Sessional Returns Session 1999-2000 - Contents


Information and statistics about the membership, work, and staff of Select Committees


This Return follows the pattern of its predecessors since the creation of the current Select Committee system by the House in 1979. Section A lists, in alphabetical order, the Members who served on Select Committees during the Session. Section B gives details of each Committee's work, staff, publications and other statistics. Section C analyses the expenditure and staffing of Select Committees.


1. Alphabetical List of Members

Names of MembersCommittees to which nominated

Abbott, Ms. DianeForeign Affairs
Adams, Mrs. IreneChairmen's Panel; Scottish Affairs
Allan, Mr. RichardEducation and Employment; Finance and Services; Information; Liaison
Amess, Mr. DavidHealth
Anderson, Mr. DonaldChairmen's Panel; Foreign Affairs; Liaison
Atherton, Ms. CandyEducation and Employment
Ashdown, Sir PaddyScience and Technology
Atkins, CharlotteEducation and Employment; Selection
Atkinson, Mr. Peter Chairmen's Panel; Court of Referees; Scottish Affairs
Austin, John Health
Baker, Mr. NormanBroadcasting; Environmental Audit
Baldry, Mr. TonyTrade and Industry
Banks, Mr. TonyAccommodation and Works
Barnes, Mr. HarryNorthern Ireland Affairs
Beard, Mr. NigelScience and Technology; Treasury
Beckett, Mrs. MargaretModernisation of the House of Commons
Begg, Miss AnnScottish Affairs
Beggs, Mr. RoyNorthern Ireland Affairs
Beith, Mr. A. J.Procedure
Bell, Mr. MartinStandards and Privileges
Bell, Mr. StuartFinance and Services; Liaison
Benn, Mr. HilaryEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Bennett, Mr. Andrew F.Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs; Liaison; Statutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Benton, Mr. JoeChairmen's Panel
Bermingham, Mr. GeraldCatering
Beresford, Sir PaulProcedure
Berry, Mr. RogerTrade and Industry
Best, Mr. HaroldStatutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Betts, Mr. CliveSelection
Blackman, Mrs. LizTreasury
Blizzard, Mr. BobEnvironmental Audit
Blunt, Mr. CrispinDefence; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Body, Sir RichardEnvironmental Audit
Borrow, Mr. David Agriculture
Bottomley, Mr. PeterStandards and Privileges
Bradley, Mr. KeithAccommodation and Works; Finance and Services; Selection
Bradley, Mr. PeterPublic Administration
Bradshaw, Mr. BenEuropean Scrutiny
Brady, Mr. GrahamEducation and Employment
Brake, Mr. TomEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Brand, Dr. PeterHealth
Brazier, Mr. JulianDefence
Breed, Mr. ColinEuropean Scrutiny
Brinton, Mrs. HelenEnvironmental Audit
Brooke, Mr. PeterLiaison; Northern Ireland Affairs
Brown, Mr. RussellDeregulation; Scottish Affairs
Browne, Mr. DesmondNorthern Ireland Affairs; Public Administration
Browning, Mrs. AngelaModernisation of the House of Commons
Bruce, Mr. IanInformation
Bruce, Mr. MalcolmStandards and Privileges
Buck, Ms. KarenSelection; Social Security
Burgon, Mr. ColinAccommodation and Works; Northern Ireland Affairs; Procedure
Burns, Mr. SimonHealth; Public Accounts
Butler, ChristineEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Butterfill, Mr. JohnChairmen's Panel; Court of Referees; Trade and Industry
Cable, Mr. VincentTreasury
Campbell, Mr. AlanPublic Accounts
Campbell, Mr. RonniePublic Administration
Campbell-Savours, Mr. DaleStandards and Privileges
Cann, Mr. JamieDefence
Caplin, Mr. IvorModernisation of the House of Commons
Casale, Mr. RogerEuropean Scrutiny
Cash, Mr. WilliamEuropean Scrutiny
Caton, Mr. MartinWelsh Affairs
Cawsey, Mr. IanHome Affairs
Chapman, Sir SydneyAccommodation and Works; Finance and Services; Liaison
Chaytor, Mr. DavidDeregulation; Environmental Audit
Chidgey, Mr. DavidAccommodation and Works
Chope, Mr. ChristopherTrade and Industry
Clark, Dr. MichaelChairmen's Panel; Liaison; Science and Technology
Clarke, Mr. CharlesTreasury
Clarke, Mr. Eric Broadcasting; Finance and Services; Liaison; Scottish Affairs
Clarke, Mr. TonyConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); Northern Ireland Affairs
Clifton-Brown, Mr. GeoffreyBroadcasting
Clwyd, AnnInternational Development
Coffey, AnnModernisation of the House of Commons
Cohen, Mr. HarryDefence
Colman, Mr. TonyInternational Development
Colvin, Mr. Michael (deceased)Defence
Connarty, Mr. MichaelEuropean Scrutiny; Information
Cook, Mr. FrankChairmen's Panel
Cooper, YvetteEducation and Employment
Corbett, Mr. RobinHome Affairs; Liaison
Cormack, Sir PatrickAccommodation and Works
Cotter, Mr. BrianDeregulation
Cousins, Mr. JimTreasury
Cran, Mr. JamesSelection
Cranston, Mr. RossHome Affairs
Crausby, Mr. DavidAdministration; Social Security
Cryer, Mr. JohnDeregulation
Cummings, Mr. JohnChairmen's Panel; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Cunningham, Mr. JimChairmen's Panel; Trade and Industry
Curry, Mr. DavidAgriculture; Liaison; Public Accounts
Curtis-Thomas, Mrs. ClaireScience and Technology
Dafis, Mr. CynogEnvironmental Audit
Darvill, Mr. KeithProcedure
Davey, ValerieEducation and Employment
Davey, Mr. EdwardProcedure; Treasury
Davidson, Mr. IanPublic Accounts
Davies, Mr. GeraintPublic Accounts
Davis, Mr. DavidLiaison; Public Accounts
Dawson, Mr. HiltonAdministration
Day, Mr. StephenAdministration
Dean, Mrs. JanetCatering; Home Affairs
Dobbin, Mr. JimEuropean Scrutiny
Donaldson, Mr. Jeffrey M.Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs;
Northern Ireland Affairs
Donohoe, Mr. Brian H.Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Drew, Mr. DavidAgriculture; Modernisation of the House of Commons
Drown, JuliaHealth
Dunwoody, Mrs. GwynethChairmen's Panel; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs; Liaison
Eagle, MariaPublic Accounts
Edwards, Mr. HuwWelsh Affairs
Efford, Mr. CliveProcedure
Ellman, Mrs. LouiseEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Emery, Sir PeterForeign Affairs; Modernisation of the House of Commons
Etherington, Mr. BillCourt of Referees
Ewing, Mrs. MargaretEuropean Scrutiny
Faber, Mr. DavidCulture, Media and Sport; Public Accounts
Fabricant, Mr. MichaelCatering; Culture, Media and Sport; Home Affairs
Fallon, Mr. MichaelTreasury
Fearn, Mr. RonnieCulture, Media and Sport
Fitzsimons, LornaModernisation of the House of Commons; Procedure
Flint, CarolineEducation and Employment
Follett, Ms. BarbaraInternational Development
Forsythe, Mr. Clifford (deceased)Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Forth, Mr. EricProcedure; Standards and Privileges
Foster, Mr. DerekEducation and Employment; Liaison
Foster, Mr. Michael (Hastings & Rye) Standards and Privileges
Foster, Mr. Michael (Worcester)Education and Employment
Fraser, Mr. ChristopherCulture, Media and Sport
Gale, Mr. RogerBroadcasting; Chairmen's Panel
Galloway, Mr. GeorgeBroadcasting
Gapes, Mr. MichaelDefence
Gardiner, Mr. BarryBroadcasting; Procedure; Public Accounts
George, Mr. BruceDefence; Liaison
Gerrard, Mr. Neil Environmental Audit; Information
Gibson, Dr. IanScience and Technology
Godman, Mr. Norman A.Foreign Affairs
Golding, Mr. LlinCulture, Media and Sport
Gordon, Mrs. EileenBroadcasting
Gorman, Mrs. TeresaDeregulation; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Grant, Mr. Bernie (deceased)International Development
Gray, Mr. JamesEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Grieve, Mr. DominicEnvironmental Audit; Statutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Griffiths, Mr. NigelProcedure; Public Accounts
Grogan, Mr. JohnNorthern Ireland Affairs
Gunnell, Mr. JohnHealth
Hall, Mr. MikeAdministration
Hall, Mr. PatrickConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); European Scrutiny
Hancock, Mr. MikeDefence
Hamilton, Mr. FabianAdministration
Haselhurst, Sir AlanChairmen's Panel; Court of Referees
Heal, Mrs. SylviaChairmen's Panel; Court of Referees
Heald, Mr. OliverAdministration
Healey, Mr. JohnEducation and Employment
Heath, Mr. DavidForeign Affairs
Henderson, Mr. IvanStatutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Hepburn, Mr. StephenAdministration; Defence
Hesford, Mr. StephenHealth; Northern Ireland Affairs
Hinchliffe, Mr. DavidHealth; Liaison
Hood, Mr. JimmyChairmen's Panel; Defence; European Scrutiny; Liaison
Hope, Mr. PhilPublic Accounts; Selection
Hopkins, Mr. KelvinBroadcasting
Horam, Mr. JohnEnvironmental Audit; Liaison
Howarth, Mr. GeraldHome Affairs
Hoyle, Mr. LindsayCatering; Trade and Industry
Hughes, Ms. BeverleyHome Affairs
Humble, Mrs. JoanSocial Security
Hunter, Mr. AndrewNorthern Ireland Affairs
Hurst, Mr. AlanAgriculture
Iddon, Dr. BrianEnvironmental Audit; Science and Technology
Illsley, Mr. EricForeign Affairs; Procedure
Jack, Mr. MichaelAgriculture
Jackson, Mrs. HelenModernisation of the House of Commons
Jackson, Mr. RobertScience and Technology
Jamieson, Mr. DavidAccommodation and Works
Johnson, Mr. AlanTrade and Industry
Jones, Mr. BarryChairmen's Panel
Jones, Ms. FionaAgriculture
Jones, HelenEducation and Employment; Public Administration
Jones, Ms. JenniferEuropean Scrutiny
Jones, Mr. Jon OwenEnvironmental Audit
Jones, LynneScience and Technology
Jones, Mr. MartynLiaison; Welsh Affairs
Jones, Mr. NigelInternational Development; Science and Technology
Kaufman, Mr. GeraldCulture, Media and Sport; Liaison
Keeble, Ms. SallyAgriculture
Keen, Mr. AlanCulture, Media and Sport
Keetch, Mr. PaulCatering; Education and Employment
Kelly, Ms. RuthTreasury
Kennedy, JaneAdministration
Khabra, Mr. Piara S.International Development
Kidney, Mr. DavidTreasury
King, Mr. AndyDeregulation; Social Security
King, Ms. OonaInternational Development
Kingham, Mrs. TessInternational Development
Kirkbride, Miss JulieCatering; Culture, Media and Sport; Social Security
Kirkwood, Mr. ArchyCourt of Referees; Liaison; Social Security
Kumar, Dr. AshokChairmen's Panel; Deregulation; Science and Technology
Ladyman, Mr. StephenEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Laing, Mrs. EleanorEducation and Employment
Lait, Mrs. JacquiDeregulation
Laxton, Mr. BobTrade and Industry
Leigh, Mr. EdwardPublic Accounts; Social Security
Lepper, Mr. DavidBroadcasting
Levitt, Mr. TomStandards and Privileges
Lewis, Mr. IvanHealth
Lewis, Dr. JulianDefence; Welsh Affairs
Lewis, Mr. TerryStandards and Privileges
Linton, Mr. MartinHome Affairs
Livsey, Mr. RichardAgriculture; Welsh Affairs
Llwyd, Mr. ElfynWelsh Affairs
Lord, Mr. MichaelChairmen's Panel; Court of Referees
Loughton, Mr. TimEnvironmental Audit
Love, Mr. AndrewDeregulation; Public Accounts
Luff, Mr. PeterAgriculture; Liaison
Mackinlay, Mr. AndrewForeign Affairs
Madel, Sir DavidChairmen's Panel; Foreign Affairs
Malins, Mr. HumfreyChairmen's Panel; Home Affairs
Mallaber, JudyEducation and Employment
Maples, Mr. JohnForeign Affairs
Marek, Dr. JohnCatering
Marsden, Mr. GordonEducation and Employment
Marsden, Mr. PaulAgriculture
Marshall, Mr. DavidLiaison; Scottish Affairs
Marshall, Mr. JimEuropean Scrutiny
Marshall-Andrews, Mr. RobertConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Martin, Mr. MichaelChairmen's Panel; Court of Referees
Maxton, Mr. JohnChairmen's Panel; Culture, Media and Sport
McAllion, Mr. JohnScottish Affairs
McAvoy, Mr. ThomasFinance and Services
McCafferty, ChrisProcedure
McDonagh, SiobhainHealth
McDonnell, Mr. JohnDeregulation
McFall, Mr. JohnPublic Administration
McGrady, Mr. EddieNorthern Ireland Affairs
McIntosh, Miss AnneEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs; European Scrutiny
McIsaac, ShonaStandards and Privileges
McKenna, RosemaryCatering; European Scrutiny
McLoughlin, Mr. PatrickFinance and Services; Selection
McWalter, Mr. TonyNorthern Ireland Affairs
McWilliam, Mr. JohnChairmen's Panel; Defence; Liaison; Selection
Meacher, Mr. MichaelEnvironmental Audit
Meale, Mr. AlanCourt of Referees
Merron, GillianTrade and Industry
Michie, Mrs. RayChairmen's Panel
Miller, Mr. AndrewInformation
Mitchell, Mr. AustinAgriculture
Moffatt, LauraDefence
Moonie, Dr. LewisFinance and Services; Liaison
Moore, Mr. MichaelScottish Affairs
Moran, Ms. MargaretPublic Administration
Morgan, Mr. AlasdairTrade and Industry
Morgan, Ms. JulieWelsh Affairs
Mountford, KaliSocial Security
Mullin, Mr. ChrisHome Affairs; Liaison
Murphy, Mr. JimPublic Accounts
Murphy, Mr. DenisDeregulation
Naysmith, Dr. DougDeregulation; Social Security
Nicholls, Mr. PatrickEducation and Employment
O'Hara, Mr. EdwardChairmen's Panel
O'Brien, Mr. BillChairmen's Panel; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
O'Brien, Mr. StephenEducation and Employment
O'Neill, Mr. MartinLiaison; Trade and Industry
Oaten, Mr. MarkPublic Administration
Olner, Mr. BillChairmen's Panel; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Öpik, Mr. LembitAgriculture
Organ, Mrs. DianaAgriculture; Culture, Media and Sport
Osborne, Ms. SandraInformation; Scottish Affairs
Page, Mr. RichardPublic Accounts
Palmer, Dr. NickAdministration; European Scrutiny; Northern Ireland Affairs
Paterson, Mr. OwenAgriculture; European Scrutiny; Welsh Affairs
Pearson, Mr. IanEducation and Employment
Perham, Ms. LindaAccommodation and Works; Trade and Industry
Pike, Mr. Peter L.Deregulation; Liaison; Modernisation of the House of Commons
Plaskitt, Mr. JamesConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); Treasury
Pond, Mr. ChrisSocial Security
Pound, Mr. StephenBroadcasting; Northern Ireland Affairs
Powell, Sir RaymondAccommodation and Works
Prentice, Mr. GordonModernisation of the House of Commons
Prosser, Mr. GwynInformation
Radice, Mr. GilesLiaison; Treasury
Rammell, Mr. BillEducation and Employment; European Scrutiny
Randall, Mr. JohnDeregulation; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Rapson, Mr. SydAccommodation and Works
Rendel, Mr. DavidPublic Accounts
Robathan, Mr. AndrewInternational Development
Robertson, Mr. LaurenceConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee);
Environmental Audit; European Scrutiny; Social Security
Robinson, Mr. PeterNorthern Ireland Affairs
Roe, Mrs. MarionAdministration; Chairmen's Panel; Finance and Services; Health; Liaison
Rogers, Mr. AllanEuropean Scrutiny
Ross, Mr. ErnieCourt of Referees
Ross, Mr. WilliamAdministration; Deregulation; Statutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Rowe, Mr. AndrewInternational Development
Rowlands, Mr. TedForeign Affairs
Ruane, Mr. ChrisWelsh Affairs
Russell, Mr. BobCatering; Home Affairs
Russell, ChristineEnvironmental Audit
Salter, Mr. MartinNorthern Ireland Affairs
Sanders, Mr. AdrianConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Sarwar, Mr. MohammadScottish Affairs
Savidge, Mr. MalcolmEnvironmental Audit
Sawford, Mr. PhilEnvironmental Audit; Information
Sayeed, Mr. JonathanBroadcasting; Chairmen's Panel
Sedgemore, Mr. BrianTreasury
Shaw, Mr. Jonathan R.Environmental Audit
Sheerman, Mr. BarryEducation and Employment; Liaison
Sheldon, Mr. RobertLiaison; Standards and Privileges
Shepherd, Mr. RichardModernisation of the House of Commons; Public Administration
Shipley, Ms. DebraSocial Security
Singh, Mr. MarshaHome Affairs
Smith, JacquiTreasury
Smith, Mr. JohnWelsh Affairs
Soames, Mr. NicholasPublic Administration
Soley, Mr. CliveModernisation of the House of Commons
Spicer, Sir MichaelTreasury
St. Aubyn, Mr. NickEducation and Employment
Stanley, Sir JohnForeign Affairs
Starkey, Dr. PhyllisForeign Affairs
Steen, Mr. AnthonyDeregulation; European Scrutiny
Steinberg, Mr. GerryCatering; Public Accounts
Stevenson, Mr. GeorgeChairmen's Panel; Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Stewart, Mr. DavidScottish Affairs
Stewart, Mr. IanDeregulation; Information
Stoate, Dr. HowardHealth
Stringer, Mr. GrahamEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Stunell, Mr. AndrewBroadcasting; Modernisation of the House of Commons; Procedure
Swayne, Mr. DesmondScottish Affairs
Syms, Mr. RobertHealth; Procedure
Taylor, Ms. DariDefence
Taylor, Mr. IanScience and Technology
Taylor, Sir TeddyTreasury
Thomas, Mr. Gareth (Clwyd West) Social Security
Thomas, Mr. Gareth R. (Harrow West)Environmental Audit
Thomas, Mr. SimonEnvironmental Audit
Thompson, Mr. WilliamNorthern Ireland Affairs
Timms, Mr. StephenPublic Accounts
Todd, Mr. MarkAgriculture
Townend, Mr. JohnPublic Administration
Tredinnick, Mr. DavidLiaison; Statutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Trend, Mr. MichaelPublic Administration
Truswell, Mr. PaulEnvironmental Audit
Turner, Mr. DennisCatering; Court of Referees; Finance and Services; Liaison
Turner, Mr. DesmondScience and Technology
Turner, Dr. GeorgeAgriculture; Consolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); Public Administration
Turner, Mr. NeilPublic Administration
Twigg, Mr. StephenEducation and Employment; Modernisation of the House of Commons
Tyler, Mr. Paul Finance and Services; Modernisation of the House of Commons; Selection
Tynan, Mr. BillScottish Affairs
Tyrie, Mr. AndrewConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); Public Administration
Viggers, Mr. PeterDefence
Walley, JoanEnvironmental Audit
Ward, Ms. ClaireCulture, Media and Sport
Wardle, Mr. CharlesPublic Accounts
Watts, Mr. DaveFinance and Services
Wells, Mr. BowenChairmen's Panel; International Development; Liaison
Welsh, Mr. AndrewChairmen's Panel; Scottish Affairs
White, Mr. BrianConsolidation, &c., Bills (Joint Committee); Deregulation; Public Administration; Statutory Instruments; Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)
Whitehead, Dr. AlanEnvironment, Transport and Regional Affairs
Whittingdale, Mr. JohnInformation
Wicks, Mr. Malcolm Education and Employment; Liaison
Wigley, Mr. DafyddPublic Accounts
Williams, Mr. AlanPublic Accounts; Standards and Privileges
Williams, Mr. Alan W.Science and Technology
Williams, Mrs. BettyWelsh Affairs
Willis, Mr. PhilEducation and Employment
Wilshire, Mr. DavidForeign Affairs
Winnick, Mr. DavidHome Affairs
Winterton, Mr. NicholasChairmen's Panel; Liaison; Modernisation of the House of Commons; Procedure
Wise, Audrey (deceased)Health
Woodward, Mr. ShaunBroadcasting
Worthington, Mr. TonyInternational Development
Wright, Mr. Anthony D.Public Administration
Wright, TonyLiaison; Public Administration
Wyatt, Mr. Derek Culture, Media and Sport
Young, Sir GeorgeModernisation of the House of Commons

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Prepared 9 February 2001