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Sessional Information Digest: 1999-2000


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Section A Sittings of the House and dates of Session

  1. Sittings of the House and dates of Session

  2. Parliamentary Questions

  3. Opposition Days

  4. Use of Guillotine

  5. Estimates Day

  6. Government Substantive Motions

  7. Standing Order No 24

  8. Divisions

  9. Early Day Motions


Section B Legislation

  1. Complete list of Public Bills and their stages in both Houses

  2. Private Legislation

  3. Transport and Works Act Orders

  4. Order Confirmation Bills

  5. Church of England Measures

  6. Northern Ireland Legislation

  7. Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994 Orders

  8. Public General Acts receiving Royal Assent

  9. Local and Personal Acts receiving Royal Assent

  10. Public Bills - some basic figures


Section C The Work of Committees

  1. Departmental Select Committees: their work and reports

  2. Subject listing of reports of Departmental Select Committees

  3. Other Select Committees

  4. National Audit: Northern Ireland Audit Office

  5. Other Committees

  6. Grand Committees

  7. European Standing Committees


Section D Documentation

  1. Subject Index to White Papers and Policy Documents

  2. Subject Index to Green Papers and Consultation Documents

  3. Regulatory Impact Assessments

  4. Factsheets


Section E Membership of the House

  1. State of the Parties

  2. By elections and new Members

  3. Members who are also Members of other Parliaments and Assemblies

  4. Delegations to International Assemblies


Section F Address Book

  1. Address Book


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