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Weekly Information Bulletin: 3rd March 2001

Legislation - General Notes

In the list of Bills which follows, the type of Bill is shown at the left-hand margin below the title by the following codes:

GGovernment Bills
CConsolidation Bills
BPrivate Members' Bills (under the ballot procedure). The number after refers to position in ballot
PPrivate Members' Bills (under SO No 57)
TPrivate Members' Bills (under the Ten Minute Rule, SO No 23)
LPrivate Members' Bills starting in the House of Lords


1RFirst Reading: date of presentation (no debate at this stage except for Class T Bills, which have short introductory speeches)
2RSecond Reading (the debate on the principle of the Bill)
MRMoney Resolution (normally taken after 2R: shown below only if taken at another time)
SRCSecond Reading Committee (2R taken in Committee: formal 2R in whole House next day unless otherwise stated)
SGC/WGCScottish or Welsh Grand Committee consideration of principle (equates with SRC)
PCProgramming Committee
PSCProgramming Sub-Committee
CommCommittee Stage (the detailed examination of the Bill). If no committee is named (eg SC A) a committee of the whole House is indicated
Comm**House of Lords Committee of the Whole House, taken in a committee room. Debate published in daily Hansard
PBCPublic Bill Committee (committee Stage in the House of Lords, when the consideration is not undertaken by a committee of the whole House)
SPBCSpecial Public Bill Committee (committee Stage in the House of Lords, when the consideration is not undertaken by a committee of the whole House. Public evidence is taken)
SSC/SSSCSpecial Standing Committee (Special Scottish Standing Committee) on a Bill, where public evidence is taken
SC A, (B, etc)Standing Committee A, B, etc
CNCommittee negatived. (Indicates that there was no debate at committee stage in the House of Lords)
OCDOrder of Commitment discharged (no debate at committee stage in the House of Lords)
RepReport Stage (detailed review of the Bill as amended in committee)
3RThird Reading (final debate on the Bill)
RSRemaining Stages (Report Stage and Third Reading taken on the same day)
LALords' Amendments considered in the House of Commons
CACommons' Amendments considered in the House of Lords
1st(2nd)Scot SC1st (2nd) Scottish Standing Committee
GMAllocation of Time Motion (Guillotine motion)
ProgProgramme Motion
PSelRep:Bill referred to a Select Committee; date refers to the date the Committee will report by
[HL]Indicates a Bill which started in the House of Lords
HYBRID BILLA Public Bill which affects the private interests of particular persons or corporate bodies as distinct from the private interests of all persons or bodies
PROPOSED BILLIndicates that a motion for leave to bring in a Bill under the Ten Minute Rule (SO No 23) was negatived
Prov 2R (Rep, 3R)Provisional date for 2nd Reading of a Bill etc. For Private Members' Bills (if set down for a Private Members Bill Friday) this is followed, by the position of the Bill in the order of business for that day, thus giving some indication of the likelihood of debate.

Asterisk means that proceedings were formal, with no debate

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Prepared 3 March 2001