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Interview (Travelling Expenses)

Mr. Drew: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will make a statement on his Department's policy towards recompensing interviewees for their travelling expenses. [11792]

Mr. Nicholas Brown: We recognise that it can be difficult for unemployed people to meet the cost of getting to interviews and for this reason we have been running the travel to interview scheme since June 1986. The travel to interview scheme is available to jobseekers from their first day of unemployment.

The scheme encourages people to widen their job search by helping with travelling costs to attend interviews outside their usual travel to work area. To qualify for the scheme the job applied for must be permanent and full time. People can make applications for

1 Nov 2001 : Column: 836W

assistance in advance and will either receive a travel warrant or be reimbursed after the interview has taken place.

Social Security Expenditure (Scotland)

Annabelle Ewing: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how much money was paid in benefits, pensions and other associated services in (a) Scotland and (b) the UK during the (i) 2001–02 financial year to date and (ii) the previous five financial years; and what the breakdown is by benefits for each of those years. [9006]

Mr. McCartney [holding answer 19 October 2001]: The Northern Ireland Assembly is responsible for social security within Northern Ireland. Information on benefit expenditure by country is not available for 2000–01. Expenditure for Great Britain is published on the DWP website at The relevant information is contained in Other Statistics, Benefit Expenditure Tables 2001, Table1. Estimated expenditure amounts for Scotland are given in the table.

Benefit Expenditure—Scotland

£ million
Terms 1995–961996–971997–981998–991999–2000
Retirement Pension—basic2,4082,5572,6632,7982,966
Retirement Pension—earnings-related193241277321391
Christmas Bonus—contribution-based1111111111
Widows'/Bereavement benefits118114113112112
Unemployment Benefit12572
Jobseeker's Allowance—contribution-based43625956
Jobseeker's Allowance—income-based158321303281
Sickness Benefit2
Statutory Sick Pay513344
Invalidity Benefit—basic29
Invalidity Benefit—earnings-related7
Incapacity Benefit—short-term7181847769
Incapacity Benefit—long-term759767755750691
Incapacity Benefit—earnings-related18316714012095
Industrial disablement benefits6264656766
Industrial Death Benefit55555
Other industrial injuries benefits(18)(18)(18)(18)(18)
Maternity Allowance33333
Statutory Maternity Pay4529424648
Guardian's and Child's Special Allowance(18)(18)(18)(18)(18)
Non-contributory Retirement Pension32223
Non-contributory Christmas Bonus11111
War pensions111120114112111
Attendance Allowance212235256274290
Invalid Care Allowance6680828691
Severe Disablement Allowance99108119117116
Disability Living Allowance440521570610644
Disability Working Allowance23444
Income Support (under 60 years of age)1,1951,012798802817
IS for the elderly—Minimum Income Guarantee348344345335353
Child Benefit572589601611695
Family Credit184210225237185
Earnings Top-Up(18)233
Independent Living Funds1213121314
Mobility Equipment Fund(18)(18)(18)(18)1
Social Fund2422181918
Winter Fuel Payments191990
Other small benefits(18)(18)(18)(18)(18)
Consolidated Fund Extra Receipts-1(18)(18)(18)
Housing Benefit Rent Allowance276302322335352
Housing Benefit Rent Rebate630665692701700
Council Tax Benefit213246287303306
Total benefit expenditure8,4138,7989,0149,2629,588

(18) Less than one million


1. Figures are consistent with the Departmental Report 2001.

2. Figures are rounded to the nearest million.

3. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

4. These figures include all LA spending on Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit in addition to the money funded directly by Central Government.

5. The Scotland expenditure figures have been calculated from the average weekly amounts and caseload figures that have been derived from sample administrative data.

6. Figures for 1999–2000 are on a Resource Accounting and Budgeting basis.

1 Nov 2001 : Column: 837W

Departmental Properties

Annabelle Ewing: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will estimate the total running costs for buildings used, owned or rented by his Department for each nation and region of the UK, and estimate the average cost per square metre for properties used by his Department as a whole, and by region and nation of the UK. [6849]

Mr. Nicholas Brown: The vast majority of buildings on the former DSS part of the estate are rented to the Department by our private sector partner, Land Securities Trillium. Under the PRIME PFI agreement, the Department pays Land Securities Trillium a unitary charge (the "Facilities Price") for each building and receives serviced office accommodation in return. The Facilities Price covers not only the space we occupy but also a large number of building related services. These are:

1 Nov 2001 : Column: 838W

The first table shows the information requested in respect of the Facilities Price, utility charges and business rates for all PRIME buildings where the former DSS are the major occupier. The information is broken down geographically according to nation and former DSS regional boundaries. Details of the corresponding charges paid for the former DSS minor occupancies and non-PRIME buildings are not currently held centrally. These charges are paid for and monitored locally.

1 Nov 2001 : Column: 839W

The second table gives details of the running costs of buildings on the former Employment Service part of the estate. This includes both major and minor occupancies but excludes sub-lets. Information is again provided geographically both on a national and regional basis but is dictated this time by former ES regional boundaries. Running costs on the former ES part of the Estate include all maintenance work (i.e. scheduled, reactive and planned) and minor new works, rents, rates and service charges, cleaning and utilities. These costs are lower than the charges paid by the former DSS as the ES part of the

1 Nov 2001 : Column: 840W

estate was not subject to a PFI agreement and does not therefore benefit from the full range of services provided as under the PRIME agreement. Nor has the risk inherent in the buildings and its associated cost been transferred to a PFI provider.

Details of services, such as post opening and despatch, reprographics and switchboard etc., which are traditionally regarded as business rather than building- related services, (and the cost of furniture and security for the former ES) have been excluded from both tables as we are unable to present the information in the same format.

Former DSS part of the estate

RegionTotal (£)Total business square metre (BSM)Average charge £ per BSM
AD1 East London and Anglia15,330,376.4868,774.93222.91
AD2 Chilterns20,280,484.4682,990.12244.37
AD3 London South40,736,959.46157,615.80258.46
AD4 West Country15,998,514.9597,521.38164.05
AD5 Mercia13,298,357.2367,939.49195.74
AD6 West Midlands20,321,903.9996,948.44209.62
AD8 North West Coast40,967,353.38227,128.26180.37
AD9 Greater Manchester16,979,155.53102,333.26165.92
AD10 Yorkshire22,340,174.39106,328.42210.11
AD11 Tyne Tees10,942,784.6457,915.70188.94
England total 217,196,064.511,065,495.79203.85
AD7 Wales12,999,568.6671,045.14182.98
Wales total12,999,568.6671,045.14182.98
AD12 West of Scotland17,507,560.0370,120.37249.68
AD13 East of Scotland18,785,521.4682,764.49226.98
Scotland total36,293,081.49152,884.87237.39
Grand total266,488,714.661,289,425.79206.67

All charges are exact for the last financial year. The total business square metres is based on the properties that were occupied as at March 2001.

Former ES part of the estate

Region Total running costs (£)Total business square metre (BSM) Average charge £ per BSM
Head Office (Sheffield)6,334,0952,9055.10218.00
North West15,194,904114,036.09133.25
Yorkshire and Humber9,944,15274,326.63133.79
East Midlands9,582,15670,122.84136.65
West Midlands14,027,01890,138.49155.62
London and South East55,911,412263,813.39211.94
South West12,431,94778,718.82157.93
England total131,197,957777,026.98168.85
Wales total7,046,41360,990.66115.53
Scotland total16,694,08698,797.07168.97
Grand total154,938,456936,815165.39

All charges are exact for the last financial year. The total business square metres is based on the properties that were occupied as at March 2001.

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