Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


E-mail from Diane Evans York

  I am operating a small (one person) start-up business, promoting tourism in Wales. My intention is to promote awareness of Wales as the destination, rather than the tail-end of a Scotland or England tour—Wales has so much to offer.

  I write this, first, to commend Raymond Mathias—Wales Tourism USA's one-man-band. Raymond has followed through on each of my requests for promotional materials in a timely manner, and with good humour, considering the very heavy work load he must have, and especially considering the small-scale of my business.

  My second reason for writing is, there are some simple tools, such as a video or "shells" used for brochures that could help to sell Wales to people (Americans) who think that Wales is, well, England! The Wales 2000 Homecoming video is really great, but targets a particular market, and all the "brochure shells" from the BTA have scenes of England.

  I am currently promoting a tour of Wales for July 2001, using local advertising sources; a local travel agency (to book the air) and soon, in NINNAU, the Welsh/USA newspaper. I hope that some time in the future we will see more promotional tools for Wales, after all, tourism is a huge segment of the economy; but the Welsh people (in the tourism industry) need to know this, also.

17 October 2000

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