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Weekly Information Bulletin: 31st March 2001


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Monday 2 April (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What dialogues the European Union and the Commonwealth are having with the government of Zimbabwe, and what progress has been made (L. Blaker); When the British Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland will vacate his official residence, Glencairn, for how much the building was sold, and what was the cost of buying a suitable alternative (L. Dubs); What financial assistance has been given to Mongolia following the very severe winter (B. Trumpington); Whether any early indication of responses received to the consultation paper "Fairer Charging Policies for Home Care and other non-residential Social Services" can be given (L. Clement-Jones).

Legislation - Criminal Justice and Police Bill (second reading); Social Security Contributions (Share Options) Bill (second reading).

Delegated Legislation - Social Security (Reduced Rates of Class 1 Contributions) (Salary Related Contracted-out Schemes) Order 2001; Social Security (Reduced Rates of Class 1 Contributions, and Rebates) (Money Purchase Contracted-out Schemes) Order 2001; Social Security (Minimum Contributions to Appropriate Personal Pension Schemes) Order 2001 - Motions for approval; Social Security (Breach of Community Order) Regulations 2001 - The Earl Russell to move to resolve that this House calls on HMG to withdraw the Social Security (Breach of Community Order) Regulations 2001 and lay new Regulations which may only be brought into force by further Order which shall be subject to the approval of both Houses of Parliament - Motion for approval.

Tuesday 3 April (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - When the National Institute for Clinical Excellence is expected to complete its appraisal of anti-TNF therapy drugs for rheumatoid arthritis (L. Roberts of Conwy); What lessons have been learnt from the constitutional changes introduced so far (L. Renton of Mount Harry); What action can be taken to provide humanitarian aid inside Afghanistan (E. Sandwich); What research is being sponsored to develop a vaccine for the "superbug" Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (B. Masham of Ilton).

Legislation - Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill (committee stage - 1st day).

Unstarred Question - Whether the progress being made by the National Institue of Clinical Excellence in their appraisal of Beta interferons and glatiramer acetates is satisfactory (B. Cumberlege).

Wednesday 4 April (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What is the position of 47 members of the Army Reserve who served in Operation Granby with regard to attributable benefits for reservists (C. Mar); Whether there are delays in the payment of housing benefit; and, if so, what action is being taken to reduce such delays (B. Gardner of Parkes); What is the response to the report of the Chief Inspector of Prisons criticising Birmingham (E. Longford).

Debate - Further developments in the countryside since the House debated the foot-and-mouth epidemic on 13th March; and to move for papers (Viscount Cranborne).

Thursday 5 April (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - What evidence and criteria has been used in deciding to place certain organisations on the proscribed list under the Terrorism Act 2000 (L. Ahmed); What progress has been made by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group in establishing the values and objectives for which the Commonwealth stands (B. Williams of Crosby); Whether it is intended to increase Government spending to the British Tourism Industry (L. Dormand of Easington).

Legislation - Health and Social Care Bill (report stage).

Unstarred Question - What plans there are in light of recent events and of public opinion, to nationalise Railtrack (L. Beaumont of Whitley).


Monday 9 April

Legislation - Culture and Recreation Bill [HL] (committee stage - 1st day).

Tuesday 10 April

Legislation - Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill [HL] (report stage - 1st day).

Easter Recess

House Returns on Monday 23 April 2001

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