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Nursing Care

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what estimate he has made of (a) the average length of time a nurse will need to spend per person when using the assessment tool for free nursing care and (b) the number of nurses required to complete the assessment by all self-funders by Christmas; [7481]

Jacqui Smith: [holding answer 15 October 2001]: The testing of the registered nursing care contribution (RNCC) tool has indicated that, on average, determinations take between 50 minutes and one hour to carry out.

By the end of this month, a total of 800 nurses in England will have undergone training in the use of the tool to enable the planned programme of determinations to be completed by the end of December.

The RNCC was developed with the input from a wide variety of organisations, nurses, as well as social services staff and the independent nursing home sector. National health service and independent sector nurses took part in its evaluation.

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) if part-funders in nursing homes will be assessed under the free nursing care guidance; when the assessments will commence; when they will be concluded; what levels of payment they will be entitled to; and if he will set out for each health authority how many part-funders there are; [7480]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 15 October 2001]: Those people who have, prior to 1 October 2001, paid a council towards the cost of their care by a registered nurse (part funders) will be classed as self funders from that date and treated identically. Those people entering nursing homes after 1 October 2001 who would previously have paid a small amount to the council in respect of their care by a registered nurse will no longer need to do so. All self funders currently in a nursing home should have had a determination of their need for the care of a registered nurse carried out by the end of December this year. The actual reductions in the level of payments experienced by this group will vary depending on the level of assessed need and how the council had previously assessed them. Information on the number of people in this group by health authority is not held centrally, but there are thought to be less than 10 per health authority on average in England.

18 Oct 2001 : Column: 1331W

Primary care trusts and health authorities have been asked to ensure that the contracts that they establish with nursing homes reflect the National Health Service contribution towards individuals' costs of nursing care and the expectation that this will result in a similar reduction in people's care home fees.

Mr. Drew: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on progress towards the payment of individuals eligible for free nursing help since the change in procedures. [8555]

Jacqui Smith: Primary care trusts and health authorities have begun the process of arranging payments to nursing homes in respect of residents who fund the full cost of their nursing care themselves from 1 October. Determinations of individual nursing need are being

18 Oct 2001 : Column: 1332W

carried out by National Health Service registered nurses now, a programme that should be completed by the end of December 2001.

Elderly In-patients

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list for each (a) NHS region and (b) health authority the number of elderly people aged 75 years or over for each quarter from Q1 1999–2000 to Q1 2001–02 for (i) ordinary admissions, (ii) day admissions and (iii) any other category or sub-category of admission for which statistics are collected. [7391]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 15 October 2001]:The table shows a count of ordinary admission and day case finished consultant episodes by health authority area of residence for patients aged 75 and over in each quarter for 1999–2000. Data for 2000–01 and 2001–02 are not yet published.

Finished consultant episodes: quarterly data by area of residence, ordinary admission/day case split, for patients aged over 75 NHS Hospitals

England 1999–2000
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Ordinary admissionDay caseOrdinary admissionDaycaseOrdinary admissionDay caseOrdinary admissionDay case
Northern & Yorkshire Regional
QDD Bradford HA4,0419463,8521,1544,3051,0444,2531,236
QDE County Durham HA4,9681,2785,0121,3665,4921,4236,1861,603
QDF East Riding HA5,5391,2985,6401,3175,7721,3616,0681,602
QDG Gateshead & South Tyneside HA3,5061,2073,6931,2414,2651,2024,3061,284
QDH Leeds HA7,5461,4207,5591,6008,3381,6048,4151,569
QDJ Newcastle & North Tyneside HA4,6741,4674,8681,5475,2141,6295,4471,810
QDK North Cumbria HA3,0177222,9917153,4248113,725884
QDM Northumberland HA3,0028753,0981,0573,3301,0103,3361,178
QDN Sunderland HA2,0419952,0008212,6319712,9821,002
QDP Tees HA4,7531,0435,0531,1755,6111,2545,3441,434
QDQ Wakefield HA2,4166392,3176382,5406392,553770
QDR North Yorkshire HA6,4271,8686,4842,1387,1132,1586,8682,308
QDT Calderdale & Kirklees HA4,8151,1775,0631,2855,3291,3265,5821,478
Trent Regional Office
QCG Barnsley HA3,0444493,0014983,2105143,294527
QCH North Derbyshire HA3,4078993,3479413,7058783,9951,127
QCJ South Derbyshire HA5,5361,4545,8201,5686,2611,4896,4381,577
QCK Doncaster HA2,6957972,8409082,7409973,1441,191
QCL Leicestershire HA9,0572,0589,4632,2359,7152,2939,4522,375
QCM Lincolnshire HA6,5221,4176,7101,6267,2561,6177,2791,709
QCN North Nottinghamshire HA3,9447693,8798214,7188104,965846
QCP Nottingham HA6,6491,2867,0151,3527,7861,4058,0021,425
QCQ Rotherham HA1,8833701,8365112,0065292,105575
QCR Sheffield HA5,3311,1505,3181,2925,8741,4645,9861,647
QDL South Humber HA2,4416262,4867202,6127362,630878
West Midlands Regional Office
QD9 Birmingham HA8,3171,9668,2802,1769,1342,1509,4192,362
QEA Coventry HA2,6556212,7026593,0017672,920814
QEC Dudley HA1,9698542,0488362,2378602,046857
QED Herefordshire HA1,4264191,3113691,4835381,474542
QEE Sandwell HA2,2067192,3917922,7357452,793861
QEF Shropshire HA3,1669833,2801,0293,4651,0693,5341,180
QEG Solihull HA1,2894781,4635021,6244941,610549
QEH North Staffordshire HA3,8451,5354,0291,5404,0641,5264,0501,584
QEJ South Staffordshire HA4,2761,6374,3571,5634,7071,5414,6911,606
QEK Walsall HA2,0194192,0074682,4214482,561560
QEL Warwickshire HA4,2401,1154,1091,1474,6971,1584,5921,226
QEM Wolverhampton HA1,7784101,9574582,3595082,590656
QEN Worcestershire HA4,0101,1663,8611,1874,1061,2494,0251,368
North West Regional Office
QC1 South Lancashire HA2,8021,0872,8389902,8721,1032,8801,091
QC2 Liverpool HA5,4701,1775,5711,1766,1581,1506,3621,216
QC3 Manchester HA3,4111,3043,5161,4863,7371,4693,5831,583
QC4 Morecambe Bay HA2,8731,1892,8341,4023,0921,2753,1091,378
QC5 St. Helens & Knowsley HA3,2467943,3288053,6478243,662831
QC6 Salford & Trafford HA4,4561,7514,5201,8544,6541,8304,7681,806
QC7 Sefton HA2,7261,0732,8631,1433,2841,0482,8651,163
QC8 Stockport HA2,2691,1572,2701,3022,4441,3132,7061,272
QC9 West Pennine HA4,3551,3474,4431,6234,5121,7684,6222,025
QCT Bury & Rochdale HA3,6071,1423,5171,1853,8671,1804,1391,412
QCV North Cheshire HA2,7547102,8247823,4617852,911824
QCW South Cheshire HA5,1611,6565,6441,8475,9351,7896,2551,911
QCX East Lancashire HA5,3651,8635,3912,0635,7721,9945,8312,154
QCY North West Lancashire HA4,6432,3574,5162,4774,6622,4335,0632,897
QDA Wigan & Bolton HA5,0001,4475,2031,6295,6511,5656,1841,721
QDC Wirral HA4,4345074,2515594,8056184,654734
Eastern Regional Office
QA6 Bedfordshire HA3,9671,0084,0459584,3209453,5861,036
QAX North Essex HA7,3431,5487,5671,6857,8541,8468,6521,889
QAY South Essex HA6,2711,7876,2591,8746,7051,8166,5902,142
QCF Suffolk HA7,9611,7457,8051,8898,4181,9068,0602,089
QEP East & North Hertfordshire HA4,0711,2864,1481,4144,3281,3274,9691,515
QEQ West Hertfordshire HA4,2851,0944,2581,2054,7191,1774,6831,278
QER Cambridge HA6,5251,4366,7341,6057,4201,5708,2441,772
QET Norfolk HA10,0432,4299,7172,78310,6082,79610,5252,948
London Regional Office
QA2 Hillingdon HA1,7064671,6654551,9835101,921549
QA3 Kensington Chelsea & Westminster2,4956672,3806802,5156672,462762
QA4 Enfield & Haringey HA2,8848692,7359423,0949412,9551,089
QA5 Redbridge & Waltham Forest HA3,0641,0783,1021,1033,4221,0243,3241,143
QAA Bexley & Greenwich HA3,0868383,1998133,3458383,226999
QAC Bromley HA2,6727872,5198422,7139142,647929
QAD Croydon HA2,0577032,0736832,2677212,230721
QAG Kingston & Richmond HA2,5206382,5837002,9297572,795746
QAH Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham3,6681,0263,9301,0624,4441,0184,2811,084
QAJ Merton Sutton & Wandsworth HA4,1511,1734,2951,1774,5071,1434,5651,189
QAP Barking & Havering HA3,1239253,1269193,5709853,5491,005
QAQ Barnet HA2,5835922,4626162,6775682,786722
QAR Brent & Harrow HA2,7698802,6189072,9229583,1111,080
QAT Camden & Islington HA2,3574462,4205462,5844812,650548
QAV Ealing Hammersmith & Hounslow3,8971,0753,7671,1434,3331,2544,1461,213
QAW East London & The City HA3,5007393,6508273,9948393,974890
South East Regional Office
QA7 Berkshire HA4,9881,0844,9001,1935,2811,1905,0411,361
QA8 Buckinghamshire HA4,4999114,6021,0155,1451,0514,8921,149
QAE East Kent HA6,7321,6666,0101,6996,9452,0205,4502,176
QAF West Kent HA7,6801,3447,1871,4487,2951,5437,4481,676
QAK East Surrey HA3,7148773,4169503,5478663,401883
QAL West Surrey HA4,4591,2484,5351,4785,1491,4024,7821,364
QAM East Sussex Brighton & Hove HA8,0222,1268,2682,3098,5902,2088,5392,420
QAN West Sussex HA6,7722,0716,8852,3177,4182,4227,6122,612
QCC Northamptonshire HA4,9761,1714,8131,3385,1711,3025,6461,384
QCE Oxfordshire HA4,6021,0924,4621,1324,7901,1044,6661,002
QD1 North & Mid Hampshire HA4,1271,0544,0991,0054,1369304,3511,048
QD2 Portsmouth & South East Hampshire5,1851,0934,8961,3125,8231,1875,6341,317
QD3 Southampton & South West Hampshire5,5411,6885,7511,8936,3081,7616,3252,098
QD4 Isle of Wight HA1,5422231,4002581,5622611,500260
South West Regional Office
QD5 Somerset HA5,3081,4215,0821,3785,6761,4435,8321,807
QD6 South & West Devon HA6,7211,7166,4811,7886,7301,7336,6941,823
QD7 Wiltshire HA4,5601,1914,6061,4094,8321,3835,1081,422
QD8 Avon HA9,1632,5529,0582,6799,6782,7929,5293,058
QDV Cornwall & Isles of Scilly HA6,2402,4166,5032,3866,9572,0966,9541,521
QDW Dorset HA10,8773,49110,4363,84410,8123,77511,5064,014
QDX North & East Devon HA5,8391,6265,6621,7066,3121,8316,8331,901
QDY Gloucestershire HA5,0071,5335,0041,6085,3471,6455,3071,764
QW1 Gwent HA00200010
QW2 Bro Taf HA00002000
QW3 Dyfed Powys HA00000020
QW4 North Wales HA11000000
QW5 Iechyd Morgannwg HA00000010
Wales (other)9653081,1223421,1653541,153482
Northern Ireland131171140130
Not known33125413334833348525


1. An FCE is defined as a period of patient care under one consultant in one health care provider. The figures do not represent the number of patients, as one person may have several episodes within the year.

2. Figures in this table have not yet been adjusted for shortfalls in data.


Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES), Department of Health

18 Oct 2001 : Column: 1335W

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