Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


Charitable or educational institutions

  158.—(1)  In the case of any bill containing provisions whereby it is proposed— Bills affecting charities or educational foundations.
(HL 142)
      (a)  to direct any application of the property of any charity, or to affect the patronage or the constitution of any charity, or the right of any charity to any property; or,

      (b)  to set up, or to take power to set up, or to take over or interfere in the management of, any school or other educational foundation or institution, or to levy any rate or raise money for any such purpose,
notice in writing of the bill shall be given to the Attorney General, and no such bill shall be taken into consideration by the committee on the bill until a report from the Attorney General on the bill has been presented to the House.
  (2)  This order shall not apply to any Scottish charity or educational foundation, or institution, nor to any bill which affects the property of a charity to the extent only that it is proposed thereby to authorise the compulsory acquisition or affection of such property under the Lands Clauses Acts or the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965.
  159.  [Repealed 24th October 1990]

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Prepared 3 November 2000