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Hearing Aids

Mr. Heath: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what private sector companies were used to (a) design, (b) provide facilities for and (c) manage the modernising NHS hearing aid services project. [15599]

Jacqui Smith: Discussions were held with all hearing aid companies during the design of the modernising national health service hearing aid services project. The following companies supplied goods and or services and training:

26 Nov 2001 : Column: 730W

Oticon Ltd.

The project is managed on behalf of the Department by the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the timetable is for the allocation of funding for the purchase of digital hearing aids; and if he will make a statement. [15807]

Jacqui Smith: The Institute of Hearing Research is evaluating the modernisation project on behalf of the Department. Subject to favourable evaluation, we will make decisions about how best to spread the modernised services, including the provision of digital hearing aids throughout the national health service. We have earmarked funds to begin roll-out and have said that up to £25 million will be invested by 2003–04. Funding decisions for 2002–03 will be made in time to allow sites to make plans for delivering services for that financial year.

NHS Dentistry

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many salaried dentists have been employed in each health authority area in England since the publication of the Government's plan for NHS dentistry. [15470]

Ms Blears: Information on the number of salaried dentists employed in each health authority as at September 2000—the month of publication of "Modernising NHS Dentistry—Implementing the NHS Plan" is shown in table 1. The same information as at September 2001 is shown in table 2.

The figures are for number of dentists and take no account of part-time working. Some dentists work in more than one HA and are included each time in the individual HA figures but only once in the England total. Dentists working in more than one dental service are included each time.

Information on salaried dentists employed in community dental services and hospital dental services is available only for September 2000.

Table 1: Number of salaried dentists in the salaried service of the general dental service, personal dental service, community and hospital dental services at September 2000—England

Health authoritySalaried service of GDSPDS salaried dentistsCommunity and hospital salaried dentists(42)
Avon HA0011
Barking and Havering HA1301
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey HA003
Barnsley HA00
Bedfordshire HA403
Berkshire HA004
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HA834
Birmingham HA0017
Bradford HA003
Brent and Harrow HA002
Buckinghamshire HA1185
Bury and Rochdale HA002
Calderdale and Kirklees HA003
Cambridge HA1005
Camden and Islington HA1012
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HA2254
County Durham HA001
Coventry HA002
Croydon HA002
Doncaster HA001
Dorset HA003
Dudley HA001
Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow HA001
East Kent HA103
East Lancashire HA003
East London and The City HA1007
East Riding HA223
East Surrey HA60
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove HA004
Gateshead and South Tyneside HA001
Gloucestershire HA0295
Herefordshire HA301
Hertfordshire HA003
Hillingdon HA00
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HA074
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HA705
Kingston and Richmond HA003
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA0018
Leeds HA007
Leicestershire HA004
Lincolnshire HA503
Liverpool HA0010
Manchester HA0015
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth HA304
Morecambe Bay HA102
Newcastle and North Tyneside HA0012
Norfolk HA404
North and East Devon HA202
North and Mid Hampshire HA102
North Cheshire HA003
North Cumbria HA001
North Derbyshire HA001
North Essex HA003
North Nottingham HA00
North Staffordshire HA201
North West Lancashire HA103
North Yorkshire HA005
Northamptonshire HA002
Northumberland HA00
Nottingham HA003
Oxfordshire HA804
Redbridge and Waltham Forest HA001
Rotherham HA101
Salford and Trafford HA002
Sandwell Ha001
Sefton HA002
Sheffield HA009
Shropshire HA072
Solihull HA10
Somerset HA202
South and West Devon HA1505
South Cheshire HA403
South Derbyshire HA014
South Essex HA002
South Humber HA001
South Lancashire HA231
South Staffordshire HA002
Southampton and South West Hampshire HA0214
St. Helena and Knowsley HA061
Stockport HA001
Suffolk Ha203
Sunderland HA002
Tees HA004
Wakefield HA001
Walsall HA001
Warwickshire HA002
West Kent HA305
West Pennine HA002
West Surrey HA305
West Sussex HA0123
Wigan and Bolton Ha463
Wiltshire HA463
Wirral HA081
Wolverhampton HA051
Worcestershire HA0171
Special Hospitals003

(42) England total for CDS and HDS salaried dentists counts dentists only once, in their main HA.

26 Nov 2001 : Column: 733W

Table 2: Number of salaried dentists in the salaried service of the general dental service, personal dental service, community and hospital dental services at September 2001—England

Health authoritySalaried service of GDSPDS salaried dentistsCommunity and hospital salaried dentists(43)
Avon HA010n/a
Barking and Havering HA130n/a
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey HA02n/a
Barnsley HA00n/a
Bedfordshire HA629n/a
Berkshire HA00n/a
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HA68n/a
Birmingham HA039n/a
Bradford HA00n/a
Brent and Harrow HA00n/a
Buckinghamshire HA127n/a
Bury and Rochdale HA05n/a
Calderdale and Kirklees HA00n/a
Cambridge HA70n/a
Camden and Islington HA10n/a
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HA232n/a
County Durham HA00n/a
Coventry HA00n/a
Croydon HA00n/a
Doncaster HA00n/a
Dorset HA00n/a
Dudley HA00n/a
Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow HA00n/a
East Kent HA00n/a
East Lancashire HA03n/a
East London and The City HA90n/a
East Riding HA08n/a
East Surrey HA00n/a
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove HA01n/a
Gateshead and South Tyneside HA00n/a
Gloucestershire HA023n/a
Herefordshire HA00n/a
Hertfordshire HA00n/a
Hillingdon HA20n/a
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HA013n/a
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HA80n/a
Kingston and Richmond HA00n/a
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA00n/a
Leeds HA00n/a
Leicestershire HA03n/a
Lincolnshire HA28n/a
Liverpool HA07n/a
Manchester HA01n/a
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth HA30n/a
Morecambe Bay HA12n/a
Newcastle and North Tyneside HA00n/a
Norfolk HA00n/a
North and East Devon HA05n/a
North and Mid Hampshire HA00n/a
North Cheshire HA015n/a
North Cumbria HA00n/a
North Derbyshire HA00n/a
North Essex HA00n/a
North Nottinghamshire HA00n/a
North Staffordshire HA019n/a
North West Lancashire HA01n/a
North Yorkshire HA07n/a
Northamptonshire HA00n/a
Northumberland HA00n/a
Nottingham HA00n/a
Oxfordshire HA017n/a
Redbridge and Waltham Forest HA00n/a
Rotherham HA10n/a
Salford and Trafford HA02n/a
Sandwell Ha03n/a
Sefton HA00n/a
Sheffield HA00n/a
Shropshire HA06n/a
Solihull HA011n/a
Somerset HA18n/a
South and West Devon HA1412n/a
South Cheshire HA07n/a
South Derbyshire HA01n/a
South Essex HA00n/a
South Humber HA00n/a
South Lancashire HA23n/a
South Staffordshire HA013n/a
Southampton and South West Hampshire HA020n/a
St. Helena and Knowsley HA010n/a
Stockport HA00n/a
Suffolk Ha03n/a
Sunderland HA00n/a
Tees HA00n/a
Wakefield HA00n/a
Walsall HA04n/a
Warwickshire HA06n/a
West Kent HA20n/a
West Pennine HA10n/a
West Surrey HA044n/a
West Sussex HA017n/a
Wigan and Bolton Ha00n/a
Wiltshire HA47n/a
Wirral HA09n/a
Wolverhampton HA06n/a
Worcestershire HA021n/a

(43) The number of salaried dentists in the CDS and HDS is not available centrally

26 Nov 2001 : Column: 735W

David Wright: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what central Government funding programmes will be available to support NHS dentistry after March 2002. [15309]

Ms Blears: An estimated £1.1 billion will be spent on the general dental service and a further £57 million will be invested on personal dental service pilot schemes in the current financial year. Figures for future years are not yet available.

David Wright: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what support his Department is giving to health authorities and individual practices to provide NHS dental services. [15306]

26 Nov 2001 : Column: 736W

Ms Blears: We have invested almost £100 million extra over the last two years towards helping health authorities and individual practices provide NHS dental services.

In addition to this financial support the Government have made it easier for health authorities to influence dentistry provision in their area. Health authorities can now commission local spot contracts with dentists. Health authorities can also bid for Government money to support the establishment of personal dental service pilot schemes, which are an alternative way by which to provide NHS dentistry and allow for the creation of a service more tailored to the needs of local communities.

26 Nov 2001 : Column: 737W

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