House of CommonsShort guide to procedure and practice

House of Commons administration

Accommodation and services in the Commons' part of the Palace of Westminster and the outbuildings are under the control of the Speaker, who is advised by the Finance and Services Committee and the other domestic select committees (Accommodation and Works; Administration; Catering; Information). The Finance and Services Committee reports to the House of Commons Commission (see below) on the financial and administrative implications of recommendations made by the other domestic committees. It also monitors the financial performance of the Departments of the House (Clerk's; Serjeant's; Library; Finance and Administration; Official Report; Refreshment).

The House of Commons Commission, a statutory body, is responsible for the appointment and remuneration of the staff of the House and for other administrative matters. It consists of the Speaker, the Leader of the House, a Member nominated by the Leader of the Opposition and three other Members nominated by the House.

Oral questions may be put to the Member answering for the Commission and to the Chairman of the Finance and Services Committee, but only written questions may be tabled to the Chairmen of the other domestic committees.

The Commission is responsible for two House of Commons estimates, one covering Administration (including staff costs) and the other covering Works. Members' salaries and allowances are dealt with in a separate estimate presented by the Treasury.

Contact: Secretary to the House of Commons Commission, 3270.


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