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Amendment Paper as at
Thursday 7th February 2002


New Amendments handed in are marked thus *



The Amendments have been arranged in accordance with the Order of the Committee [29th January].


Mr Seamus Mallon


Schedule     8,     page     94,     line     34,     after 'State', insert 'after consultation with the Chief Inspector,'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Schedule     8,     page     95,     line     36,     leave out sub-paragraph (4).


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     46,     page     26,     line     15,     after 'inspections', insert 'of the efficiency and effectiveness'.


Lady Hermon
Lembit Öpik


Clause     46,     page     26,     line     30,     at end insert—

      '(k) Consignia,

      (l) the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

      (m) the Financial Services Authority,

      (n) the Inland Revenue.'.


Lembit Öpik
Patsy Calton


Clause     46,     page     26,     line     31,     leave out 'must not' and insert 'may choose not to'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     46,     page     26,     line     31,     leave out 'must' and insert 'need'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     46,     page     26,     line     42,     at end insert—

    '(5A)   An inspection carried out by the Chief Inspector of Consignia, the Financial Services Authority or the Inland Revenue may cover only functions relating to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland.'


Lady Hermon


Clause     46,     page     27,     line     5,     at end insert—

    '(6A)   No order shall be made under subsection (6) above unless the Secretary of State has consulted the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice.'


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     47,     page     27,     line     13,     at end insert—

    '(1A)   The Chief Inspector must carry out an inspection of each organisation specified in subsection 46(1) at least once in every year, unless he is satisfied that the organisation is subject to adequate inspection by someone other than him.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     47,     page     27,     line     18,     after 'State', insert 'or the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, acting jointly'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     47,     page     27,     line     25,     leave out 'Public' and insert 'Crown'.


Lembit Öpik
Patsy Calton
Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     47,     page     27,     line     28,     leave out subsection (a).


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     27,     line     42,     at end insert—

    '(ba)   any person to state, to the best of his knowledge and belief, where any such document is to be found, or'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     1,     leave out 'commits' and insert 'is guilty of'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     2,     leave out 'without reasonable excuse'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     5,     at end insert—

    '(3A)   If a person is charged with an offence under subsection (3) in respect of a requirement to produce a document under subsection (3), it is a defence to prove—

      (a) that the document was not in his possession or under his control; and

      (b) that it was not reasonably practicable for him to comply with the requirement.

    (3B)   If a person is charged with an offence under subsection (3) in respect of a requirement—

      (a) to provide information,

      (b) to provide an explanation of a document, or

      (c) to state where a document is to be found,

       it is a defence for him to prove that he had a reasonable excuse for failing to comply with the requirement.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     6,     leave out from 'subsection' to end of line 7 and insert '(3)(a) is liable—

      (a) on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, and

      (b) on conviction on indictment, to a fine'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     7,     at end insert—

    '(4A)   A person is guilty of an offence if, having been required to produce a document under subsection (2)—

      (a) he intentionally or recklessly destroys or otherwise disposes of it, falsifies it or conceals it, or

      (b) he causes or permits its destruction, disposal, falsification or concealment.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     7,     at end insert—

    '(4B)   A person guilty of an offence under subsection (4A) above is liable—

      (a) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum;

      (b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine or to both.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     48,     page     28,     line     24,     leave out 'Public' and insert 'Crown'.


Lembit Öpik
Patsy Calton


Clause     49,     page     28,     line     18,     leave out subsection (3).


Lady Hermon


Clause     50,     page     28,     line     35,     after 'Court', insert 'either in Northern Ireland, England and Wales or Scotland.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     50,     page     29,     line     4,     leave out from 'who' to end of line 6 and insert 'may hold judicial office or may be a solicitor or barrister or teacher of law at a university.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     50,     page     29,     line     13,     after 'representative', insert ', including in terms of gender and ethnicity,'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     51,     page     29,     line     27,     after 'State', insert 'and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister acting jointly'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     51,     page     29,     line     33,     after 'State', insert 'and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister acting jointly'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     51,     page     29,     line     36,     after 'State', insert 'and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister acting jointly'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     51,     page     30,     line     2,     after 'State', insert 'and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister acting jointly'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     51,     page     30,     line     4,     leave out subsection (b).


Lady Hermon


Clause     51,     page     30,     line     4,     leave out second 'and'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     51,     page     30,     line     5,     at end insert—

      '(cc) The Human Rights Commission for Northern Ireland, and

      (cd) The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     51,     page     30,     line     9,     leave out from beginning and insert—

      '(c) any other such law reform body in any jurisdiction that appears to the Commission appropriate with respent to a particular area of law.'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     53,     page     30,     line     31,     leave out subsection (1) and insert—

    '( )   The principal aim of the youth justice system in Northern Ireland is to prevent offending by children and to promote the child's reintergration and the child assuming a constructive role in society.

    ( )   Every child in contact with the law shall be treated in a manner consistent with the promotion of the child's sense of dignity and worth, reinforcing the child's respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others.'.


Patsy Calton
Lembit Öpik


Clause     53,     page     30,     line     32,     after 'children', insert 'having taken into account the best interests of the child as the paramount consideration, as identified in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; The United Nations Guidelines for the prevention of Juvenile delinquency; the United Nations Standard minimum for the Administration of Youth Justice and the United Nations Guidelines for the protection of juveniles deprived of their liberty.'.


Lady Hermon


Clause     53,     page     30,     line     32,     after 'children', insert 'and young persons'.


Mr Seamus Mallon


Clause     53,     page     30,     line     37,     leave out 'welfare' and insert 'best interests'.


Patsy Calton
Lembit Öpik


Clause     53,     page     30,     line     41,     at end insert—

    '(3A)   A Guardian ad Litem will be appointed for the child in all cases where custody is a possible outcome of Court proceedings.'.

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Prepared 7 Feb 2002