Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


  191A.—(1)  In the case of a bill brought from the House of Lords relating to the estate, property, status or style, or otherwise relating to the personal affairs of an individual, if the Chairman of Ways and Means reports that the bill is of such a nature as aforesaid and is, in his opinion, such that Standing Orders 4 to 61 and 65 to 68 should not apply thereto, the order referring the bill to the Examiners shall be discharged, and the bill shall be ordered to be read a second time. Personal bills.
  (2)  Bills in respect of which the Chairman of Ways and Means has so reported are in these standing orders termed personal bills, and the proceedings in reference thereto shall be subject to such general or special directions (if any) as may be given from time to time by Mr Speaker.

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Prepared 3 November 2000