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Order of Business 28th January 2002

Here you can browse the House of Commons Order of Business for 28th January 2002.

* indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer.
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

At 2.30 p.m.      Prayers
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
*1 Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West):    What measures he will take to assist the hardest to help unemployed into work in Cardiff West.
( 28137 )
*2 Mr Bill Wiggin (Leominster):    If he will make a statement on the level of benefit fraud.
( 28138 )
*3 Ms Karen Buck (Regent's Park & Kensington North):    What assessment he has made of the impact of welfare to work policies in London.
( 28139 )
*4 Laura Moffatt (Crawley):    What additional (a) financial and (b) practical help is offered to pensioners who are in hospital for more than six weeks.
( 28140 )
*5 Mr George Osborne (Tatton):    What plans he has to abolish the rule requiring pensioners to purchase an annuity by the age of 75 years.
( 28141 )
*6 Patrick Mercer (Newark):    What targets his Department has set local authorities for benefit fraud prosecutions for 2001-02.
( 28143 )
*7 Mr Richard Bacon (South Norfolk):    If he will make a statement on the extent of and reasons for the irregular expenditure by his Department which has caused the Department's current financial statements to receive a qualified opinion from the Comptroller and Auditor General.
( 28145 )
*8 Mr Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley):    What plans he has to increase the amount of personal advice available to unemployed people at job centres.
( 28146 )
*9 Jane Griffiths (Reading East):    What assessment he has made of the impact the enactment of the Relationships (Civil Registration) Bill would have upon the work of his Department; and if he will make a statement.
( 28147 )
*10 Mr Mark Francois (Rayleigh):    If he will make a statement on the number of people in employment in the United Kingdom.
( 28148 )
*11 Mr Crispin Blunt (Reigate):    What targets his Department has to increase private pension provision.
( 28151 )
*12 Angela Watkinson (Upminster):    What progress has been made in reducing benefit fraud since June 2001.
( 28152 )
*13 David Wright (Telford):    When he expects to introduce the pension credit.
( 28153 )
*14 Ian Lucas (Wrexham):    What steps he is taking to assist disabled people who wish to secure employment.
( 28154 )
*15 Michael Fabricant (Lichfield):    If he will make a statement on the savings ratio with respect to pension schemes.
( 28155 )
*16 Mr David Heathcoat-Amory (Wells):    How many uncancelled national insurance numbers there are in issue.
( 28156 )
*17 Andrew Selous (South West Bedfordshire):    What steps he is taking to make the New Deal for young people more responsive to the needs of (a) young people and (b) employers.
( 28157 )
*18 Mr Jim Cunningham (Coventry South):    What plans he has to review the taper formula for occupational pensions.
( 28158 )
*19 Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):    What steps are taken to safeguard the training needs of the long term unemployed on New Deal projects when the Department terminates training contracts.
( 28159 )
*20 Mr Tony Lloyd (Manchester Central):    When he expects the new Pension Service to come into operation.
( 28160 )
*21 Mr Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland):    How much the CSA is owed in outstanding maintenance payments.
( 28161 )
*22 Mr Huw Edwards (Monmouth):    If he will make a statement on his plans to reform benefits for carers.
( 28162 )
*23 Sir Sydney Chapman (Chipping Barnet):    If he will make a statement on progress in tackling fraud in the benefit system.
( 28163 )
*24 Derek Wyatt (Sittingbourne & Sheppey):    If he will extend the New Deal to 14 to 18 year olds; and if he will make a statement.
( 28164 )
*25 Mr Christopher Chope (Christchurch):    How many prosecutions his Department has authorised pursuant to the Targeting Fraud campaign.
( 28165 )
*26 Mr Michael Jack (Fylde):    How many pensioners holding annunities are making claims for a non-disability benefit paid by his Department.
( 28166 )
*27 Mr Ernie Ross (Dundee West):    What measures he plans to assist long-term unemployed people in deprived areas.
( 28167 )
*28 Mr Bill Tynan (Hamilton South):    What measures he will put in place to ensure the application procedures for the pensions credit are transparent and easily understandable.
( 28168 )
*29 Mr Andrew Stunell (Hazel Grove):    How many people who became 60 years old before 25th December 2001 were not entitled to the winter fuel payment.
( 28169 )
*30 Mr Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow):    Pursuant to his oral Answer of 10th December, Official Report, column 578, on the Universal Bank, if he will make a statement on the progress of negotiations between the Post Office and its partners.
( 28170 )
*31 Mr Chris Bryant (Rhondda):    What plans he has to enable more people in former mining commuities to move off benefit and into work.
( 28171 )
*32 James Purnell (Stalybridge & Hyde):    What progress he is making in tackling pensioner poverty in Stalybridge and Hyde.
( 28172 )
*33 Mr David Miliband (South Shields):    What progress has been made towards achieving the Government's objective of halving child poverty by 2010.
( 28173 )
*34 Mr Ben Chapman (Wirral South):    How many people have entered work through the New Deal since May 1997.
( 28175 )

At 3.30 p.m.Private Notice Questions (if any)
Ministerial Statements (if any)

Main Business

+  1  

CIVIL DEFENCE (GRANT) BILL:      As amended in the Standing Committee, to be considered.        [Until 10.00 p.m.]

For Amendments, see separate Paper.

Third Reading may also be taken

Debate may continue until 10.00 p.m.

At 7.00 p.m.




CITY OF LONDON (WARD ELECTIONS) BILL: Consideration of Bill, as amended. (By Order.)

John McDonnell
Jeremy Corbyn
Mr Kelvin Hopkins
John Cryer
Ms Diane Abbott
Mr Alan Simpson

Mr Neil Gerrard

        On Consideration of the City of London (Ward Elections) Bill, as amended, to move, That the Bill be further considered upon this day six months.

For Amendments, see Notice Paper relating to Private Business.

Set down by the Chairman of Ways and Means under Standing Order No. 20.

Third Reading may also be taken.

Debate may continue until 10.00 p.m.

+  2  


Mr Peter Hain

        That this House takes note of European Union documents numbers 11381/00, the Commission Communication on Reinvigorating the Barcelona Process" and 14778/00 relating to the Special Report by the Court of Auditors on the management by the Commission of the programme of assistance to Palestinian Society; and welcomes the Government's approach to EC assistance to Palestinian society and supports the Government's continuing commitment to the Barcelona Process.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 119(9)).

+  3  

CONVENTION ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE        [No debate after 10.00 p.m.]

Mr Robin Cook

        That, in the opinion of this House, Mr David Heathcoat-Amory and Ms Gisela Stuart should be the national parliamentary representatives from this House to the Convention on the Future of Europe.

If opposed, this item cannot be taken after 10.00 p.m.

At the end of the sitting



        Proposed subject: Free public transport for pensioners (Mr Lindsay Hoyle).

        Debate may continue until 10.30 p.m. or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9.).



1Welsh Affairs3.45 p.m.

4.00 p.m.
BBL Room, 1st Floor, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels (private)
Subject: Objective 1 European Funding for Wales.
Witnesses: Manfred Beschel and Philip Owen, Officials, Directorate General, Regional Policy, European Commission.
2Trade and Industry4.00 p.m.The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
3Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Radioactive Waste Policy Sub-Committee4.30 p.m.The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
4Public Accounts4.30 p.m.Room 16 (public)
Subject: Widening Participation in Higher Education in England.
Witnesses: Mr David Normington CB, Permanent Secretary, Department for Education and Skills, and Sir Howard Newby CBE, Chief Executive, Higher Education Funding Council for England.

[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]


Written Questions tabled on Friday 25th January for answer today++

1 Mr Kevan Jones (North Durham): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, if he will make a statement on NHS trusts given a zero star rating in the 2000-01 NHS performance ratings.
( 31568 )
2 Mr Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North & Leith): To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, what progress his Department is making in reviewing its concordats with the devolved administrations.
( 31569 )
3 Phil Hope (Corby): To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, what representations he has received on the local government finance settlement for 2002-03; and what conclusions he has reached.
( 31570 )
4 Mr David Drew (Stroud): To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, when the Goverment expects the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food to publish its report.
( 31571 )
5 Mr David Drew (Stroud): To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, when she will consult on revised statutory guidance to the Environment Agency.
( 31572 )
6 Mr Mark Francois (Rayleigh): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what the (a) establishment and (b) current strength is of (i) One East of England Regiment, (ii) the Royal Marine Reserve, (iii) the RNR/RNVR, (iv) the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and (v) the Honourable Artillery Company.
( 31610 )
7 Mr Andrew Dismore (Hendon): To ask the Prime Minister, if he will make a statement on plans for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen's Accession to the Throne.
( 31611 )
8 Barbara Follett (Stevenage): To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer when he intends to deliver his Budget Statement.
( 31612 )


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