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Weekly Information Bulletin: 28th April 2001


Weekly Information Bulletin

The next Bulletin will be published on 5 May 2001


The content and format of the Weekly Information Bulletin is currently being reviewed. Comments from users would be welcome. In particular:

    1. Is there any information that you would expect to find in the Bulletin that is not there?

    2. If new material were added, what existing material could be removed without reducing the Bulletin's usefulness to you?

    3. How could the information in the Bulletin be more helpfully organised and presented?

Please send replies to the editor, Sarah Priddy, by 8 June 2001, at the following address:

Weekly Information Bulletin Editor House of Commons Information Office London SW1A 2TT

or e-mail

Palace of Westminster: Summer Opening

The Palace of Westminster will be open to visitors this summer from 6th August until 29th September 2001. It will be closed on Sundays, Bank Holidays and some weekday mornings. Tickets can be pre-booked and are available for purchase from mid - July by contacting the Ticketmaster , Telephone 020 7344 9966 or at:

Private Members' Bills' Fridays

2nd and 9th February, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th March, 6th and 27th April, 11th and 18th May, 8th and 15th June and 20th July 2001

Non-sitting Fridays

12th and 19th January, 16th February, 2nd March, 4th May, 22nd and 29th June, 6th and 13th July and 19th October 2001.


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