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Government Offices for the Regions

Mr. Waterson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the (a) budgets and (b) administrative costs were for each of the Government offices for the Regions for each

12 Jul 2001 : Column: 642W

financial year since their establishment; and what their planned budgets and administrative costs are for the next two years. [1435]

Mrs. Roche: The Government offices for the English regions were established in 1994 and their work was originally overseen by the Government Office Management Board (GOMB). Following the Performance and Innovation Unit report, "Reaching Out", published in February 2000, the role of the Government Office Management Board passed to the Regional Co-ordination Unit (RCU).

The administrative running costs for each Government office and for RCU/GOMB for the period 1995–96 until 2000–01 are detailed in the table. The table also shows the administrative running cost allocations, including a very small allocation for capital expenditure, for the current financial year. Since 1 April this year, the RCU has managed a single running cost budget for itself and the nine Government offices. This funding is transferred from sponsor Government Departments to cover the running costs of the Government offices for the work that the latter undertake on behalf of sponsor Departments. As at 1 April this year the sponsor Departments were DETR (as was), DfEE (as was), DTI and MAFF (as was). From 1 April 2002, Home Office and DCMS are expected to become sponsor Departments.

The total indicative administrative running cost budget for the RCU and the Government offices for financial year 2002–03 is £98.63 million and £95.66 million for the 2003–04 financial year. There will be a resource planning exercise that will precede each of these financial years, and this will allocate these figures between individual Government offices and the RCU.

Programme budgets administered by the Government offices are the responsibility of the Secretaries of State for the relevant sponsor Departments.

Government office administrative running costs

£ million
North East8.8438.6878.6178.6198.3128.2229.01660.316
North West9.9849.8399.44313.69013.04913.39814.56283.965
Total NW/M14.73814.18913.64313.70213.04913.39814.56297.281
Yorkshire and Humberside9.0618.7658.4758.6848.8899.1849.96663.024
West Midlands10.43610.0409.7589.4749.3309.7949.69368.525
East Midlands7.1176.6176.4366.7546.9517.1777.72648.778
East England6.1236.1696.2716.2697.0057.3918.51447.742
South West7.5747.1416.8266.9857.7978.22710.06954.619
South East8.3318.4068.5458.5618.6598.9539.74861.203

(12) Allocations for 2001–02


GO-North West and GO-Merseyside merged during 1998–99

Energy Policy

Mrs. Brinton: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if the policy and innovation unit review of energy policy will examine the options for demand management. [1971]

The Prime Minister: I am replying to this question as it relates to matters for which I am responsible.

The role of demand side management and energy efficiency in reducing energy use in Great Britain will form a key part of the Energy Review, which will develop a strategy for achieving greater energy efficiency.

12 Jul 2001 : Column: 643W


Financial Services and Markets Act

Mrs. Lawrence: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer when he expects to bring into force the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. [3804]

Ruth Kelly: My predecessor announced in March that "N2", the date for commencing the main provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, would be no later than the end of November 2001. I can now confirm that, in lay terms, the new regime will come into effect at midnight on 30 November. For legal reasons, the date named in the Commencement Order will be 1 December. Naming this day will have the effect of commencing the main provisions of the Act from the beginning of that day, which complies with the timescale set by my predecessor.

So far, the Government have secured Parliament's approval for seven statutory instruments subject to affirmative resolution, and made a further 27 statutory instruments subject to the negative resolution procedure.

We will shortly be making other statutory instruments with a view to enabling the FSA Board to make further provisions of its rulebook at its Board Meeting on 19 July. The key provisions of the rulebook, of course, were made by the FSA at its Board Meeting on 21 June.

It particular, we expect shortly to make the statutory instrument that provides mechanisms by which firms having authority under old law to do financial services business will be "grandfathered" across into permissions to do equivalent business once FSMA commences. The FSA will then be responsible for letting individual firms know their grandfathered permissions.

From Monday 3 September, we will commence FSA powers to consider applications from financial services firms to modify their grandfathered permissions or the grant of new permissions. Monday 3 September will also

12 Jul 2001 : Column: 644W

be the date from which the Financial Services and Markets Tribunal will consider appeals on decisions taken by the FSA in respect of those applications.

By the summer recess, therefore, the task of implementing the Act will pass substantially to the financial services firms. They will need:

The date set for N2 ensures that the new regime for financial regulation starts after the close of business on the day, week and month, and should further assist financial services firms in making their adjustment.


Mr. Gibb: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the categories of information and statistics sought by the ONS from businesses and individuals by way of requests for information. [2512]

Ruth Kelly: The information requested falls within the responsibility of the National Statistician. I have asked him to reply.

Letter from Len Cook to Mr. Nick Gibb, dated 12 July 2001:

Source information sought by the Office for National Statistics

Title of sourceBusiness/ individual Frequency
Annual Business Inquiry (Distribution and Services)BusinessAnnually
Annual Business Inquiry (Production and Construction)-UKBusinessAnnually
Annual Survey of Financial Assets and LiabilitiesBusinessAnnually
Asset Finance Annual Income and Expenditure InquiryBusinessAnnually
Asset Finance Quarterly Balance Sheet and Transactions InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Building Societies InquiryBusinessMonthly and quarterly
Business Enterprise Research and Development Survey-UKBusinessAnnually
Central Government Net Cash Requirement-UKBusinessMonthly
Construction Inventories-UKBusinessQuarterly
Consumer Prices Collection-UKBusinessMonthly
Earnings of UK Insurance Brokers in overseas currenciesBusinessQuarterly
Exported Producer Price IndicesBusinessMonthly
Family Expenditure Survey-UKBusinessContinuously
Finance Houses and Consumer Credit Grantors (Outside the Monetary Sector) and Specialist Finance Leasing Companies and Partnerships Quarterly Inquiry into Capital ExpenditureBusinessQuarterly
Foreign Direct Investment InquiriesBusinessQuarterly
Fund Managers and certain other members of IMROBusinessAnnually
GB Cinema Exhibitors InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Government Research and Development Survey-UKBusinessAnnually
Gross Trading Surplus of Local Authority Trading Enterprises-UKBusinessQuarterly
Imported Producer Price IndicesBusinessMonthly
Index of Production-UKBusinessMonthly
Insurance Companies Balance Sheet Annual InquiryBusinessAnnually
Insurance Companies Income and Expenditure-Quarterly InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Insurance Companies Income and Expenditure Annual InquiryBusinessAnnual
Insurance Companies Transactions in Financial Assets InquiryBusinessQuarterly
International Trade in ServicesBusinessAnnually and Quarterly
International Transactions of the Film and Television IndustriesBusinessAnnually
Investment by other financial intermediariesBusinessQuarterly
Investment by UK Monetary Financial InstitutionBusinessQuarterly
Investment Trusts Annual Return of Liabilities and AssetsBusinessAnnual
Investment Trusts Quarterly Return of Transactions InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Local Authority net Cash Requirement-UKBusinessMonthly
Monthly Inquiries into the Distribution and Services SectorBusinessMonthly
Monthly Inquiry to Credit GrantorsBusinessMonthly
Monthly Sales Inquiries-UKBusinessMonthly
Monthly Short-term Turnover and Employment Survey-Production IndustriesBusinessMonthly
Motor Traders' Inventories-UKBusinessQuarterly
Motor Vehicle Production Inquiry-UKBusinessMonthly
Overseas Direct InvestmentBusinessAnnually and Quarterly
Pension Fund Annual Balance Sheet InquiryBusinessAnnually
Pension Fund Quarterly Income and Expenditure InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Pension Fund Quarterly Transactions InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Pension Funds Quarterly Income and Expenditure InquiryBusinessAnnually
Producer Price Indices-InquiriesBusinessMonthly
Production Inventories-UKBusinessQuarterly
PRODucts of the European COMmunity (PRODCOM INQUIRY)BusinessAnnually and Quarterly
Property Unit Trusts Annual Return of Liabilities and AssetsBusinessAnnual
Property Unit Trusts Quarterly Return of Transactions InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Public Corporations Net Cash Requirement-UKBusinessMonthly
Quarterly Capital Expenditure InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Credit Grantors InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Inquiries into the Distributive and Service Sector-GBBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Inquiry into Companies, GB Operating ProfitsBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Inventory (Stocks) InquiriesBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Short-term Turnover and Employment Survey-Service SectorBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Survey of Financial Assets and LiabilitiesBusinessQuarterly
Retail Sales Inquiry-GBBusinessMonthly
Retailers' Inventories-UKBusinessQuarterly
Securities Dealers Quarterly Income and Expenditure InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Securities Dealers Quarterly Return of Liabilities and Assets and of Transactions in SecuritiesBusinessQuarterly
Specialist Finance Leasing Companies and Partnerships Annual Income and Expenditure InquiryBusinessAnnually
Specialist Finance Leasing Companies and Partnerships Quarterly Balance SheetBusinessQuarterly
Unit Trusts Annual Return of Liabilities and AssetsBusinessAnnual
Unit Trusts Quarterly Return of Transactions InquiryBusinessQuarterly
Wholesalers' and Dealers' Stocks-UKBusinessQuarterly
Annual Employment Survey-Great BritainBusinessAnnually
Average Earnings Index-GBBusinessMonthly
Census of EmploymentBusinessBiennial
Centralised ReturnsBusinessMonthly and Quarterly
Labour Disputes StatisticsBusinessMonthly
Labour Force SurveyIndividualContinuously
New Earnings Survey-GBBusinessAnnual
New Earnings Survey Panel Dataset (NESPD)BusinessAnnually
Pay and Working Time-Collective Agreements for Manual StaffBusinessMonthly amendments
Workforce and Employee JobsBusinessQuarterly
Census of Population and Housing-United Kingdom 2001IndividualDecennially
General Household Survey-GBIndividualContinuously
International Passenger Survey-UKIndividualContinuously
Survey of Student AchievementIndividualTriennially
The ONS Omnibus Survey-GBIndividualMonthly
Expenditure and Food SurveyIndividualContinuously
Registration of Births-England and WalesIndividualContinuously
Registration of Births-England and WalesIndividualContinuously
Registration of Births-England and WalesIndividualContinuously
Inquiries Conducted on behalf of other Departments and Agencies
Family Resources SurveyIndividualContinuously
National Travel SurveyIndividualContinuously
Local LFSIndividualContinuously
Concrete Blocks-GBBusinessMonthly
Concrete Roofing Tiles-GBBusinessQuarterly
Quarterly Inquiry into Oil and Natural Gas-UKBusinessQuarterly
Retail Turnover Statistical InquiryBusinessBiennially

12 Jul 2001 : Column: 647W

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