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Weekly Information Bulletin: 20th January 2001




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Rural Development Regulation

HC 292

Food from Britain

HC 464

Action Plan for Farming

HC 525

Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission

HC 625

The Work of the Forestry Commission

HC 997

Flood and Coastal Defence: Follow-up

HC 761

The Phillips Report and the FSA

HC 762

The UK Pig Industry

HC 32

Horticulture Research

HC 53

Implementation of IACS in the EU

HC 150

Culture, Media and Sport

The Operation of the National Lottery

HC 56


Armed Forces Personnel Issues

HC 29

The Reserve Forces

HC 976

Six-Nation Framework Agreement on European Defence

HC 115

MoD Annual Reporting Cycle

HC 144

Education & Employment

DfEE Funding

HC 502

(Education Sub-Committee)

Higher Education

HC 124

Teaching Trade Unions

HC 722

(Employment Sub-Committee)

Part Time Working

HC 297

Recruiting unemployed people

HC 48

New Deal: An Evaluation

HC 58

Environment, Transport & Regional Affairs

Energy - The Changing Climate

Inland Waterways

HC 666

HC 947

Rural White Paper

HC 45

(Environment Sub-Committee)

Departmental Annual Report

HC 471

The Countryside Agency

HC 665

Delivering Sustainable Waste Management

HC 36


HC 91

(Transport Sub-Committee)

Rail Investment

HC 18

Transport-related Executive Agencies of the DETR

HC 122

Environmental Audit

Sustainable Development Strategy

HC 175

EU Policy and the Environment: Government response and follow-up

HC 312

Environmental Audit and Accountability

HC 444

Pre-Budget Report 2000: Fuel duties

HC 71

Foreign Affairs


HC 447

Sierra Leone

HC 519

Prospects for the Nice European Council

HC 68

Developments in Israel and the Occupied Territories

HC 935

Annual Report on Human Rights

HC 79

Foreign Affairs; International Development; Trade and Industry

Annual Reports on Strategic Export Controls

HC 467


Public Health

HC 786

HC 30

Public Expenditure and the National Plan

HC 957

Home Affairs

Current EU Justice and Home Affairs Issues

HC 402

The Work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission

HC 429

The Future of the Public Trust Office

HC 445

The Work of the Crown Prosecution Service

HC 476

Drugs and Prisons

HC 506

Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

HC 561

Physical Controls of UK Ports of Entry

HC 570

Lord Chancellor's Dept. Annual Report 1999/00 and Spending Plans 2000/01

HC 856

The Work of the Home Office

HC 994

International Development

World Bank


Resource Accounting and Budgeting

HC 26

DFID's Policy towards China and Pakistan

HC 126

HIV/AIDS and Social and Economic Development

HC 558


HC 39

Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank

HC 966

Northern Ireland Affairs

Livestock Industry in Northern Ireland

HC 62

Recent Political Developments in Northern Ireland

HC 409

The Parades Commission

HC 120

Prison Service in Northern Ireland

HC 931

Relocation following Paramilitary Intimidation

HC 59

Public Accounts

Inpatient Admissions and Bed Management in NHS Acute Hospitals

HC 391

Grants Made by National Lottery Charities Board

HC 490

Access to Properties grant-aided by English Heritage

HC 596

Emergency Aid: The Kosovo Crisis

HC 641

Managing Reductions in the number of Vacant Family Quarters

HC 943

Overseeing Focus Housing Association

HC 979

The Millennium Dome

HC 989


HC 993

Managing Cost in English Further Education Colleges

HC 999

Action to Improve Passenger Rail Services

HC 757

Maintaining the Royal Palaces

HC 77

Major Projects Report 2000

HC 136

Science & Technology

Scientific Advisory Systems: Scientific Advice on Climate Change

HC 14

Are We Realising Our Potential?

HC 446

The Science Budget

HC 898

Scottish Affairs

The Work of BBC Scotland and the Broadcasting Council for Scotland

HC 176

The Work of the Scotland Office since Devolution

HC 390

Departmental Report 2000

HC 607

The Drinks Industry in Scotland

HC 114

Social Security

Inherited Serps

Integrated Child Credit

HC 717


HC 72

Social Security and the Employment Sub-Committee

The Creation of a New Agency for People of Working Age

HC 662

Trade and Industry

The Work of Ofgem

HC 193

Vehicle manufacturing in the UK

HC 534

HC 128

The Work of the DTI

HC 677

Impact on Trade and Industry of Motor Fuel Taxation

HC 946

UK Steel Industry

HC 965

The Office of Telecommunications

HC 982

Annual Report from the E-Envoy

HC 66

OFTEL: Local Loop Unbundling

HC 90


Tax Competition and Co-ordination

Resource Accounting and Budgeting

HC 308


HC 138

The London Stock Exchange

HC 508

The Bank of England May Inflation Report

HC 523

2000 Pre-Budget Report

HC 988

(Treasury Sub-Committee)

ONS: Progress Report

HC 293

HM Treasury

HC 73

HM Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue

HC 953

Welsh Affairs

The First Years Work of the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

HC 627

Devolution in Practice

HC 938

Wales in the World

HC 939

HC 38

Outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review

HC 995

Other Committees

Armed Forces Bill

Provisions of the Armed Forces Bill

HC 154

Public Administration

Making Government Work

HC 94

Special Advisers

HC 727

Annual Report of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments

HC 27


Rules Governing the Election of a Speaker

HC 40






Government research in to TSEs and Intensive Farming

Written Evidence by 31.1.2001

New Covent Garden Market

Written Evidence by 12.1.2001

Armed Forces Bill

Provisions of the Armed Forces Bill and issues related to Service discipline

Written Evidence by 9.2.2001

Culture, Media and Sport

Staging International Sporting Events

Further Evidence by 31.1.2001

A New Future for Communications

Written Evidence by 12.1.2001

Education Sub-Committee

Higher Education - Student retention

Written Evidence by 26.1.2001

Employment Sub-Committee

Age Discrimination in Employment

Written Evidence by 19.1.2001

Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs

Walking in Towns and Cities

Written Evidence by 8.1.2001

(Transport Sub-committee)

Opportunities and Development Prospects at Major Ports

Written Evidence by 19.1.2001

Maintenance of Motorways, trunk roads and Local Authority Principal Roads

Written Evidence by 19.1.2001

Environmental Audit

Greening Government

Written Evidence by 31.1.2001

Renewable Energy

Written Evidence by 31.1.2001

Foreign Affairs


Written Evidence by 15.1.2001

Home Affairs

Criminal Records Bureau

Written Evidence by 19.1.2001

International Development

Vietnam and Cambodia

Globalisation White Paper

Written Evidence by 8.1.2001

Written Evidence by 15.1.2001

Northern Ireland Affairs

Reform of Legal Aid in Northern Ireland

Written Evidence by 2.2.2001

Science and Technology

2000 Science and Innovation White Paper and the Science Budget

Written Evidence by 11.1.2001

Wave and Tidal Energy

Written Evidence by 12.2.2001


Banking in the UK

1st Session 16.1.2001

Equitable Life and the Life Assurance Industry

Written Evidence by 5.2.2001

Treasury Sub-Committee

The work and future status of the Royal Mint

Written Evidence by 15.1.2001

The work and future status of the Government Actuary's Department

Written Evidence by 15.1.2001

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