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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th March 2001


COM documents are available for consultation in the 44 European Documentation Centres (most of which are in university libraries) or the 22 European Information Centres.

SEC documents are not normally available for public consultation. The occasional important one on policy issues may be available in the above centres.

For information about your nearest ED or EIC Tel: 020 7973 1992 (London Office of the European Commission) or Tel: 01482 465941, (ED Librarian, University of Hull).

Members of Parliament may obtain copies from the Vote Office by reference to the yellow demand form, quoting the number after the COM or SEC number.

COM Documents and EC legislation are available from The Stationery Office as ScanFax items, which are supplied as loose-leaf pages. They are printed from an optical disc system. Prices start from £5.10 (incl. VAT @17.5%) for an item of up to 4 pages. Prices include free delivery by fax, or by first class post.

Orders can be placed using a Stationery Office account number, credit card, or cheque in advance. Please telephone The Stationery Office on Tel: 020 7873 8372/8496, or Fax 020 7873 8416

For information on the House of Commons and European Communities Legislation see HCIO Factsheet No 56

Draft Legislation

COM (2000)*

EUROPOL Annual Report 2000.

COM (2000)*

5205/01 COR 1. Corrigendum to document COM (00) 854 final.

COM (2001) 16f/2

5541/01 COR 1. Corrigendum to document COM (01) 16 final.

COM (2001) 39f

5564/01. Proposal for a Council Regulation imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of potassium permanganate originating in the People's Republic of China.

SEC (2001) 148f

5955/01. Preliminary draft supplementary and amending budget No. 1 to the budget for 2001--section III--Commission.

COM (2000)*

6060/01. Draft Protocol to the 2000 Convention on mutual assistance in criminal matters between the Member States of the European Union.

COM (2000)*

6073/01 BUDGET 2. Draft Supplementary and Amending Budget No. 1 for the Financial Year 2001. Section III--Commission. Explanatory Memorandum.

COM (2000)*

6457/01. The Social Protection Committee's preliminary study on the long-term viability of pensions.

COM (2000)*

6554/01. Final report of the Committee of Wise Men on European Securities regulation.

*No Com number available

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Prepared 17 March 2001