House of Commons portcullis
House of Commons
Session 2001-02
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(Formed by the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, MP, June 2001)

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service—The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, MP
Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. John Prescott, MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer—The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, MP
President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons—The Rt. Hon. Robin Cook, MP
Lord Chancellor—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Irvine of Lairg
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs—The Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Department—The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, MP
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs—The Rt. Hon. Margaret Beckett, MP
Secretary of State for International Development—The Rt. Hon. Clare Short, MP
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions—The Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling, MP
Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions—The Rt. Hon. Stephen Byers, MP
Secretary of State for Health—The Rt. Hon. Alan Milburn, MP
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland—The Rt. Hon. Dr. John Reid, MP
Secretary of State for Wales—The Rt. Hon. Paul Murphy, MP
Secretary of State for Defence—The Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Hoon, MP
Chief Secretary to the Treasury—The Rt. Hon. Andrew Smith, MP
Secretary of State for Scotland—The Rt. Hon. Helen Liddell, MP
Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Williams of Mostyn, QC
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry—The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt, MP
Secretary of State for Education and Skills—The Rt. Hon. Estelle Morris, MP
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport—The Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell, MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury—The Rt. Hon. Hilary Armstrong, MP
Minister without Portfolio—Charles Clarke, Esq, MP


Cabinet Office
    Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Macdonald of Tradeston
    Ministers of State
        Mrs. Barbara Roche, MP
        The Baroness Morgan
    Parliamentary Secretary—Christopher Leslie, Esq, MP

Culture, Media and Sport
    Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport—The Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell, MP
    Ministers of State
        The Rt. Hon. Richard Caborn, MP (Minister for Sport)
        The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Blackstone (Minister for the Arts)
    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State
        Dr. Kim Howells, MP

    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Hoon, MP
    Minister of State
        The Rt. Hon. Adam Ingram, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        The Lord Bach
        Dr. Lewis Moonie, MP

Education and Skills
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Estelle Morris, MP
    Ministers of State

        Minister for Schools—Stephen Timms, Esq, MP
        Minister for Universities—Ms Margaret Hodge, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        The Baroness Ashton of Upholland
        Ivan Lewis, Esq, MP
        John Healey, Esq, MP

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Margaret Beckett, MP
    Ministers of State
        Minister for the Environment—The Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher, MP
        Minister for Rural Affairs—The Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        Elliot Morley, Esq, MP
        The Lord Whitty

Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
    Secretary of State— The Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, MP
    Ministers of State

        Minister for Trade—The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean

        Minister for Europe—Peter Hain, Esq, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        Ben Bradshaw, Esq, MP
        The Baroness Amos
        Denis MacShane, Esq, MP

    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Alan Milburn, MP
    Ministers of State
         John Hutton, Esq, MP
        Jacqui Smith, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        The Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
        Ms Hazel Blears, MP
        Yvette Cooper, MP
Home Office
    Secretary of State— The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, MP
    Ministers of State
        Minister for Police, Courts and Drugs—The Rt. Hon. John Denham, MP
        Minister for Prisons—The Rt. Hon. Keith Bradley, MP
        Minister for Asylum and Immigration—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Rooker
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        Ms Beverley Hughes, MP
        Bob Ainsworth, Esq, MP
        Angela Eagle, MP

International Development
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Clare Short, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State—Hilary Benn, Esq, MP

Law Officers' Department
    Attorney-General—The Lord Goldsmith, QC
    Solicitor-General—The Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman, MP
    Advocate-General for Scotland—Dr. Lynda Clark, QC, MP

Lord Chancellor's Department
    Lord Chancellor—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Irvine of Lairg, QC
    Parliamentary Secretaries
        The Baroness Scotland of Asthal, QC
        Michael Wills, Esq, MP
        Ms Rosie Winterton, MP

Northern Ireland Office
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Dr. John Reid, MP
    Minister of State—Jane Kennedy, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State
        Desmond Browne, Esq, MP

Paymaster General's Office
    Paymaster General—Dawn Primarolo, MP

Privy Council Office
    President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons—The Rt. Hon. Robin Cook, MP
    Parliamentary Secretary—Stephen Twigg, Esq, MP

Scotland Office
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Helen Liddell, MP
    Minister of State—George Foulkes, Esq, MP

Trade and Industry
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt, MP
    Ministers of State
        Minister for E-Commerce and Competitiveness—Douglas Alexander, Esq, MP
        Minister for Trade—The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean
        Minister for Industry and Energy—Brian Wilson, Esq, MP
        Minister for Employment and the Regions—Alan Johnson, Esq, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        The Lord Sainsbury of Turville
        Miss Melanie Johnson, MP
        Nigel Griffiths, Esq, MP

Transport, Local Government and the Regions
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Stephen Byers, MP
    Ministers of State
        Minister for Transport—John Spellar, Esq, MP
        Minister for Local Government—The Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford, MP
        Minister for Housing and Planning—The Lord Falconer of Thoroton, QC
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        David Jamieson, Esq, MP
        Ms Sally Keeble, MP
        Dr. Alan Whitehead, MP

    Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service—The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, MP
    Chancellor of the Exchequer—The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, MP
    Chief Secretary—The Rt. Hon. Andrew Smith, MP
    Paymaster General—Dawn Primarolo, MP
    Financial Secretary—The Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng, MP
    Economic Secretary—Ms Ruth Kelly, MP
    Parliamentary Secretary—The Rt. Hon. Hilary Armstrong, MP
    Lords Commissioners
        Mrs. Anne McGuire, MP
        John Heppell, Esq, MP
        Tony McNulty, Esq, MP
        Nick Ainger, Esq, MP
        Graham Stringer, Esq, MP
    Assistant Whips
        Ian Pearson, Esq, MP
        Fraser Kemp, Esq, MP
        Angela Smith, MP
        Ivor Caplin, Esq, MP
        Jim Fitzpatrick, Esq, MP
        Phil Woolas, Esq, MP
        Dan Norris, MP

Wales Office
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Paul Murphy, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State—Don Touhig, Esq, MP

Work and Pensions
    Secretary of State—The Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling, MP
    Ministers of State
        Minister for Work—The Rt. Hon. Nicholas Brown, MP
        Minister for Pensions—The Rt. Hon. Ian McCartney, MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State
        The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Hollis of Heigham
        Malcolm Wicks, Esq, MP
        Maria Eagle, MP

Her Majesty's Household
    Lord Chamberlain—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Luce, GCVO
    Lord Steward—The Duke of Abercorn, KG
    Master of the Horse—The Lord Vestey
    Treasurer—Keith Hill, Esq, MP
    Comptroller—Thomas McAvoy, Esq, MP
    Vice-Chamberlain—Gerry Sutcliffe, Esq, MP
    Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at- Arms—The Rt. Hon. The Lord Carter
    Captain of the Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard—The Lord McIntosh of Haringey
    Lords in Waiting—The Lord Davies of Oldham, The Lord Grocott, The Lord Filkin, The Lord Bassam of Brighton
    Baroness in Waiting—The Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton

    Second Church Estates Commissioner, Representing Church Commissioners—Stuart Bell, Esq, MP

House of Commons portcullis


The Speaker—The Rt. Hon. Michael J. Martin, MP
Chairman of Ways and Means—The Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst, MP
First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means—Mrs. Sylvia Heal, MP
Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means—Sir Michael Lord, MP
Chairmen's Panel

House of Commons Commission— The Rt. Hon. The Speaker (Chairman), The Rt. Hon. Robin Cook, MP, Mrs. Angela Browning, MP, Archy Kirkwood, Esq, MP, Stuart Bell, Esq, MP, The Rt. Hon. Eric Forth, MP
Secretary of the Commission—M. R. Jack, PhD
Audit Committee— Mrs. Angela Browning, MP (Chairman), Archy Kirkwood, Esq, MP, Sir William McKay, KCB (Chief Executive), A. J. Walker (Director of Finance and Administration), Sir Thomas S. Legg, KCB, QC
Secretary of the Audit Committee—Mrs. S. A. R. Davies
Board of Management— Sir William McKay, KCB (Chief Executive), G. Cubie (Clerk of Committees, Department of the Clerk of the House), M. J. A. Cummins (Serjeant at Arms), Miss P. J. Baines (Librarian), A. J. Walker (Director of Finance and Administration), I. D. Church (Editor of the Official Report), Mrs. S. J. Harrison (Director of Catering Services)
Secretary of the Board of Management—R. J. Ware, DPhil
Speaker's Secretary—Sir Nicolas Bevan, CB
Assistant Secretary to the Speaker—P. F. Barratt
Trainbearer—P. L. Warwick, MBE
Diary Secretary—Miss C. Every
Office Manager—R. P. Edwards
Speaker's Counsel—J. E. G. Vaux
Speaker's Chaplain—Rev. Canon A. R. Wright
Medical Adviser to the Speaker—Dr. R. Zeegen, OBE, FRCP, MRCS, DObst, RCOG

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards—Elizabeth Filkin

Secretary to The Chairman of Ways and Means—M. Hennessy

Head of office—R. J. Ware, DPhil
Private secretary to the Clerk of the House—Mrs. S. A. R. Davies
Communications adviser—Ms L. Parratt
Office manager—A. Jenner

Clerk of the House of Commons—Sir William McKay, KCB
Clerk Assistant—R. B. Sands
Clerk of Committees—G. Cubie
Clerk of Legislation—D. G. Millar
Principal Clerks
        A. J. Hastings, CB (Journal Office)
        M. R. Jack, PhD (Domestic Committees)
        Ms H. E. Irwin (Table Office)
        R. W. G. Wilson (Overseas Office)
        W. A. Proctor (Delegated Legislation)
        Mrs. J. Sharpe (Select Committees)
        F. A. Cranmer (Bills)
        R. J. Rogers (Select Committees)
        D. L. Natzler (Select Committees)
Deputy Principal Clerks—Ms A. Barry, C. R. M. Ward, PhD, D. W. N. Doig, A. Sandall, A. R. Kennon, L. C. Laurence Smyth, S. J. Patrick, D. J. Gerhold, C. J. Poyser, D. F. Harrison, S. J. Priestley, A. H. Doherty, P. A. Evans, R. I. S. Phillips, R. G. James, PhD, Ms P. A. Helme, D. R. Lloyd, J. S. Benger, DPhil, N. P. Walker, M. D. Hamlyn, Mrs. E. J. Flood, P. C. Seaward, DPhil, A. Y. A. Azad, C. G. Lee, C. D. Stanton, Ms L. M. Gardner, F. J. Reid, C. A. Shaw, P. G. Moon, P. J. Aylett (acting)
Senior Clerks—K. J. Brown, OBE, M. Hennessy, G. R. Devine, M. Clark, Mrs. J. N. St. J. Mulley, T. W. P. Healey, J. D. Whatley, K. C. Fox, J. D. W. Rhys, Miss E. S. Payne, Ms S. McGlashan, Mrs. C. Oxborough, T. Goldsmith, H. A. Yardley, Ms K. M. Emms, N. P. Wright, Ms J. S. Eldred (acting), S. T. Fiander (acting), D. H. Griffiths (acting), Ms R. Melling, CBE (acting), M. P. Hillyard (acting), A. M. Kidner (acting), D. Lees (acting)
Assistant Clerks—M. P. Atkins, M. Egan, Ms J. M. Hughes, S. Mark, Ms C. A. Littleboy, R. C. A. Cooke, G. F. J. Farrar, Miss T. S. Garratty, Miss S. F. Ioannou, G. K. Clarke
Inward Visits Manager—Miss R. J. Challis
Senior Executive Officers—S. D. Barrett, Miss S. J. Fox, J. H. Davies
Personnel and Establishments Officer—Mrs. S. D. Pamphlett
Committee Specialists—Ms S. E. O'Leary, K. Lee, Ms K. R. Smith, R. Rees, D. Taylor, J. R. Lepper, Ms J. Gleig, Ms J. Allbeson, W. Benson, T. J. B. Jarrett, E. Lewis, R. Kelly, Ms E. Downing, C. Carrington, Dr. A. Collis Higher Executive Officers—L. L. Kaye, A. P. Hubner, Mrs. P. Fisher, F. McShane, Miss F. L. Allingham, Mrs. L. M. Nugent, M. P. Oxborough, Ms C. M. Genis, A. Catinella, Ms A. Fuki, Mrs. D. B. Nelson, Mrs. N. Mulloy, Ms E. C. G. Partridge, Miss J. Appleton, P. A. Derrett, Miss K. McClelland, Ms T. Herd, R. Dawson, I. R. Thomson
Departmental Training and Support Officer— Ms S. P. Chubb
Editorial Supervisor of The Vote—B. Tidball, OBE
Deputy Editorial Supervisor of The Vote—Miss L. Lewis
Assistant Editorial Supervisors of The Vote—J. Puricelli, K. B. Wood, P. D. Howlett, Mrs. L. R. Shade, P. A. Jack, P. Sullivan, D. Mahoney, Mrs. B. Ward
Secretaries—Mrs. G. E. C. Sclater, MBE (Clerk of the House), Mrs. D. Gent (seconded to the Speaker's Office), Miss A. T. Power, Mrs. K. J. Georgiou, Miss L. Young, Mrs. H. Agnew, Mrs. B. M. Hunter, Ms A. M. Allen, Ms S. Marshall, Mrs. K. Watling, Mrs. J. Shaw, Miss M. Owens, Mrs. S. Bertasius, Mrs. A. Williams, Miss S. D. Wakeling, Mrs. A. J. Waller, Miss E. Booth, Miss J. Storey, Miss J. A. Crowder, Miss L. Hasall, Ms. L. Pelletier, Miss L. Sargent, Mrs. M. J. Barklem, Mrs. K. Bishop, Mrs. J. Kalogerides, Miss A. J. Pankhurst, Mrs. J. M. Cooper, Miss R. M. Jefferson, Miss S. V. Ramsay, Mrs. P. R. Morris, Mrs. L. Wrobel, Mrs. S. Morrison, Miss L. Young, Dr. D. Kay, Miss A. Richards, Miss A. C. Woolhouse, Miss J. Lauder, Miss F. Mearns, Mrs. A. Browning, Mrs. Y. Platt, Ms C. Halls, Mrs. J. Cowan, Miss J. Kelly, Ms S. V. Panchanathan, Miss R. M. Macdonald
Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills—F. A. Cranmer, Dr. F. P. Tudor
Taxing Officer—F. A. Cranmer
Office Manager—S. A. Haher
Deputy Office Manager—R. A. Broomfield
Assistant Office Manager—Miss G. Foster
Chief Office Clerks—J. A. Hole, Ms A-M. Douglas, I. Blair, B. Dye, Miss P. Wainwright, R. J. Bartram, Miss J. Recardo, Miss S. Monaghan, Miss N. Welfoot, D. J. Hackett, Miss C. M. Wilson
Senior Office Clerks—S. M. Cruickshank, Miss R. C. Mead, Miss A. Ferreira, Miss K. Phelan, Mrs. D. Brown, Ms J. Hunter, Mrs. S. Colebrook, Mrs. S. Niven, P. J. Lyon, A. Mahoney, A. Mitchell
Office Support Assistants—R. C. Sharp, C. T. Richards, T. Barton, G. Payne, K. Pryke, R. Lloyd, J. Kittle, B. Greene
Legal Services Office
Speaker's Counsel and Head of Legal Services Office—J. E. G. Vaux
Counsel for legislation—A. Preston
Counsel for European Legislation—M. Carpenter
Assistant Counsel—A. Akbar, P. Brooksbank
assistant Legal Adviser—Ms K. Alagbala
General Legal Assistant—Ms V. Daly
Vote Office
Deliverer of The Vote—J. F. Collins
Deputy Deliverers of The Vote—F. W. Hallett (Production), O. B. T. Sweeney (Parliamentary), A. Powell (Development)
Assistant Deliverers—B. G. Underwood (Parliamentary), Ms J. Pitt (Production), Ms K. M. Barker (Administration)
Bookshop Manager—Mrs. S. Mitchell
IS/IT Manager—G. C. Peek
Webmaster—R. King
IT Field engineer—Miss H. G. van Schijndel
Print Managers—C. P. Williams, T. J. Green
Superintending Clerks—Mrs. S. Fuzio, A. J. Ashton
Chief Office Clerks—G. E. Howard, P. Hannett, J. Harrington, M. D. Cook, Mrs. V. Makhecha, P. Smith, Miss B. Wilson, J. E. Carroll, N. G. Battley
Senior Office Clerks— I. H. Bright, R. Cao, Miss J. Flint, M. D. Loveday, S. Campbell, Mrs. F. Ahmed, D. Langton, A. Boyd, N. Lawrence, P. Moran, D. Martin, K. Gardner, N. Monk, M. Reddy, P. Murphy
Bookshop Sales Advisers— Miss C. Leach, Ms E. Bradshaw
Porters—S. Connor, P. Best, D. O'Connell

Parliamentary Broadcasting
        Supervisor—Ms B. E. Long
        Technicians (Parliamentary Recording Unit)—D. Loader, Miss C. Bebbington
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
        Director—Prof. D. Cope
        Scientific Fellows—Dr. P. Border, G. Kass, Dr. S. Pearce
        Secretary—Miss J. Farrell
Serjeant at Arms—M. J. A. Cummins
Finance Manager—P. Collins
Executive Officer—Mrs. J. Pay
Personal Assistant—Miss V. Green

Serjeant's Operations Directorate
Deputy Serjeant at Arms—R. M. Morton
Personal Assistant and Office Manager—Miss M. Healey
Assistant Serjeants at Arms—P. A. J. Wright, J. M. Robertson, M. C. D. Harvey
Clerk in Charge and Accommodation Co-ordinator—Miss S. J. Scott Thomson
Admission Order Office—Mrs. S. J. Warren
Principal Doorkeeper—T. D. Dann
Head Office Keeper—B. Mulvihill (acting)
Pass Office Manager—M. Coombs

Parliamentary Estates Directorate
Director of Estates—H. Webber, CEng, FICE
Project Sponsor—A. Makepeace
Fire Safety Manager—R. Bentley, MIFireE
Head of Secretariat—M. Trott

Parliamentary Works Services Directorate
Director of Parliamentary Works Services— L. Brantingham, CEng, MICE, FCIArb
Deputy Director , Contracts and Procurement—I. Carr
Manager, Building Project Branch—J. Stone, FRICS
Principal Engineer—C. Hillier, JP, CEng, FIMechE, MIEE
Works Manager—L. Benjamin, BEng(Hons), CEng, MCIBS
Furnishing Manager—G. Goode

Parliamentary Communications Directorate
Director of Communications
Acting Director of Communications—M. Taylor
Programme Manager— Dr. G. Williams
Information Systems Manager—Mrs. J. Carthew

General Services—
Shorthand Writer to the House—Mrs. P. J. Woolgar
Head of Security—Chief Superintendent G. Roylance
Postmaster—L. Ward
Librarian—Miss P. J. Baines, B. Litt
        Directors—K. G. Cuninghame (Human Resources), Mrs. J. M. Wainwright, OBE, FIInfSc (Library Resources), R. C. Clements (Research Services), Miss B. McInnes (Information Systems), R. J. Twigger (Parliamentary and Reference Services)
        Heads of Section—C. C. Pond, PhD, Mrs. C. B. Andrews, Mrs. J. M. Lourie, C. R. Barclay, Mrs. C. M. Gillie, Mrs. G. L. Allen, R. J. Cracknell, Cstat, E. H. Wood, P. Richards, PhD
        Senior Clerks—Ms F. Poole, T. N Edmonds, D. J. Gore, PhD, Miss O. M. Gay, Miss M. Baber, Ms A. Walker, Mrs. H. V. Holden, Mrs. P. L. Carling, S. A. Wise, Mrs. K. Greener, Ms P. Strickland, Miss V. A. Miller, Ms J. Roll, Ms W. T. Wilson, P. Bowers, PhD, A. C. Seeley, Mrs. J. K. Hough, G. Danby, PhD, B. C. Morgan, Miss L. A. Conway, C. Blair, PhD, G. Vidler, C. M. Sear, Ms F. Whittle, K. N. H. Parry, A. M Sleator, PhD, Mrs. B. Brevitt, T. Jarvis, M. Oakes (period), Mrs. G. Garton Grimwood (period), Ms M. Jackson Roberts (period), Ms S. Broadbridge (period)
        Assistant Clerks—T. P. Youngs, S. McGinness, PhD, P. Bolton, G. Allen, G. Berman, E. Ares, PhD, D. Webb, A. Mellows-Facer
        Senior Executive Officers—Mrs. I. White, Miss C. M. Owens, P. Ryan
        Senior Library Executives—Miss C. E. Fretten, J. A. Prince, ALA, Mrs. D. W. Clark, ALA, Mrs. J. Keddie, Ms G. Griffin, Miss K. Fitch (acting)
        Education Officer—Mrs. C. Weeds
        Deputy Education Officer—Miss N. Harland
        Education Officer (portcullis house)— Ms R. Clarey
        Assistant Education officer (portcullis house)—Mrs. C. C. O'Connor
        Higher Library Executives—Ms H. Armstrong, ALA, Mrs. E. H. Riley, ALA, R. Freebury, Mrs. F. M. Ward, Miss J. Hall, Mrs. G. C. Brown, A. D. Parker, J. P. Brevitt, Mrs. J. Priestley, Miss C. M. R. Chambers, G. G. Newell, Ms E. Armstrong, Miss C. Piper, P. Ward, PhD, Ms F. Green, Ms D. Thomas, Ms L. McGuire, Mrs. A. J. Rushbrook, Ms G. Wallace, Miss N. M. Sutherland (acting)
        Higher executive officers—E. L. V. MacGregor, T. Holmes, A. J. Fuller, D. Brown, P. R. Mann, Mrs. B. Onyskiw, Ms A Gual, Ms J. Davies, Ms S. Hayward, Ms J. Laker, Miss S. Pepin
        Library executives—Mrs. J. M. Smith, F. Codd, J. Woodhouse, M. Davies, Mrs. P. Turley, J. Rowe, Ms C. Williams, Ms L. Clays, Ms C. Davies, Ms S. Brown, Ms J. Wilson, M. Michell, Ms E. Bainbridge, N. Macarthur (temp)
        Executive Officers—Ms A. J. H. Mara, Miss S. Holland, M. Greenhill, Ms J. Fessey, Miss C. M. Blair, ALA, G. Howard, A. Clark, Ms M. Moulton, Mrs. K. Burcher, Mrs. P. M. Burnett, Miss S. K. Priddy, Miss A. Penman, Ms G. Tyler, N. Jolly, A. Adcock, Miss G. M. C. Hughes, Miss C. Bruce, Miss A. O'Rourke, Miss C. Jenkins, S. Howe, Mrs. C. Randall, I. Hook, N. Johnston, E. Murphy, A. Lindsay, M. Eagleton, Ms A. Creevy, Ms R. Maman, D. Tewsley, Ms J. Ahrens
        Senior Office Clerks—Miss T. Thomas, P. Alford, S. Hammett, Miss L. Clay, S. Paston, M. Stewart, Miss E. Marah, J. Garber, Ms J. Page, Miss J. Baker, Ms S. Price, Miss S. Haigh, N. Walker, Ms R. Winstone, E Tetteh, T. Godfrey, T. Robinson, T. Powell, G. Calder, C. Richardson, Miss A-M. Haddon, Ms E. Sawyer, D. Ballard, R. Poureshagh, Mrs. K. Gleeson, D. Marden, J. Evans, D. O'Nions, R. Woodward, S. Wilde, Ms L. Jutsum, P. McGuigan, Miss C. Field, Ms E. Hunka, Ms H-L. Nielsen, Ms A-M. Kirk, A. Dommett, H. Davies (temp)
        Office Assistants—Miss S. A. L. Boyd-Moss, Miss B. Woods, Mrs. K. Masterton, Miss S. Ferguson
        Personal Secretaries Grade 2—Mrs. L. Wheatley, Miss S. Holt, Mrs. J. Page, Mrs. L. Mirams, Miss J. Laney, Mrs. K. Rose
        Personal Secretaries Grade 3—Mrs. D. Sullivan, Mrs. M. E. Walsh, Mrs. L. Reed, Mrs. L. Baxter, Mrs. J. Gouge, Mrs. E. Hasell, Mrs. S. Jennings, Ms A. Vince, Mrs. H. Mummery, Mrs. J. Cook
        Senior Library Assistants—J. O'Hagan, D. Usher, S. Haver, D. Wright, J. Brunger
        Library Assistants—K. Sargeant, B. Bucksey, T. Wheeler, J. Coster, K. Murray, R. Ashburn, R. Etherington
        Head Library Cleaner—Mrs. C. Daley
Director's Office Director of Finance and Administration—Andrew Walker
        Director's Assistant —Michael Page
        Personal Assistant —Paul Olden
        Policy Adviser (Members' Allowances) —Heather Wood
        Departmental Training Officer and Assistant DEO—Jane O'Mahoney
        Communications and Training Co- ordinators—Julia Fogden, Emma Pullen
        Head of Special Resources Team and Departmental Finance Officer—Kym Bigwood
        Project Managers—Debbie McGuire, Jane Cleveland
        Higher Executive Officer—Elizabeth Seabrook
        Executive Officer—Tracey West
        Senior Office Clerks—Anne Foster, Elizabeth Asiwaju
        Resources Manager—Stephen Furber
        Resources Officer—Brian Palmer
        Resources Assistants—David Hankard, Nick Kenyon, Ravi Abhayayatne
Fees Office
        Director of Operations—Archie Cameron
        Personal Assistant—Yvonne Carson
        Assistant Directors of Operations—Gill Crowther, Colin Cornish
        Members' Pay, Allowances and Pensions Policy—Mike Fletcher
        Head of Personnel, Pensions and Payroll—Neil Crawley
        Operations Development Manager—Guy Turner
        Operations Support Manager—Georgie Jessiman
        Payments Manager—David Allen
        Senior Payments Officers—Dan Gorman, Alan Rowlands, Liz Johnson
        Payment Officers—Samuel Carr-Hill, Andy Gibson, Bernadette Reilly
        Assistant Payments Officer—Alan Brooks

        Payroll Manager—Caroline Stockton
        Senior Payroll Officers—Bhavna Parekh, Nikki Carman
        Payroll Officers—Jim Hudson, Ronald Bates, Emma Kearney, Antonia Garroway, Malcolm Robb
        Secretarial Pensions Officer—Julia Nellis
        Secretarial Pensions Assistant—Jonathan Esseku
        Personnel Office Managers—Tara West, Jane Grieveson
        Personnel Officers—Irene Brydon, Denise Eltringham, Lucy Hallam, Sandra Deakins
        Assistant Personnel Officers—Julie Diamond, Madelene Etherington
        Personnel Assistant— Joanne Jackson
        Sandwich Student—Abigail Cline
        Pensions Unit Manager—Lucy Watson
        Database Manager—Brian McAleer
        Senior Pensions Officers—Dermot Woods, Francene Graham
        Pensions Officers—Ginette Wallis, Paul Martin
        Pensions Assistant—Louise Glennon
        Payroll Manager— Kim Cook
        Senior Payroll Officer—David Yoxall
        Payroll Officers—Perry French, Patricia Welch
        Payments Manager—Teressa Ruewell
        Senior Accounts Officers—Carol Prestidge, Alan Storie
        Processing Officers—Mandy Kelly, Andrew Folami, Ros Bolt, Ameet Chudasama
        Processing Manager—Andy Martin
        Senior Payments Officers —Paula Mills, Jo Lush
        Payments Officers —Elizabeth Mitchell, David Phipps, Ramila Jeeawon, Mike De Tisi
        Bookstall Salesperson—Freda Bates
Personnel Policy Directorate
        Director of Personnel Policy—Susan Craig
        Head of Human Resource Strategy
        Personal Assistant—Michelle Garratty
        Personnel Policy Adviser—Andy Vallins
         Departmental Data Protection Co- ordinator—Andrew Wallis
        Pay and Communications—Jane Leverton
        Higher Executive Officer—Tom White
        Executive Officer—Nigel Sequeria
        Trade Union Side Administrator—Josephine Newell
        Editor of Staff News—Deryc Sands
Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Services
        Head of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Service—Janice Tofts
        Occupational Health Manager—Elizabeth Marsden
        Health and Safety Adviser
        Welfare Officers—Anne Mossop, Anne Kidd
        Nursing Sister—Florecita Philbert
        Office Manager—Charmaine McGusty
Finance Policy Directorate
        Director of Finance Policy—Michael Barram
        Personal Assistant—Barbara Pollitt
        Management Accountant—Peter Lamb
        Assistant Management Accountant
        Management Accounts Officer—Pat Dawson
        Management Accounts Assistants—Tim Balogun, Seaka Parker
        Head of Manpower Planning
        MDIS Database Officer—Angela Gladwin
        MDIS Support Officer—Karen Baptiste
        Financial Accountant—Norma Norman
        Systems Accountant—Sarah Doyle
        Asset Register Manager—Samir Rao
        Accruals Officer
        Assistant Financial Accountant
        Accounts Manager—David Laryea
        Control Officer —Nicki Price
        Bureau Services Officer —Elaine Lavery
        Bureau Services Clerk—Ben Seaden
        Procurement Policy and Advice —Sue Cunningham
Information Systems Service
        Head of ISS—Peter Skerratt
        Development Manager—Viv Browne
        IS Support Manager—Laura Leeming
        Intranet Development—Maurice Briggs
        Technical Support Officers—Gavin Murphy, James Yankah-Ashun
        Helpdesk Officer—Rajinda Dusila
Internal Review Services Directorate
        Director of Internal Review Services—Richard Russell
        Review Manager—Bob Castle
        Principal Auditor—Diane Hill
        Senior Auditor—Simon Little
        Auditor—Rachel Smith
        Review Assistant—Susan Silvester
        Administrative Support Officer
Editor—I. D. Church
Deputy Editor (House)—W. G. Garland
Deputy Editor (Personnel, Finance and Administration)—Ms L. Sutherland
Deputy Editor (Committees)—Catherine Fogarty
Principal Assistant Editors—Vivian Widgery, Kate Stewart, P. Hadlow, M. Watson, Miss C. Hanly, Mrs. Annie Browne, D. A. Jones, A. Newton Assistant Editor—V. Grainger
Committee Sub-Editors—D. Crosswell, Mrs. H. J. G. Natzler, Mrs. A. Street, Mrs. E. J. Gregory, Miss K. Myers, Ms J. Warrington, Mrs. J. Symons, Mrs. J. L. Davies, Miss J. Goodman, Miss J. Levy, Ms V. P. Wilson, Ms M. Wright, J. Prawer, Ms V. Hart, D. Weir, K. Gall, F. A. Minichiello
Reporters—Miss E. Morris, Miss P. Hill, M. Lowes, Ms S. M. Weinberg, P. Kirby, Miss E. Brazier, R. Wildman, Ms E. Harrison, R. Gunby, Ms L. Linchis, Ms B. E. Jones, D. W. Hampton, Ms P. Dadley, Ms. A. Dodd, J. Homer, Ms J. Wheway
Senior Committee Reporters—Miss J. Beck, Miss F. Stevenson, Miss P. P. A. Simpson, M. Newman
Committee Reporters—Ms. L. H. Sinclair, P. K. Underhill, Katie Trickey, Miss C. M. L. Spencer, Ms K. Moss, R. Hallas, Ms S. Michell, J. Hoare, B. Geall, Ms F. J. Reardon, G. S. J. Wigmore, J. F. O'Donoghue, Miss E. Beattie, T. Baker, N. Beech, Sue Delaney, Jez Oates, Sharon Wilkinson, Judi Sheffrin, Alison Fincken, Angus Andrews, Robert I. Littlejohn, Helen M. Curl
Trainee Committee Reporters—Alison Game, Ms Joanna Lipkowska, A. Mackenzie, Clare Treanor
Training Manager—Vivian Widgery
Health and Safety Manager—Mrs. M. Garland
Head of administration—S. O'Riordan
Senior Hansard Administrators—J. Brake, B. Harrison
Hansard Administrators—B. J. Hudson, Miss C. Hudson, M. Woolfenden, Miss S. Seal
Senior Hansard Administrative Assistants— Miss J. Hoare, Mrs. M. Ferreira
Hansard Administrative Assistant—P. Younger
Head of IT—R. A. Hill
IT Managers—R. Daniels, C. Bumstead, A. Vyas, M. Rodrigues, D. Raymond
Junior Programming Analysts—P. Oakley, S. Armstrong
Word Processing Assistants—Ms W. Agnew, Ms D. Cairns
Written Answers Manager—K. E. Candy
Deputy— Mrs. G. A. Leslie
Written Answers Operators—Ms R. Hanif, Mrs. P. A. McGandy , Miss D. J. Royle, Mrs. M. T. Valente, Ms S. Dryden, Miss L. Rostron, Ms S. Alexander
Personal Secretaries—Mrs. B. Donne, Mrs. C. Rowlands
Annunciator Superintendent—A. Wilkinson
Annunciator Operators— J. A. Griffin, R. Quirk
Director of Catering Services—Mrs. S. J. Harrison, MHCIMA
Finance and Administration Manager—Mrs. J. A. Rissen
Executive Chef—D. M. Dorricott
Food and Beverage Operations Manager—R. J. Gibbs
Senior Assistant Food and Beverage Manager—Miss H. Giles
Assistant Food and Beverage Manager—M. Kemp
Catering Manager, Members' Tea Room, Terrace and Press Cafeterias
Catering Manager, Bellamy's—M. Simons
Catering Manager, Portcullis House —P. Feakes
Catering Manager, Millbank— G. Holder
Assistant Banqueting Manager—Mrs. C. Gotthard
Banqueting Co-ordinator—Miss D. Elderfield
Training Facilitator—Mrs. P. Macaulay-Fraser
Catering and Operations manager —Miss D. Herd
Purchasing and Stores Manager—Mrs. S. McKinnon-Snell, MHCIMA
Purchasing and Stores Assistant
Assistant Purchasing Manager—J. Cutts
Systems Co-ordinator—J. Dunderdale
Assistant Financial Controller—Miss J. Stone
Accounts Office—Miss K. Hunt, W. Whitfield, Miss H. Perryer, Mrs. K. Lapidge, Mrs. M. Stephenson, Miss Karen Barnett, Ms H. Scott
Personal Assistant to the Director of Catering Services—Ms B. Woodiwiss
Personnel Manager —Johan van den Broek
Personnel Officer —Mrs. M-L. Arens
Personnel Assistant
Secretary—Miss L. Torry (Director's Office)
Head Chef—L. Colmer
Senior Sous Chef—N. Wort
Sous Chefs—J. MacNelis (Portcullis Kitchen), D. Jenner (Portcullis Cafeteria, 7 Millbank), T. Wiggins (7 Millbank), D. Bickford (Principal Cafeteria), S. Lancashire (Bellamy's), K. Bekri (Press)
Kitchen Co-ordinator
Head Waiters—J. Medeiros (Churchill Room), Miss C. Joyce (Strangers' Dining Room), J. Vidal (Members' Dining Room), J. Ferreira (Press Dining Room), R. Duarte, J. Bonello (Banqueting)
Cafeteria Supervisors—Miss A. Dunn (Terrace), Miss M. Barden (Members' Tea Room), Mrs. L. Broadfoot (Bellamy's), Miss D. Aimes (Press), Miss A. O'Neill (Portcullis House - Debate), Miss D. Durkin (Portcullis House - Adjournment), Mrs. K. Carr (Portcullis, Millbank), Mrs. C. Walsh (Terrace - Evening), Mrs. N. Delaney (Members' Tea Room - Evening), Miss J. Spriggs (Millbank Room)
Souvenir Kiosk Supervisor—J. Alba
Clerk of the Crown in Chancery—Sir Hayden Phillips, KCB
Comptroller and Auditor General—Sir John Bourn, KCB
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration—M. S. Buckley

20 June 2001

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Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 20th June 2001