House of CommonsShort guide to procedure and practice

Foreword by the Clerk of the House

This short guide to procedure and practice has been prepared by Clerks in my Department with the needs of new Members in mind. Others may also find it useful. Since knowledge among new Members about the House varies greatly, the guide errs on the side of explaining the obvious.

Few people will wish to read the Guide from cover to cover, although the sections on the Chamber and on debates may provide useful background reading. The Guide starts with a section on the organisation of business. There follow a series of pieces on procedure and practice, arranged alphabetically. Each gives brief information and (normally) a first contact point for more detailed advice, as well as an indication of what other written matter is available. The best way of obtaining further information will often be to request advice from the Clerks, and Members are strongly encouraged to do so.

We have included appendices on how to give notice in respect of questions, motions, etc.; on the structure of the Clerk's Department; and on further reading, including information about the House's IT network (the PDVN).

I would welcome any suggestions for the improvement of the booklet, which is revised from time to time.



© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 14 February 2001