Finance Bill

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Mr. Jack: On a point of order, Mr. O'Hara. Am I correct in assuming that the motion proposed by the Government is debatable?

The Chairman: It is debatable.

Mr. Jack: I hope that I might catch your eye and discuss it. I am surprised that the Government Whip has decided to propose the motion at this juncture, as it is only 31 minutes to one o'clock, when our proceedings are supposed to conclude. It is disappointing that the Government have seen fit not to inform us. It raises questions about their preparedness to advance before the Committee the subsequent clauses for the afternoon sitting. Perhaps it also suggests how the Opposition have assisted through their careful and proper probing of clauses and schedules, thereby creating an opportunity to make further progress.

I express my disappointment that the Government Whip has seen fit to pull stumps now, when officials whose purpose is to advise Ministers are present, but unable to perform their function. It is a shame that the Government Whip has sought to end our discussions at this stage; I would have appreciated the chance to move on to further business.

Mr. Allen: It is unusual for Government Whips to say anything in Committee. I was merely responding to the agreement made through the usual channels. I am sorry that certain hon. Members are obviously not privy to those discussions.

The Chairman: The circumstances are simple. An Adjournment has been proposed and I shall put the Question to the Committee. Hon. Members who object should vote against it.

Question put and agreed to.

        Adjourned accordingly at twenty-nine minutes to One o'clock till this day at half-past Four o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
O'Hara, Mr. Edward (Chairman)
Allen, Mr.
Banks, Mr.
Barnes, Mr.
Bennett, Mr.
Bruce, Mr. Malcolm
Campbell, Mr. Ronnie
Clappison, Mr.
Davey, Mr.
Dobbin, Mr.
Donohoe, Mr.
Flight, Mr.
Healey, Mr.
Hendrick, Mr.
Jack, Mr.
Johnson, Miss Melanie
Kilfoyle, Mr.
Letwin, Mr.
Luff, Mr.
Ottaway, Mr.
Primarolo, Dawn
Roy, Mr.
St. Aubyn, Mr.
Taylor, Mr. David
Timms, Mr.
Tyrie, Mr.

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