Amendments proposed to the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     79,     line     25     [Schedule     5],     after 'bodies),', insert 'in subsection (2),'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     80,     line     34     [Schedule     5],     at end insert—

     '  The 1999 Act is amended as follows.

      In section 20 (functions of the Commission for Health Improvement), after subsection (7) there is inserted—

          "(8)   If a Local Health Board has responsibility for any health care—

          (a) paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) of subsection (1) are to be read as if they included a reference to that Local Health Board as well as to the bodies which are mentioned there, and

          (b) the definition of "NHS body" in subsection (7) is to be read as if it included a reference to that Local Health Board.".'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     80,     line     35     [Schedule     5],     leave out 'of the 1999 Act'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     89,     line     29     [Schedule     7],     leave out 'paragraph (bc) of paragraph (1)' and insert 'paragraph 1(bc)'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     91,     line     10     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

      'In section 104 (superannuation of officers of certain hospitals), in subsection (1)(a), for "Health Authorities" there is substituted "NHS trusts".'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     92,     line     11     [Schedule     8],     after '32(b)', insert ', 53'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     93,     line     11     [Schedule     8],     after 'Trust', insert 'any part of'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     95,     line     19     [Schedule     9],     after '40(4)', insert 'of this Act'.


Mr Secretary Milburn


Page     95,     line     41     [Schedule     9],     leave out 'paragraph 32(b)' and insert 'paragraphs 32(b), 53 and 107(12)(b)'.

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Prepared 15 Jan 2002