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Mr. Raynsford: This has been an important debate to begin our consideration of part II, which deals with homelessness. Since 1977, homelessness legislation has provided a valuable and important safety net for families with dependent children and other vulnerable people who become homeless through no fault of their own. That epoch-making legislation was introduced as a private Member's Bill by a Liberal Member, Stephen Ross, with the support of the then Labour Government, and it has more than stood the test of time. There are provisions to strengthen that safety net later in the Bill.

We must consider at the outset the causes and experience of homelessness, which can be profoundly disrupting, traumatic and damaging. It is vital to ensure that those who suffer homelessness get the help that they need. That is a fundamental responsibility of any civilised society, and we are determined to ensure that there is a safety net to provide that help.

It being twenty-five minutes past Eleven o'clock, the Chairman adjourned the Committee without Question put, pursuant to the Standing Order.

Adjourned till this day at half-past Two o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:

Stevenson, Mr. George (Chairman)

Ainsworth, Mr. Robert

Buck, Ms

Clifton-Brown, Mr.

Curry, Mr.

Foster, Mr. Don

Hope, Mr.

Iddon, Dr.

Loughton, Mr.

Love, Mr.

Mullin, Mr.

Raynsford, Mr.

Thomas, Mr. Gareth

Waterson, Mr.

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