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Weekly Information Bulletin: 27th December 2000

Business of the House of Commons
18 - 22 December 2000

Monday 18 December

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Social Security

Legislation - Vehicles (Crime) Bill (2nd Reading agreed to)

Programme Motion - Vehicles (Crime) Bill (Agreed to on division)

Money and Ways and Means Resolutions - Vehicles (Crimes) Bill (Agreed to on division)

Delegated Legislation - Motions relating to the Draft Millennium Commission (Substitution of a Later Date) Order and the draft Apportionment of Money in the National Lottery Distribution Fund Order 2000 (Division deferred until 20 December - Agreed to on division)

Adjournment - Valerie Davey on school swimming (Key Stage II)

The House rose at 2.15am

Tuesday 19 December

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am and 1.57pm

Westminster Hall: Private Members' Debates

Mr Richard Ottaway on the Financial Services Authority and the case of Equitable Life

Jane Griffiths on key worker housing in the South East

Mr Edward Leigh on sectarian violence in the Moluccas.

Mr Fabian Hamilton on crime and prostitution in Leeds

Mr John Bercow on farming in the Vale of Aylesbury

Barbara Follett on the impact of an M25 parkway station on Stevenage and Hertfordshire

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Scotland; Advocate General; Lord Chancellor's Department; President of the Council; House of Commons Commission

Delegated Legislation - Motion relating to the draft Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Research Purposes) Regulation 2000 (Agreed to on division)

Debate - Estimates Day - Urban Regeneration in England (1st Allotted Day, 1/2 day)

Motion to agree all outstanding estimates (Agreed to on division)

Adjournment - Mr Bob Russell on measures to reduce the number of road crashes

The House rose at 12.53am

Wednesday 20 December

The House sat in Westminster hall between 9.30am and 2.00pm

Westminster Hall: Private Members Debates

Mr A J Beith on the impact of RAF low flying on rural communities

Mr David Kidney on NHS Dentistry

Mr Laurence Robertson on the regional distribution of Lottery money

Lynne Jones on the management of the Birmingham specialist Community Health Trust

Mr Simon Thomas on magistrates courts in rural Wales

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Northern Ireland, Prime Minister

Legislation - Hunting Bill (2nd Reading)

Adjournment -Mr Eric Illsley on the case of Roy Cotton, Lawrence Ward, Ashworth Hospital

The House rose at 12.17am

Thursday 21 December

The House sat at 9.30am

Oral Questions - Agriculture; Solicitor General

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Statement - Adoption - Mr Alan Milburn

Delegated Legislation - Motions on the Social Security Benefits Up-Rating (No.2) Order and the Guaranteed Minimum Pensions Increase (No.2) Order (Agreed to, no division)

Debate- on the Christmas Recess adjournment

Adjournment Debate - Mr Charles Wardle on flooding at Robertsbridge

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 12.34pm and 1.39pm

Westminster Hall: Adjournment Debate - British Trade International

The House rose at 6.00pm


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Prepared 27 December 2000