Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


Gas works, burial ground, etc., bills

  161.  In the case of a bill whereby it is proposed to authorise the construction of gas works or sewage works, or works for the manufacture or conversion of the residual products of gas or sewage or a station for generating electricity, or the making, constructing or extending of a sewage farm, cemetery, burial ground, crematorium, destructor, or hospital for infectious diseases, there shall be inserted a clause defining the lands in or upon which such works, generating station, farm, cemetery, burial ground, crematorium, destructor or hospital are intended to be made, constructed or extended. Limits of gas works, burial ground, etc., to be defined.
(HL 145)
  162. [Repealed 24th October 1990]

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Prepared 3 November 2000