Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


Bills brought from the House of Lords

  60. A copy of every private bill brought from the House of Lords in which any amendment has been made on third reading in that House shall, not later than the second day after the bill has been read the first time, be deposited at every office at which it was deposited under Standing Order 39 (Deposit of copies of bills at Treasury and other public departments, etc.) or would be required to be deposited under that order if it had been originally presented in the form in which it was brought from the House of Lords. Deposit of copies of bill brought from House of Lords at public departments, etc.
(HL 60)
  61.—(1) Whenever during the progress through the House of Lords of any bill originating in that House, in respect of which a plan and section are required under Standing Order 27 (Deposit of plan, book of reference, and section, etc.) to be deposited, any alteration has been made in any work proposed to be authorised by the bill, proof shall be given before the Examiner that not less than two weeks before the bill was brought from the House of Lords— Notices and deposits where work is altered while bill is in House of Lords.
(HL 61)
      (a) a plan and section of the alteration, on the same scale and containing the same particulars as the original plan and section, together with a book of reference thereto, have been deposited—

        (i) in the Private Bill Office, and

        (ii) with the proper officer of the council of every county, metropolitan district, or London borough, or (in Scotland) of every islands area or district in which such alteration is proposed to be made; and

      (b) a copy of the plan and section of such alteration, so far as it relates to any of the areas mentioned in Standing Order 36 (Deposit of copy of plan, etc., in certain cases with certain local authorities), together with a book of reference thereto, has been deposited with the appropriate officer mentioned in that order.
  (2) Proof shall also be given—
      (a) that notice of the intention to make such alteration has been published before the bill was read the first time in this House once in the London Gazette, and once in each of two consecutive weeks in a newspaper circulating in the county or (in Scotland) the islands area or district in which such alteration is situate; and

      (b) that notice in writing, as nearly as may be in the form set forth in Appendix A to these orders, was in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order 22 (Mode of giving notice) with respect to the notices to which that order relates given before the bill was read the first time in this House to the owners, lessees, and occupiers of lands through which any such alteration is intended to be made; and

      (c) that the consent of such owners, lessees, and occupiers to the making of such alteration has been given.
  (3) Compliance with this order shall not be necessary in the case of alterations made on petition for additional provision in the House of Lords.

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Prepared 3 November 2000