Amendments proposed to the Proceeds of Crime Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr George Foulkes


Clause     110,     page     67,     line     33,     leave out 'an amount not exceeding'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     110,     page     68,     line     7,     leave out 'unless the order has' and insert 'and has not'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     110,     page     68,     line     10,     at end insert—

      '(c) any order which has been made against him in respect of the offence (or any of the offences) concerned under section 249 of the Procedure Act.'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     110,     page     68,     line     10,     at end insert—

    '(4A)   But in deciding what is just the court must not have regard to an order falling within subsection (4)(c) if a court has made a direction under section 100(6).'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     111,     page     68,     line     16,     leave out 'or discharge'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     111,     page     68,     line     23,     leave out 'discharge the confiscation order' and insert 'vary the order by substituting for the amount required to be paid such smaller amount as the court believes is just.'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     4,     leave out 'absconds' and insert 'is unlawfully at large'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     9,     leave out 'may' and insert 'must'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     14,     leave out 'thinks' and insert 'believes'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     19,     leave out '94(10)' and insert '94(11)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     22,     leave out 'an absconder' and insert 'unlawfully at large'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     113,     page     69,     line     24,     leave out 'an absconder' and insert 'unlawfully at large'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     69,     line     35,     leave out 'may' and insert 'must'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     69,     line     40,     leave out 'thinks' and insert 'believes'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     69,     line     44,     at end insert—

      '(ba) section 94(11) applies as if the reference to subsection (2) were to subsection (1) of this section;'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     70,     line     1,     leave out 'and 106' and insert ', 106, 107 and 108'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     70,     line     2,     leave out 'sections 107, 108 and 109 do' and insert 'section 109 does'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     70,     line     4,     leave out subsections (4) and (5).


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     114,     page     70,     line     9,     leave out 'Sections 107, 108 and 109 have' and insert 'Once the accused has ceased to be unlawfully at large section 109 has'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     115,     page     70,     line     33,     after 'founded', insert—

      '(a) it must find the amount which should have been the amount required to be paid (taking the circumstances prevailing when the amount was found for the purposes of the order), and

      (b) '.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     115,     page     70,     line     34,     leave out 'thinks' and insert 'believes'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     117,     page     71,     line     22,     leave out '(9)' and insert '(10)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     117,     page     71,     line     34,     leave out '(9)' and insert '(10)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     118,     page     72,     line     18,     at end insert—

    '(5A)   An order under subsection (4)—

      (a) may be made after the end of the specified period, but

      (b) must not be made after the end of the period of twelve months starting with the day on which the confiscation order is made.'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     119,     page     72,     line     28,     at end insert—

    '(2A)   For the purposes of this section no amount is required to be paid under a confiscation order if—

      (a) an application has been made under section 118(4);

      (b) the application has not been determined by the court, and

      (c) the period of 12 months starting with the day on which the confiscation order was made has not ended.'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     120,     page     73,     line     18,     leave out '214(2)(b) of the Procedure Act' and insert '118'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     121,     page     75,     line     6,     leave out '(7)' and insert '(8)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     75,     line     33,     leave out 'in respect of which the order is made' and insert 'which falls within subsection (4A)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     75,     line     35,     at end insert—

    '(4A)   These offences fall within this subsection—

      (a) the offence mentioned in section 121(2) or (3), if the first or second condition (as the case may be) is satisfied;

      (b) the offence (or any of the offences) concerned, if the third, fourth or fifth condition is satisfied.'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     75,     line     36,     leave out subsections (5) and (6).


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     1,     leave out from 'affect' to 'property' in line 2.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     2,     after 'under', insert '—

      (a) section 9 of'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     3,     after '(c.32),', insert '(b)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     3,     after '(c.33),', insert '(c) Article 14 of'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     5,     after '(N.I.17)', insert '(d) section 27 of the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 (c.37)'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     122,     page     76,     line     5,     after 'or', insert '(e) Article 32 of'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     123,     page     76,     line     14,     leave out paragraph (b).


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     123,     page     76,     line     19,     leave out 'having an interest' and insert 'affected by the order'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     123,     page     76,     line     39,     leave out subsection (11).


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     124,     page     77,     line     3,     leave out 'having an interest' and insert 'affected by the order'.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     125,     page     77,     line     17,     leave out from 'order' to end of line 18.


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     127,     page     78,     line     36,     leave out subsections (5) to (7).


Mr George Foulkes


Clause     127,     page     78,     line     36,     at end insert—

    '(5)   The court—

      (a) may order a person holding an interest in realisable property to which the restraint order applies to make to the administrator such payment as the court specifies in respect of a beneficial interest held by the accused or the recipient of a tainted gift;

      (b) may (on the payment being made) by order transfer, grant or extinguish any interest in the property.

    (6)   The court must not—

      (a) confer the power mentioned in subsection (1) to manage or otherwise deal with the property, or

      (b) exercise the power conferred on it by subsection (5),

       unless it gives persons holding interests in the property a reasonable opportunity to make representations to it.

    (7)   The court may order that a power conferred by an order under this section is subject to such conditions and exceptions as it specifies.

    (8)   Managing or otherwise dealing with property includes—

      (a) selling the property or any part of it or interest in it;

      (b) carrying on or arranging for another person to carry on any trade or business the assets of which are or are part of the property;

      (c) incurring capital expenditure in respect of the property.

    (9)   Subsections (1)(b) and (5) do not apply to property for the time being subject to a charge under—

      (a) section (9) of the Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1986 (c.32);

      (b) section 78 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (c.33);

      (c) Article 14 of the Criminal Justice (Confiscation) (Northern Ireland) Order 1990 (S.I. 1990/2588 (N.I. 17));

      (d) section 27 of the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 (c.37);

      (e) Article 32 of the Proceeds of Crime (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (S.I. 1996/1299 (N.I. 9)).'.

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