is part of culture but people in this area who sell Welsh produce, foods and drinks, would not agree with you. They might perhaps feel that Welsh produce should be promoted as something separate and there should be a definite market in order to encourage interest outside of Wales in this area.
  (Mr Quarmby) Food and drink are very much part of the lifestyle that we promote when we promote different parts of the country. Maybe a fifth or a quarter of the journalists that visit Britain at our behest to write about different parts of the country come from lifestyle magazines or food or gourmet magazines. They will always encourage and many of them do write about the food of the country or the food of the region that they go to. Where it is possible (although we do not have a lot of direct contact) through the National Tourist Board we certainly encourage the promotion and offering of local food and where we can promote it we certainly do in our guides, whether it is Welsh lamb or cheese or other food products specific to the region.
  (Mr Ishmael) Journalists visits certainly are an important part of this. If I can refer to that visit to the Gower. One of the places which came out very well covered in that article that has appeared today is Stembridge Mill in the Gower where two guests I brought along were immensely impressed with what they had We had another journalist recently in Cape Town wanting to do a piece about "in search of the leek". Again, there is the traditional and the new because what she is looking for is not just cawl or the traditional way of preparing the leek but the way the innovative chaps we have throughout Wales are adding a new dimension to the way they treat this traditional respected vegetable.


  261. One last question. How successful do you think the myths and legends logo has been? Is it mythical and legendary?
  (Mr Quarmby) I think it is absolutely right. When we did our original branding and brand values with the Wales Tourist Board in 1996-97, we used the sentence "land of nature and legend" as a way of encapsulating in a very short sentence Wales and I think the logo, in trying to illuminate and extend that idea, is absolutely right. It sits very comfortably with the brand values and the message of the distinctiveness and the slight air of special mystery that is Wales.

  Chairman: On that note, we will finish. Thank you very much for coming today.

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Prepared 27 March 2001