Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)

Table of Fees to be charged at the House of Commons

I—Fees to be paid by the promoters of a private bill
  On the first reading of the bill
  Following the third reading of the bill
  The promoters of personal bills brought from the Lords may be charged one-twentieth of the preceding fees.
  The promoters of the bills relating to charitable, religious, educational, literary or scientific purposes whereby no private profit or advantage is derived, and of bills other than bills promoted by local authorities from which the promoter appears unlikely to derive substantial personal or corporate gain, may be charged one-quarter of the preceding fees.
II—Fees to be paid by petitioners and memorialists
  On presentation of any petition relating to a private bill or of any memorial complaining that the standing orders have not been complied with, provided that no petitioner or memorialist shall be charged more than once under this head in respect of any one bill
III—Fees to be paid by applicants for and petitioners against a provisional order confirmation bill
  On the second reading of a bill to confirm one or more provisional orders, other than a bill to confirm an order or orders under the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936, the applicants shall be charged a fee of £4,000.
  On the deposit of each petition
IV—Fees to be paid for proceedings on a special procedure order
  On appearance before a joint committee on a special procedure order, an applicant (other than a Minister) shall be charged a fee of £2,000.
  On the deposit of each petition or counter-petition, or copy of either
V—Fees to be paid on the taxation of costs on private legislation
  For each £100 of any bill of costs allowed by the Taxing Officer
  The preceding fees shall be charged, paid and received at such times, in such manner, and under such regulations as the Speaker shall from time to time direct.

Clerk of the House of Commons


Clerk of Bills

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Prepared 3 November 2000