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Sessional Information Digest: 1999-2000

Section D1

Subject Index to White Papers

CORRUPTION - Reform of the Criminal Law on Corruption - Cm 4759 20.6.00

DEFENCE - Defence White Paper 1999 - Cm 4446 20.12.99


EXPENDITURE PLANS 2000-2001 to 2002-2003

    Cabinet Office, Privy Council Office and Parliament - Cm 4618 10.4.00

    Chancellor of the Exchequer's Departments - Cm 4615 7.4.00

    Customs and Excise - Cm 4616 10.4.00

    Department for Culture Media and Sport - Cm 4613 10.4.00

    Department for Education and Employment - Cm 4602 7.4.00

    Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions - Cm 4604 11.4.00

    Department of Health - Cm 4603 6.4.00

    Dept for International Development - Cm 4610 5.4.00

    Department of Social Security - Cm 4614 11.4.00

    Department of Trade and Industry - Cm 4611 11.4.00

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Cm 4609 10.4.00

    Home Office - Cm 4605 11.4.00

    Inland Revenue - Cm 4617 10.4.00

    Law Officer's Department - Cm 4607 11.4.00

    Lord Chancellor's Department - Cm 4606 11.4.00

    Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food - Cm 4612 12.4.00

    Ministry of Defence - Cm 4608 10.4.00

    Northern Ireland Office - Cm 4621 11.4.00

    Scotland Office - Cm 4619 11.4.00

    Welsh Office - Cm 4620 11.4.00


INVESTMENT - Cm 4916 22.11.00

LICENSING LAWS - Time for Reform - Cm 4696 10.4.00

PUBLIC EXPENDITURE - Cm 4807 18.7.00

PUBLIC EXPENDITURE - Statistical Analysis - Cm 4601 11.4.00

REGULATORY IMPACT ASSESSMENTS - July to December 1999 - Cm 4664 13.3.00

REGULATORY IMPACT ASSESSMENTS - January to June 1999 - Cm 4478 22.11.99

RURAL AREAS - a Fair Deal for Rural England - Cm 4909 28.11.00

SCIENCE - Excellence and Opportunity - Cm 4814 26.7.00

URBAN AREAS - Our towns and Cities - Cm 4911 16.11.00

Section D2

Subject Index to Green Papers and Consultation Documents

The following is a list of Green Papers (a term used to cover all consultation documents, discussion papers, and other items which set out proposals which are at a formative or uncomplicated stage and are issued to solicit comment) received by the House of Commons Information Office in the 1999-2000 Session. The non-appearance of an item in this list cannot be taken as evidence that such a title does not exist. Most items are published or 'made available' by individual Government departments or agencies, from whom copies should be sought. (Some also appear in the Chadwyck Healey Catalogue of British Official Publications not published by TSO). The few that are TSO published items have a Command Paper number or other reference attached. Details of the consultation period and issuing office address may be found in the edition of the Weekly Information Bulletin next following the date of receipt.


CmCommand PaperITCIndependent Television Commission
DCMSDepartment of Culture, Media & SportLCDLord Chancellor's Department
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries & FoodNIONorthern Ireland Office
DfEEDepartment for Education and EmploymentOFGEM Office of Gas & Electricity Markets
DETRDepartment of Environment, Transport & the RegionsOFTOffice of Fair Trading
DfIDDepartment for International DevelopmentOFTEL Office of Telecommunications
DoHDepartment of HealthOFWATOffice of Water Services
DSSDepartment of Social SecurityONSOffice for National Statistics
DTIDepartment of Trade & IndustryORROffice of the Rail Regulator
HCHouse of Commons PaperDCDevelopment Commission
ECGDExport Credits Guarantee DepartmentTSOThe Stationery Office
FSAFinancial Services AuthoritySOScotland Office
HSEHealth and Safety Executive

    ADVERTISING - Internet Advertising and Sponsorship. Radio Authority [9.3.2000]

    AGEING - The Age Shift: Foresight Ageing Population Panel Consultation Document. Foresight Directorate. [13.6.2000]

    AGGREGATES - Planning for the Supply of Aggregates in England. DETR [23.10.2000]

    AGRICULTURAL WAGES - Statutory Wage and other Controls in Agriculture and Horticulture. MAFF [17.1.2000]

    AGRICULTURE - MAFF Research Strategy 2001-2005 Consultation Document. MAFF [15.8.2000]

    AIR POLLUTION - Enforcement of Vehicle Emissions Standards by Local Authorities. DETR [30.6.2000]

    AIR POLLUTION - Investigating the Health Impact of Emissions to Air from Local Industry. DoH [22.2.2000]

    AIR POLLUTION - Risk Assessment Method for Local Air Pollution Control. DETR [17.11.2000]

    AMBULANCE SERVICE (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Strategic Review of the Ambulance Service (NI). NIO [28.2.2000]

    ANIMAL FEED - Labelling of Animal Feed Consultation. MAFF [31.1.2000]

    ANIMAL HEALTH - Veterinary Surveillance in England and Wales: a Review. MAFF [10.4.2000]

    ASBESTOS - Proposals for Amendment to the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987. HSE [15.6.2000]

    BANKRUPTCY - Consultation on Reform of the law Relating to Personal Insolvency. Insolvency Service [7.4.2000]

    BOILERS - Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999 - Proposal for amendment. DTI [4.4.2000]

    BSE - Proposals for the Relaxation of the Export Ban in Northern Ireland. MAFF [31.7.2000]

    BUILDING REGULATIONS - Assessing the Impact of Deregulating Section 7 of the Building Act 1984. DETR [13.4.2000]

    BUILDING REGULATIONS - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 - Proposals to Amend. HSC [5.4.2000]

    BUILDING REGULATIONS - The Building Act 1984: Building Regulation and Fire Safety. DETR [16.6.2000]

    BUILDING REGULATIONS - The Building Act 1984: Proposals for Amending the Energy Provisions. DETR [16.6.2000]

    CATERING - Relationship between Government and the Catering and Food Service Sectors. MAFF [15.5.2000]

    CHARITIES - Draft Charities (Accounts and Reports) Regulations. Charities Commission [2.2.2000]

    CHARITIES - Draft Regulations on Charity Accounts and Reports. Charity Commission [23.2.2000]

    CHARITIES - Getting Britain Giving - draft Legislation and Guidance. Inland Revenue [2.3.2000]

    CHARITABLE TRUSTS - Financial Management and Policy Review of Groundwork. DETR [24.5.2000]

    CHEMICALS - Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Chemicals - Proposals for Amendment. HSE [3.5.2000]

    CHILDREN - Protecting Children, Supporting Parents: Physical Punishment Consultation Document. DoH [10.3.2000]

    CIVIL COURTS - Review of the Court of Appeal (Civil Division). LCD [16.6.2000]

    CLIMATE CHANGE - Draft UK Climate Change Programme. DETR [9.3.2000]

    COAL - Proposed Coal Subsidy Scheme. DTI [10.5.2000]

    COFFEE - Draft Coffee Extracts (England) Regulations 2000. FSA [10.8.2000]

    COMMONHOLD - Commonhold and Leasehold Reform - draft Bill. Cm 4843. TSO [21.8.2000]

    COMMON LAND - Greater Protection of Common Land in England and Wales. DETR [14.2.2000]

    COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - Local Strategic Partnerships. DETR [12.10.2000]

    COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. DETR [12.10.2000]

    COMPANIES HOUSE - Quinquennial Review of Companies House. DTI [17.2.2000]

    COMPANY LAW - Modern Company Law for a Competitive Economy. DTI [15.3.2000]

    COMPANY LAW - Modern Company Law. DTI [22.6.2000]

    COMPANY LAW - Modern Company Law for a Competitive Economy: Company Charges. DTI [23.11.2000]

    COMPANY LAW - Registration of Company Charges. DTI [11.10.2000]

    COMPENSATION - Damages: Discount rate and Alternatives to sum Payments. LCD [22.3.2000]

    COMPETITION - Competition Act: Application to the Energy Sectors: Guidelines. OFT/OFGEM [24.5.2000]

    COMPETITION - Competition Act: Concurrent Application to Regulated Industries. OFT [11.4.2000]

    COMPETITION - Competition Act: Land Agreements Consultation. OFT [18.1.2000

    COMPETITION - Competition Act: Rules on Fees Consultation Draft. OFT [2.12.99]

    COMPETITION - Competition Act: Vertical Agreements and Restraints Consultation. OFT [18.1.2000]
    COMPETITION - Draft Energy Guidelines under the Competition Act. OFGEM [23.12.99]

    CONSUMER CREDIT - Extortionate Credit Provisions in the Consumer Credit Act - Consultation. DTI [18.4.2000]

    CONSUMER PROTECTION - Changes to the Structure of the Office of Fair Trading. DTI [25.9.2000]

    CONSUMER PROTECTION - Injunctions Directive - Implementation of Directive 98/27/EC. DTI [17.2.2000]

    CONSUMER PROTECTION - Price Marking (Food and Drink on Premises) Order 1999 Consultation Paper. DTI


    CONSUMER PROTECTION - Price Marking Order 1999 - Consultation. DTI [2.5.2000]

    CONSUMER PROTECTION - Simplification of the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971 Consultation Paper. DTI [6.1.2000]

    COPYRIGHT - Implementation of the Conditional Access Directive. DTI [24.2.2000]

    CORPORAL PUNSHMENT - Physical Punishment of Children in Scotland. Scottish Executive [11.2.2000]

    COSMETICS - Proposals to amend the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996. DTI [29.9.2000]

    COURTS - International Criminal Court - draft Legislation. Cm 4847. TSO [1.8.2000]

    CRIME - Reducing Public disorder: Fixed Penalty Notices. Home Office [26.9.2000]

    CRIME - Review of Crime Statistic Consultation Paper. Home Office [31.7.2000]

    CRIME PREVENTION - Just Around the Corner - Consultation Paper. Foresight Directorate [27.3.2000]

    CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defence Service: Establishing a Salaried Defence Service. LCD [13.6.2000]

    CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defence Service: Choice of Representative. LCD [13.6.2000]

    CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defence Service: Recovery of Defence Costs Orders. LCD [13.9.2000]

    DIGITAL BROADCASTING - Joint ITC, OFTEL & OFT Advise to the Government on Digital Television. OFT [2.5.2000]

    DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES - Consultation on Access Codes for Directory Enquiry Services. OFTEL [21.11.2000]

    DISABILITY - Office of Water Services: Services for Disabled or Elderly Customers. OFWAT [24.11.2000]

    DISABILITY - Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Amendment) Regulations 2000. DETR [21.8.2000]

    DISABILITY - Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 1998 Consultation Draft. DETR [27.3.2000]

    DISABILITY - Train and Station Services for Disabled Passengers draft code of Practice. ORR [31.5.2000]

    DRUGS - Licence for the prescription of Controlled Drugs. Home Office [17.3.2000]

    ECONOMIC GROWTH (SCOTLAND) - Framework for Economic Redevelopment. Scottish Executive [19.1.2000]

    EDUCATION - Learning to Succeed: Post 16 Funding. DfEE [15.5.2000]

    ELECTRICITY - Electricity Network Management Issues. DTI [25.22.99]

    ELECTRICITY - New Electricity Trading Arrangements - Proposed Licence Conditions. DTI [3.3.2000]

    ELECTRICITY - New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA) Programme. DTI [19.6.2000]

    ELECTRICITY - Proposed Amendments to Electricity (Class Exemptions for a Licence) Order. DTI [25.11.99]

    ELECTRICITY - Transmission Price Control Review of the National Grid Company 2001. OFGEM [4.4.2000]

    ELECTRICITY SUPPLY - Sales of Metering Business of Public Electricity Suppliers. OFGEM [14.4.2000]

    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - Competition in E-Commerce: a Joint OFTEL OFT Study - Consultative Document. OFT [14.4.2000]

    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - Clicks and Mortar: the New Store Fronts Consultation Document. DTI [13.4.2000]

    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - Consultation on Distance Selling. DTI [24.11.99]

    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - EC Proposals for Changes to Article 13 of the 1968 Brussels Convention. DTI [12.4.2000]

    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - Electronic Commerce for Companies: an Order under the Electronic Communications Act. DTI [17.2.2000]

    ELECTRONIC SURVEILLENCE - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act - draft Codes of Practice. Home Office [25.9.2000]

    EMPLOYMENT - Part-Time Work: Public Consultation. DTI [18.1.2000]

    ENERGY - The Government's Review of Energy Sources for Power Generation. OFGEM [14.2.2000]

    ENERGY - New and Renewable Energy: Prospects for the 21st Century. DTI [17.10.2000]

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Energy Efficiency Measures under the Climate Change Levy Package. DETR [16.12.99]

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Energy Efficiency Standards of Performance. DETR [9.3.2000]

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Energy Efficiency Standards of Performance 2002-2003 Consultation Proposals. DETR [3.4.2000]

    ENERGY SUPPLY - Marketing Gas and Electricity. OFGEM [25.1.2000]

    ENERGY SUPPLY - OFGEM Markets Plans and Budget for April 2000. OFGEM [24.11.99]

    ENERGY SUPPLY - Removing a Supplier's Right to Object to Customer Transfer. OFGEM [8.3.2000]

    ENGINEERING - Engineering Code. Radio Authority [9.3.2000]

    ENVIRONMENT - Future Habitat Scheme. MAFF [25.5.99]

    ENVIRONMENT - Proposals for a Revised Access to Environmental Information Regime. DETR [19.9.2000]

    ENVIRONMENT - Sites of Special Scientific Interest: Encouraging positive partnerships. DETR [23.8.2000]

    EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES (SCOTLAND) - Towards an Equal Scotland - New Strategy. Scottish Executive [19.1.2000]

    EXPORTS - ECDG Business Principles Consultation Document. DTI [6.11.2000]

    FAMILY LAW - Reform of the Family Appeals System LCD [22.3.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES - Financing the Enterprise Society. Foresight Financial Services Panel [9.6.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES - The Future of Corporate/Institutional Financial Markets in 2010. Foresight Financial Services Panel [9.6.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES - The Future of Financial Services Infrastructure. Foresight Financial Services Panel [9.6.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES - Informing Consumers: Review of Product Information at the Point of sale. FSA [28.11.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES - Meeting Consumer Needs. Foresight Financial Services Panel [9.6.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES Protecting Client Money on the Failure of an Authorised Firm. FSA [24.1.2000]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls - Consultation Paper. FSA [9.12.99]

    FINANCIAL SERVICES Money Laundering: the FSA's New Role. FSA [17.4.2000]

      FINANCIAL SERVICES The Myners Review of Institutional Investment for HM Treasury - a Consultation Paper.

      HM Treasury [16.5.2000]

      FISHERIES - New Fishing Opportunities. MAFF [18.1.2000]

      FLOODS - Draft Guidance on Flood and Coastal Defence Project Appraisal. MAFF [4.8.2000]

      FLOODS - Planning Policy Guidance PPG25: Development and Flood Risk - Consultation. DETR [14.4.2000]

      FOOD - Food Chain and Crops for Industry Panel: Consultation Document. DTI [19.6.2000]

      FOOD HYGIENE - EC Proposal to Simplify Food Hygiene legislation. Food Standards Agency [10.8.2000]

      FOOD LABELLING - Genetically Modified and Novel Food (Labelling) draft Commission. MAFF [10.1.2000]

      FOOD SAFETY - Food Standards Agency: General Objectives and Practice. Food Safety Agency [23.6.2000]

      FOOD SAFETY - Food Standards Agency: Food Safety Act - draft Regulations for the Establishment of the Food Standards Agency. MAFF [11.2.2000]

      FOOD SAFETY - Food Standards Agency's Approach to Openess and Risk. Food Standards Agency [23.8.2000]

      FOOD SAFETY - Task Force on the Burdens of Regulations on Small Food Businesses. Food Standards Agency [23.8.2000]

      FRAUD - Tax Fraud - draft Finance Bill clauses. Inland Revenue [19.2.200]

      GAMING - Abolition of the Horse Betting Levy Board and Licensing of Racecourse Betting. Home Office [29.11.2000]

      GAMING - Proposed Changes to Legislation on Bingo. Home Office [8.11.2000]

      GAS - The Gas Act 1986: Consultation on an Order to Modify s.42. DTI [17.3.2000]

      GAS - Implementation of EC Directive on access to Upstream Pipeline Networks. DTI [3.4.2000]

      GAS - Implementation of the EC Directive on Common rules for the Internal Market in Gas. DTI [15.5.2000]

      GAS - Review of Transco's LDZ Charging Methodology Consultation Paper. OFGEM [4.4.2000]

      HEALTH - Healthcare in 2020 Consultation Document. DTI [22.6.2000]

      HEALTH - Modernising Regulation: the New Health Professions Council. DoH [1.8.2000]

      HEALTH - Modernising Regulation: the New Nursing and Midwifery Council. DoH [1.8.2000]

      HEDGES - High Hedges: Possible Solutions. DETR [16.10.99]

      HEDGES (SCOTLAND) - High Hedges Consultation Paper. Scottish Executive [19.1.2000]

      HERITAGE - The Impact of the Shimizu Judgement: Consultation Paper. DETR

      HIGHER EDUCATION (Northern Ireland) - Student Finances in Northern Ireland. NIO [27.3.2000]

      HOUSING - Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation. DETR [15.3.200]

      HOUSING - Quality and Choice: a Decent Home for all - Housing Green Paper. DETR/DCMS [5.4.2000]

      IMMIGRATION - Civil Penalty Codes of Practice. Home Office [9.2.2000]

      IMMIGRATION - Extension of the Civil Penalty to rail freight wagons. Home Office [8.11.2000]

      IMMIGRATION - Flexibility and Passenger Information. Home Office [9.2.2000]

      IMMIGRATION - Main Regulations under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. Home Office [25.11.99]

        INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - Code of Practice on Industrial Action Ballots and Notice to Employers. DTI [17.4.2000]

        INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - Draft Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. ACAS. [17.1.2000]

        INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - Industrial Action Ballots and notice to Employers. DTI [26.6.2000]

        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Developments in Standards and Technology and their Impact on Services. DTI [11.5.2000]

        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Information Age Government: Targets for Local Government. DETR [30.6.2000]

        INSOLVENCY - Insolvency Service Consultation. DTI [16.5.2000]

        INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - Possible Changes to Criminal Provisions in Intellectual Property Law. DTI [28.2.2000]

        INTERNET - Future Interconnection Arrangements for dial-up Internet in the UK. OFTEL [24.11.2000]

        INTERNET - PAYE Internet Services and Discounts - Consultation paper. Inland Revenue [30.11.2000]

        LEASEHOLDS - Rent Assessment Panels Financial Management and Policy Review. DETR [18.11.99]

        LEGAL SERVICES - Community Legal Service: Financial Conditions in Civil Cases. LCD [31.7.2000]

        LEGAL SERVICES - Performance Indicators for Community Legal Service Partnerships. LCD [5.4.2000]

        LIBRARIES - Comprehensive and Efficient - Standards for Modern Public Libraries. DCMS [15.5.2000]

        LIMITED LIABILITY - Limited Liability Partnerships. Regulatory Default Provisions Governing Relationships between

        Members. DTI [18.2.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Best Value and Procurement: Handling the Workforce Matters in Contracting draft Guidance. DETR [14.4.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Consultation Paper on Managing the Changeover. DETR [17.5.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Government Bill. Proposed Regulations on Constitutions for Councils. DETR [23.2.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Government Bill: Conduct of Referendums and Elections for Directly Elected Mayors. DETR [10.5.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Government Bill: Guidance and Regulations on New Constitutions for Councils Consultative drafts. DETR [21.1.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Government Bill: Proposed Guidance and Regulations on New Constitutions for Councils. DETR [10.5.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Modernising Local Government Finance: a Green Paper. DETR [19.9.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Phased Implementation of plans to Raise Quality of Council Support Services. DETR [17.5.2000]

        LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Preparing Community Strategies - draft Guidance. DETR. [29.6.2000]

        LONDON - Strategic Planning for London: the London Mayor's Planning Role. Government Office for London [6.1.2000]

        MAGISTRATES COURTS - Magistrates Court Committees and Selection Panels draft Code of Conduct. LCD [4.2.2000]

        MAGISTRATES COURTS - Review of Magistrates Courts Revenue Grant. LCD [8.8.2000]

        MANSLAUGHTER - Reforming the Law on Involuntary Manslaughter: the Government's Proposals. Home Office [24.5.2000]

        MANUFACTURING - Manufacturing 2020 Panel - Consultation Document. DTI [13.4.2000]

        MEASUREMENT - National Measurement System Programme public Consultation. DTI [9.11.2000]

        MEAT HYGIENE - Hourly Hygiene and Inspection Rates Operated by the Meat Hygiene Services. MAFF [11.2.2000]

        MEDICINES - Changes to Licence Fees: Medicines Control Agency. DoH [17.12.99]

        MEDICINES - Consultation on Introduction of Continuous Licensing: MLX 261. Medicines Control Agency [5.4.2000]

        MENTAL HEALTH - Proposals for Reform of the Mental Health Act 1983. DoH [15.11.99]

        MENTAL HEALTH (SCOTLAND) - Review of Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984. Scottish Executive [15.4.2000]

        MERGERS - Proposed Merger of Anglo-American plc and Tarmac plc. OFT [9.2.2000]

        MINERS - 1984/85 Miners' Strike: Dismissals and Re-employment. DTI [24.5.2000]

        MOTOR CYCLING - Draft Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) (Amendment) Regulations. DETR [17.12.99]

        MOTOR CYCLING - Draft Motor Cycles (Eye Protectors) (Amendment) Regulations. DETR [17.12.99]

        NATIONAL INSURANCE - Simplifying NI Contributions for Employers. Inland Revenue [7.6.2000]

        NHS - National Beds Inquiry Consultation Paper. DoH [11.2.2000]

        NOISE POLLUTION - Proposed Environmental Noise Directive - DETR [25.8.2000]

        NUCLEAR POWER - Making the Right Choices: United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. DTI [6.4.2000]

        OIL - Offshore Petroleum Activities (Conservation of Habitats) Regulations. DTI [31.10.2000]

        OMBUDSMAN - Review of the Public sector Ombudsman in England. Cabinet Office [15.6.2000]

        ORGANIC FOOD - Consultation on UKROFS Organic Livestock and Livestock Product. MAFF [25.4.2000]

        PENSIONS - A New Contract for Welfare: Partnership in Pensions. DSS [9.12.99]

        PENSIONS - Draft Pension Sharing Regulations Consultation Document. DSS [20.12.99]

        PENSIONS - Employer Payments to Personal Pensions. DSS [9.3.2000]

        PENSIONS - Pensions Credit: a Consultation Paper. Cm 4900. TSO [9.11.2000]

        PENSIONS - Tax Regime for Stakeholder Pensions: draft Finance Bill clauses. DSS [2.3.2000]

        PLANNING -Draft Regional Planning Guidance for the South East (RPG9). Government Office for the South East [27.3.2000]

        PLANNING - Modernising Planning: Consultation Paper on Improving Enforcement. DETR [10.12.99]

        PLANNING - Planning Enforcement Appeal Procedures. DETR [18.11.99]

        POLICE - Police Training in England and Wales. Home Office [11.11.99]

        POLICE - Consultation on New Police Complaints System. Home Office [17.5.2000]

        POLLUTION - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive draft Regulatory Package. Environment Agency [8.5.2000]

        POLLUTION - Pollution and Central Act 1999: Proposals for Interim Charging Schemes. DETR [14.6.2000]

        POLLUTION - Proposals for Regulations to Control Water Pollution from Oil Stores. DETR [12.4.2000]

        POST OFFICE - How should POSTCOMM consult? Postcomm [26.6.2000]

        POST OFFICE - Post Office Users National Council (POUNC): a new Local Structure. POUNC [1.6.2000]

        POSTAL SERVICES - Draft Statutory Social and Environmental Guidance to the Postal Services Commission. [16.2.2000]

        POSTAL SERVICES - Licensing Postal Services. Postcomm [3.10.2000]

        POSTAL SERVICES - Memorandum of Understanding - joint Postcomm/POUNC Consultation. Postcomm [9.11.2000]

        POSTAL SERVICES - Promoting Competition between Postal Operators. Postcomm [3.10.2000]

        PRISONS - New Prison Service Structure. Prison Service [12.12.99]

        PRISONS - Inspecting the Work of the Prison and Probation Services. Home Office [7.8.2000]

        PUBLIC BODIES - Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland: Modernising the System. Scottish Executive [23.2.2000]

        RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS - Fixed Wireless Access: Proposal to Licence Services to home and businesses. Radiocommunications Agency. [22.11.99]

        RAILTRACK - Periodic Review of Railtrack's Access Charges. ORR [23.11.99]

        RAIL SAFETY - Proposed Modifications to Condition 3 of Railtrack's Network Licence and other Licences. ORR [30.6.2000]

        RAIL SAFETY - Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000. HSE [19.5.2000]

        RAIL SAFETY - Regulating Higher Standards. HSE [1.9.2000]

        RECYCLING - Recovery and Recycling Targets for Packaging Waste in 2001. DETR [15.8.2000]

        RESOURCE ACCOUNTING - Business Accounting for Local Authority Housing with Resource Accounting in Place. DETR [20.12.99]

        RESOURCE ACCOUNTING - Resource Accounting in the Housing Revenue Account. DETR [10.12.99]

        RETAILS SERVICES - Retails and Consumer Services Panel - Building a Partnership between Retail and Education. DTI [23.6.2000]

        RURAL DEVELOPMENT - Consultation on England Rural Development Plan: Proposals for a Training Scheme. MAFF [15.5.2000]

        RURAL DEVELOPMENT - Consultation on Rural Enterprise Scheme and Processing and Marketing Grant. MAFF [19.6.2000]

        RURAL DEVELOPMENT - Programme to implement LEADER+ in England - Consultation Document. [26.4.2000]

        SCHOOLS - Improving our Schools: National Priorities for Schools in Scotland. Scottish Executive [3.5.200]

        SCIENCE - Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees. DTI [9.10.2000]

        SCIENCE - Scientific Advice and Policy making - Consultation Document. DTI [15.5.2000]

        SEEDS - Public Consultation on the Seeds (National Lists of Varieties) Regulation 1999. MAFF [6.12.99]

        SEXUAL OFFENCES - Reforming the Law on Sexual Offences. Home Office [31.7.2000]

        SEWERS - Provision of new Sewers in England and Wales. [DETR] [9.3.2000]

        SHIPPING - Possible Legislation to Combat Alcohol Abuse at Sea. DETR [7.12.99]

        SHOPS - Improving Shopping Access - Policy Action. DoH [30.11.99]

        SMALL BUSINESS - Exempting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises from Paying Merger Fees. DTI[27.10.2000]

        SOCIAL SERVICES - A Quality for Social Care. DoH [29.8.2000]

        SPORT FACILITIES - Demolition of Sports Facilities. DETR [27.7.2000]

        TAX - Tax Appeals Tribunals. LCD [22.3.2000]

        TAXIS - Draft London Private Hire Vehicle Operator Regulations. DETR/Public Carriage Office [16.8.2000]

        TEACHERS - School Achievement Awards Scheme. DfEE [23.5.2000]

        TEACHERS - Special Grant Report for Teachers' Pay Reform. DfEE [18.5.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Consultation Paper on Telecommunication Mast Development. DETR [10.8.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Consultation on Access Code Options for the Future. OFTEL [11.5.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Encouraging self and co-regulation in Telecoms to benefit customers. OFTEL [26.6.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Price Control Review - Consultation document. OFTEL [27.10.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Price Control Review. OFTEL [6.3.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Radio Equipment and Telecommunications: Terminal Equipment Regulations. DTI


        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Reducing Regulation in International Telecommunications Markets OFTEL [2.5.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Review of the Telephone Equipment Direction. OFTEL [6.1.2000]

        TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Services for People with Disabilities - EC Voice Telephony Directive. DTI [[1.3.2000]

        TEXTILES - UK Textile and Clothing Industry. Textile Clothing Strategy Group [21.3.2000]

        TIMESHARES - Timeshare Sales: Improving the Protection of Customers. DTI [24.5.2000]

        TOURISM - Working for the Countryside. English Tourism Council [1.3.2000]

        TRANSPORT AND WORKS ACT - A Guide to TWA Procedures: Consultation draft DETR [21.8.2000]

        TRADE UNIONS - Trade Union Recognition. DTI [10.2.2000]

          TRADE UNIONS (Northern Ireland) - Trade Union Recognition. NIO [28.2.2000]

          TRIBUNALS - Review of Tribunals: Consultation Paper. Review of Tribunals LCD [14.6.2000]

          UTILITIES - Utilities Bill: Standard Licence Conditions. OFGEM [10.2.200]

          UTILITIES - A Fair Deal for Consumers - Modernising the Framework for Utility Regulation. DTI [3.3.2000]

          UTILITIES - Reducing Disruption from Utilities. DETR [15.11.99]

          VEHICLES - Proposed New Regulations on Number Plates. DETR [10.8.99]

          VEHICLES - Proposed New Regulations on Number Plates - further Consultation. DETR [24.1.2000]

          VEHICLES - Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 2000. DETR [14.4.2000]

          VEHICLES - Regulating the Motor Vehicle Salvage Industry. Home Office [27.4.2000]

          VEHICLES - The Supply of New Cars draft Order 2000. DTI [12.6.2000]

          WASTE MANAGEMENT - UK Management Plan for Exports and Imports of Waste. DETR [25.5.2000]

          WASTE MANAGEMENT - Waste Packaging: Charging Mechanism for Registration fees for Compliance Scheme Members. DETR [15.6.2000]

          WATER - Consultation on draft Guidance on Groundwater Regulations 1998. DETR [29.11.99]

          WATER - Draft Water Bill: Regulatory, Environmental and Equal Treatment Appraisals. Cm 4908 Pt. 2 TSO [6.11.2000]

          WATER - Economic Instruments in Relation to Water Extraction - Consultation Paper. DETR [28.4.2000]

          WATER - Water Bill: draft Legislation. Cm 4908 Pt.1 TSO [6.11.2000]

          WATER - Water Supply (Water Quality) (England) Regulations 2000. DETR [19.4.2000]

          WATER POLLUTION - Proposal to Implement Powers and Functions in the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999. DETR [21.11.2000]

          WATER POLLUTION - Proposals to Introduce a Cost Recovery Scheme. DETR [21.11.2000]

            Section D3

            Miscellaneous Papers

            A collection of miscellaneous papers that were laid before the House.

            Reinforcing Standards, 6th Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, 2 Vols

            Vol I - Report Cm 4557-I 17.00

            Vol II - Evidence Cm 4557-II TSO [12.1.2000]

            Prudent for a Purpose: Building Opportunity and Security for All - 2000 Spending Review: New Public Spending Plans 2001-2004. Cm 4807 TSO [18.7.2000]

            The House of Commons Commission: 22nd Annual Report 1999-2000. HC 808. TSO [26.7.2000]

            The Government's Response to the Sixth Report from the Committee on Standards in Public Life

            (Reinforcing Standards Cm 4557). CM 4817 TSO [26.7.2000]

            The NHS Plan: The Government's response to the Royal Commission on Long Term Care. Cm 4818-I TSO [27.7.2000]

            The BSE Inquiry - 16 Vols. HC 887-I - HC 887-XVI

            Vol I, Findings and Conclusions HC 887- I TSO [26.10.2000]

            Intelligence and Security Committee Annual Report 1999-2000. Cm 4897 TSO [2.11.2000]

            Building Long-term Prosperity for All - Pre-Budget Report November 2000. Cm 4917 TSO [8.11.2000]

            Standards of Conduct in the House of Lords: Seventh Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

            Vol 1: Report Cm 4903-I TSO

            Vol 2: Evidence Cm 4903-II TSO [16.11.2000]

            Regulatory Impact Assessments

            Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) are prepared and published by the Government for all primary legislation introduced into and secondary legislation laid before Parliament. In the case of most Government Bills, a RIA forms part of the Explanatory Memoranda to the Bill: in other cases, a separate document is issued. RIAs are an assessment for the business sector of the costs involved in complying with the legislation. The Department of Trade and Industry issues a six monthly list of RIAs as a Command Paper. The publication of this paper is noted in the White Papers section of the Digest.

            Section D4

            House of Commons Information Office Factsheets

            The House of Commons Information Office is currently re-organising its factsheets into four series - Procedure, Legislation, Members and General. To date the first two series have been completed. Those factsheets from the old series, which have not yet been converted, will retain their original numbering until they are re-issued early in 2001.

            Procedural Series

            P1Parliamentary Questions
            P2Departmental Select Committees
            P3Early Day Motions
            P4Sittings of the House
            P5Budgets and Financial Documents
            P6Financial Procedure
            P7Public Petitions
            P8Scottish and Welsh Business
            P10Guillotine and Timetabling Motions
            P11The Chiltern Hundreds
            P12House of Commons Papers
            P13Command Papers
            P15Deposited Papers
            P16The Vote Bundle
            P17The Weekly Information Bulletin

            Legislation Series

            L1The Parliamentary Stages of a Government Bill
            L2Private Members' Bills Procedure
            L3The Success of Private Members' Bills
            L4Private Bills
            L5Hybrid Bills
            L6Standing Committees
            L7Statutory Instruments and Deregulation Orders
            L8Northern Ireland: Business and Legislation
            L9Order Confirmation Bills and Special Procedure Orders
            L10Church Of England Measures
            L11European Communities Legislation
            L12Tracing Acts of Parliament

              Old Series

              No 2The Outlawries Bill
              No 5Women in the House of Commons
              No 8The Glorious Revolution
              No 10A Selective Booklist on the House of Commons for the Non-Specialist Reader
              No 11The Norman Shaw Buildings
              No 12The Portcullis
              No 13House of Commons Green
              No 16Statistical Digest of By-Election Results 1979-1983
              No 17Members' Pay and Allowances
              No 21The Speaker
              No 22General Election Results 9 June 1983
              No 24The Father of the House
              No 27 By-Election Results since the General Election of June
              No 31Ministerial Salaries
              No 39A Brief Chronology of the House of Commons
              No 40Broadcasting Proceedings of the House of Commons
              No 41You and Your MP
              No 42The Official Report, House of Commons
              No 47General Election Results, 11 June 1987
              No 48The Palace of Westminster
              No 50The House of Commons Library Department
              No 51The Clerk of the House
              No 52Some Traditions and Customs of the House of Commons
              No 53The House of Commons Refreshment Department
              No 54Parliamentary Elections and the House of Commons
              No 55The House of Commons Service
              No 58Statistical Digest of the 1987-1992 Parliament
              No 59The Gunpowder Plot
              No 60House of Commons Post Office
              No 61General Election Results, 9 April 1992
              No 62Disciplinary and Penal Powers of the House of Commons
              No 63Parliament Street Buildings
              No 64Statistical Digest of By-Election Results since April 1992
              No 66Restoration of the External Facades of the Palace of Westminster
              No 68General Election Results, 1 May 1997
              No 65Scottish and Welsh Business in the House of Commons
              No 66Restoration of the External Facades of the Palace of Westminster
              No 67The Success of Private Members' Bills
              No 68General Election Results, 1 May 1997


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