Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2000

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


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  Note—The figures refer to the numbers of the standing orders. Where preceded by the letter "p", they refer to page numbers.

    Abandonment of undertaking—bills authorising, 18, 65, 66
    Acts of Parliament.    see Statutory Provisions
    Additional provision—petitions for,    See Petitions, IV
      of committee.    See Committees on bills, I, II
      of House.    See House of Commons
    Advertisement—notice by.    See Notices of applications for local and personal Acts
    Affidavit—proof by, before Examiner, 77
      hearing of, before—
        committees on opposed bills, 127
        committees on unopposed bills, 134
        Court of Referees, 91a
        joint committees on special procedure petitions, 243 (1), 244 (5)
        Standing Orders Committee, 107a (2)
      signing by, of requisitions to withdraw—
      to supply copies of petitions, 172
      to be confirmed by bill, 157
      working, bills authorising making of, 4 (1)
    Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Ministry of, deposit with, of
      copies of private bills, 39 (1), 39(6)
      plans and sections (dams, weirs, etc., in, or sewer discharging into, rivers etc.) 32
      plans, sections and book of reference (compulsory acquisition, etc., of lands), 37 (2)
    Allegations of bill—chairman of committee to report on, 142
    Amendments—See also Filled-up bill: Lords amendments
      in committee, 141
      on consideration and third reading. see Consideration: Third reading
    Appearance—notice of day when parties to enter, 124
      bills for making, etc., 27
      plans for, 49
    Archways, bills for making, etc., 27
      bills promoted by, conferring powers on, or altering constitution of. See     Companies—
      trade or business, locus standi of, 95
    Attorney General, bills affecting charities or educational institutions (notice to and report by), 158
    Audience, right of, before—
      committees on opposed bills, 127, 217
      committees on unopposed bills, 134
      Court of Referees, 91a
      joint committees on special procedure petitions, 243 (1), 245
      Standing Orders Committee, 107a

    Bank holidays—

      notices given on, 24
      See Committees on bills: Lords bills: Personal bills: Private bills: Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act: Provisional order confirmation bills: Public bills: Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Act: Substituted bills
    Births and Deaths Registration Acts, deposit of copies of bills at the General Register Office, 39 (4), 60, 180
    Boards of conservators. See Commons: Forestry
    Book of reference—
      bills for which book of reference must be deposited, 27
      contents, 54