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Weekly Information Bulletin: 9th December 2000

Business of the House of Commons
6 - 8 December 2000

Wednesday 6 December

State Opening of Parliament - The Commons was summoned to the House of Lords to hear the Queen's Speech at 11.30am

The Sitting was suspended until 2.30pm

Among the proposals for legislation were:

A Finance Bill

A Criminal Justice and Police Bill

A Bill to regulate the private security industry

A Bill to cut vehicle crime

A Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) Bill

A Bill to reduce benefit fraud

A Bill relating to health and social care

A Bill to ban the advertising and promotion of tobacco products

A Bill to improve the framework for meeting special educational needs

A Bill to extend the functions of the Children's Commissioner for Wales

A Bill on regulatory reform

A Bill relating to homes

A Bill on the future of hunting with dogs

A Bill on the Armed Forces

A Bill to ratify the statute of the International Crime Court

At least 4 Bills will be published in draft and will include:

Proceeds of Crime


Export Control and Non-Proliferation

Justice (Northern Ireland)

Debate on the Address - (1st Day) - General debate on a motion by Sir John Morris to thank Her Majesty for the Gracious Speech

Adjournment - Mr Jim Murphy on the regulation of mobile phone masts

The House rose at 10.30pm

Thursday 7 December

The House sat at 11.30am

Debate on the Address - (2nd Day) - Led by Mr Alan Milburn Health and Social Security

Adjournment - Mr Peter Luff on care for younger disabled people: the case of Mr Barry Such

The House rose at 7.30pm

Friday 8 December

The House sat at 9.30am

Debate on the Address - (3rd Day) - Led by Mr David Blunkett on Education and Industry

Adjournment - Mr Brian White on Trust UK and the promotion of E-commerce

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Prepared 9 December 2000