Amendments proposed to the Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     113     [Schedule     12],     leave out lines 16 to 18 and insert—

      '(c) a fine imposed, or an order made, under Article 41(2) or 44F(3) or (4) of the Criminal Justice (Children) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998 (NI 9);

      (ca) an order made under Article 44C(3)(a) or 54(3)(a) of that Order;'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     120,     line     36     [Schedule     12],     at end insert—

    '(2B)   Where the court imposes a fine on the offender under paragraph (2)(a)—

      (a) if he has not attained the age of 16, it shall order that the fine be paid by the parent or guardian of the child instead of by the child, unless it is satisfied that there is good reason for not so doing; and

      (b) if he has attained that age but has not attained the age of 18, it may so order.

    (2C)   A fine ordered under paragraph (2B) to be paid by a parent or guardian may be recovered from him by distress, or he may be imprisoned in default of payment, in like manner as if the order had been made on the conviction of the parent or guardian of the offence for which the juvenile justice centre order was made.

    (2D)   A parent or guardian may appeal to a county court against an order under paragraph (2B).".'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     123,     line     12     [Schedule     13],     leave out '75(1) and (3)' and insert '75(3)'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     123,     line     33     [Schedule     13],     at end insert 'section 21(2) of the Treatment of Offenders Act (Northern Ireland) 1968,'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     123,     line     41     [Schedule     13],     at end insert—

'Interpretation Act 1978 (c. 30)In Schedule 1, in the definition of "committed for trial", in paragraph (b), the words ", justice of the peace".'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     124,     line     15     [Schedule     13],     leave out ', in sub-paragraph'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     124,     line     17     [Schedule     13],     leave out from '(3),"' to end of line 20.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     124,     line     47     [Schedule     13],     at end insert—

'Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (S.I. 1991/762 (N.I. 7))In Article 8(5), paragraph (b) and the word "and" before it.'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     126,     line     11     [Schedule     13],     at end insert—

'Criminal Evidence (Northern Ireland) Order 1999 (S.I. 1999/2789 (N.I. 8))In Article 2(2), in the definition of "judge", the words "or justice of the peace".'.

Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     126,     line     18     [Schedule     13],     at end insert—

'In section 89(3), the words "10(4) or".'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     70,     line     13     [Clause     89],     after 'section' insert '11(2B),'.


Mr Secretary Reid


*Page     70     [Clause     90],     leave out line 25.

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Prepared 28 Feb 2002