Education (Student Support) Regulations 2001
Education Standards Fund (England) Regulations 2001
Financing of Maintained Schools (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2001

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Mr. Campbell-Savours: I am here.

Mr. Wicks: I see that he has moved even further back. I do not have numbers for the group that he described. I will check on that. I shall write to my hon. Friend if we elucidate further on that.

The hon. Member for Rochford and Southend, East possibly misunderstood the issue about incapacity benefit. It is exempted. I think that he understandably misinterpreted a complex provision. I will write to him with further details. With regard to bankruptcy, the purpose of the regulation is to protect students from having money from their loan taken away to repay creditors. The purpose is benevolent. I am afraid that I will have to write to the hon. Gentleman about the rather complex matters that he raised with me about the European Economic Area. Essentially the provisions are designed to ensure that students can get proper support in this complex territory, but because of the time and the need for the hon. Member for Daventry to reply to the debate I cannot answer in more detail now.

The term ``ordinarily resident'' in the United Kingdom simply ensures that students who have moved to another country receive the support available in their country of origin. For example, an English lone parent studying in Scotland will be eligible for the English child care grant. That is perfectly proper.

On the issue of French Guyana and British Guyana, as the hon. Member for Rochford and Southend, East described it, I misunderstood the original question. I think that he was asking about those studying here. I am afraid that I will have to write to him about that. He shakes his head, but this is a technical point. I want to give him the right answer. Those people would not be eligible for English student financial support.

It is important to note for the record that there is no longer such a place as British Guyana. I recall that country's independence celebrations some while ago. The hon. Member for Uxbridge raised questions about those unfitted to receive support. He asked for an example. An example would be where there was a previous history of fraudulent claim for Government support. I think that I should conclude on that note. I shall write to hon. Members where necessary.

6.14 pm

Mr. Boswell: I thank the two Ministers for their responses. We are not wholly satisfied, but we are somewhat better informed. We are grateful for the attempts that they have made and for the undertakings that they have given. Both the standards fund and student support are complex topics. In respect of the latter, which is my specialist area, we want to support students and enable them to move readily to meet their obligations, but not deter them from their course of study. There are still reservations about that, but Ministers have at least shown themselves ready to listen to some of the points. We have formally considered—indeed, given quite a good rattle to—those complex and somewhat difficult issues. In due course, we will no doubt formally move the other two motions of orders for similar consideration.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the Education (Student Support) Regulations 2001 (S.I. 2001, No. 951.)

The Education Standards Fund (England) Regulations 2001


    That the Committee has considered the Education Standards Fund (England) Regulations 2001 (S.I. 2001, No. 826).—[Mr. Boswell.]

The Financing of Maintained Schools (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2001


    That the Committee has considered the Financing of Maintained Schools (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2001 (S.I. 2001, No. 907).—[Mr. Boswell.]

        Committee rose at fifteen minutes past Six o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Amess, Mr. David (Chairman)
Betts, Mr.
Boswell, Mr.
Campbell-Savours, Mr.
Field, Mr.
Morris, Ms Estelle
Randall, Mr.
Taylor, Sir Teddy
Turner, Dr. George
Whitehead, Dr.
Wicks, Mr.

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