Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Auckland Welsh Society

  Thanks for your July Press Notice re "Wales in the World". The Auckland Welsh Society briefly discussed the letter at our last monthly meeting, but we did find the content a little vague.

  In recent months Wales has received a fair amount of Welsh publicity through concerts by Tom Jones, Bryn Terfel and Morriston Orpheus Choir are currently touring the country. Every couple of years a Trade delegation has come with mixed success for selling their products here.

  In recent years there has been little sporting contact though in the past the Welsh men's and women's bowls team have competed here as of course has the Welsh rugby team, but not since the late 80's. Swansea Civil Service Cricket teams have toured here in the early and mid-90's. It is about time other teams made the trip, but finding a suitable time and enough money is a problem, but I would like to see Glamorgan Cricket Club tour New Zealand, the Welsh soccer team, Welsh women's hockey team etc.

  On the weekend of 21-22 October the NZ National Gymanfa Association is holding its biennial Gymanfa in Wellington. It is being organised this year by the Wellington Welsh Society and will include a Noson Lawen on the Saturday evening in Wellington Girl's College Hall and the Gymanfa on Sunday afternoon at the Cathedral. It will be an opportunity for Welsh men and women and friends from all over New Zealand to meet up and enjoy a weekend of Welsh culture.

  New Zealand, particularly the cities, are now multi-ethnic in character. Auckland has over 52 nationalities and is the largest Polynesian City. One of the roles of the Multicultural Society is to promote harmony among these varied nationalities through multicultural concerts, exhibitions and fairs. We promote Welsh culture via the Auckland Welsh Choir and Folk Dancers and contribute to what is usually a very colourful occasion. We have on our own doorstep what Wales contributes to world peace and understanding through the Llangollen Eisteddfod.

  I will not ramble on further, but we would appreciate some direction for our future thinking!

Derek Williams

19 August 2000

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