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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Mr. John Smith: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what contribution his Department will make to the World Health Organisation study into deep vein thrombosis and air travel. [16319]

Jacqui Smith: The Department, in conjunction with the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions is planning to make a contribution to the World Health Organisation study in terms of financial support and the provision of advice, the details of which are under consideration.

Palliative Care

Miss Widdecombe: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much of the money assigned to palliative care over three years has been spent; and if he will make a statement on how it was spent. [16353]

Jacqui Smith: By 2004 the national health service will be investing an additional £50 million which will match, on a national basis, the investment made by the voluntary sector. We will be monitoring the information from financial frameworks and cancer network service delivery plans to ensure that this investment is happening.


Mr. Waterson: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what provision there is in the NHS for the treatment of severe sensitivity to light by plasmapheresis. [17144]

Mr. Hutton: Facilities for plasmapheresis are available in many large national health service haematology or immunology departments. We are not aware, however, of any photosensitive eruption for which it is routine treatment and for which the NHS would provide facilities.

Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs

Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what estimate he has made of the average cost per patient of prescribing atypical antipsychotic drugs. [17222]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 22 November 2001]: Information on the number of patients prescribed atypical antipsychotic drugs is not available.

The average net ingredient cost per prescription item for atypical antipsychotic drugs dispensed in the community in England in 2000 was £70.06.

29 Nov 2001 : Column: 1100W

The Department has asked the National Institute for Clinical Excellence to appraise the clinical and cost effectiveness of atypical antipsychotic drugs.


Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what proportion of operations carried out under the NHS were performed in the private sector in the last 12 months. [19381]

Mr. Hutton: This information is not available in the form requested.

The Department has recently surveyed health authorities and trusts on the amount of activity they are purchasing for national health service patients within the private sector and will publish key results in due course. The Department is also currently reviewing its information needs as far as NHS-funded activity in the private sector is concerned.

Primary Care Trusts

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what criteria will be used to allocate funding to primary care trusts. [19197]

Mr. Hutton: We currently allocate funding to health authorities, and they allocate funding to primary care trusts, on the basis of the relative needs of their populations. A weighted capitation formula is used to determine each health authority and primary care trust's fair share of available resources, to enable them to commission similar levels of services for populations in equal need.

In future the intention is that allocations will be made direct to primary care trusts. This is subject to the passage of legislation through Parliament. Allocations will continue to be based on the principle of weighted capitation.

Waiting Times

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many patients were waiting for (a) in-patient treatment and (b) out-patient appointments in each quarter of (i) 2000 and (ii) 2001 for (a) less than six months, (b) between six and 12 months, (c) between 12 and 18 months and (d) over 18 months. [19196]

29 Nov 2001 : Column: 1101W

Mr. Hutton: The number of inpatients waiting less than six months; between six and 12 months; between 12 and 18 months; and over 18 months in each quarter of 2000 and 2001 are given in the table.

More than half of the patients waiting over 18 months at end September 2001 are awaiting single use instruments for tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. This is because the National Health Service has been advised only to carry out these procedures (when routine) using single-use supply instruments due to the theoretical risk of contracting vCJD. A sufficient supply of these instruments is now available, therefore we expect that the number of patients waiting for tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy procedures on the list will start to reduce and we will be able to ensure treatment of actual and potential over 18 month waiters in the coming months.

Inpatient data (trust based)

Number of patients waiting
Quarter endingLess than 6 months6–12 months12–18 monthsMore than 18 months
March 2000768,791219,22949,0397
June 2000774,867221,64261,3801
September 2000756,620224,08951,1132
December 2000767,254217,91249,20510
March 2001760,736203,83341,941217
June 2001770,715220,47146,333356
September 2001757,846232,78644,462208


Department of Health—KH07 quarterly return

Data are not collected on the number of outpatients waiting in the time frames requested. However, data are collected on the number of outpatients waiting between three months and six months; and over six months. These data have been given in the table.

29 Nov 2001 : Column: 1102W

Outpatient data (trust based)
Number of patients still waiting for a first outpatient appointment following GP referral who have waited over 13 and over 26 weeks

Number still waiting
Quarter ending13–25 weeksOver 26 weeks
March 2000269,385132,223
June 2000314,157130,335
September 2000309,928125,840
December 2000285,519113,618
March 2001201,98181,847
June 2001274,42185,099
September 2001307,24892,821


Department of Health—QMO8 quarterly return

Mr. Lidington: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list for (a) each health authority and (b) in total, (i) the authority-wide resident-based (A) in- patient and (B) daycase waiting list target for March 2002, (ii) the authority-wide profiled target for such cases for October 2001, (iii) the number of patients waiting for (1) in-patient and (2) daycase treatment in October 2001, (iv) the difference between (i) and (iii) and (v) the difference between (ii) and (iv). [19320]

Mr. Hutton: The latest information is given in the table. Data for October 2001 are not available until 7 December; therefore September 2001 data have been provided instead. There is a single profile for in-patients covering daycases and ordinary admissions.

Profiles are a management tool to ensure maintenance of the manifesto commitment. They are used to review progress, and to inform discussion between the Department and health authorities. The manifesto commitment was achieved in March 2000 and has been maintained since.

Of which:
NameTotal in-patient waiting list (September 2001)Ordinary patientsDaycase patientsIn-patient waiting list profile for September 2001Difference to September 2001 profilePercentage difference to September 2001 profileWaiting list plan for March 2002
Hillingdon HA4,1672,3411,8264,0011664.14,059
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HA4,4772,5521,9254,456210.54,504
Redbridge and Waltham Forest HA10,3495,0195,33010,542-193-1.811,197
Bedfordshire HA10,3044,7445,56010,411-107-1.09,818
Berkshire HA14,4956,9627,53314,568-73-0.514,008
Buckinghamshire HA13,2216,8576,36412,9602612.012,928
Croydon HA6,5613,1893,3726,848-287-4.26,630
East Kent HA16,4147,7508,66416,2781360.815,625
West Kent HA24,23610,31113,92522,8271,4096.223,748
Kingston and Richmond HA7,1222,4904,6327,233-111-1.56,999
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA15,9148,2907,62415,964-50-0.316,274
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth HA10,0844,7535,3319,8782062.19,977
East Surrey HA8,5274,4494,0788,768-241-2.78,900
West Surrey HA14,6446,3838,26114,3393052.114,550
East Sussex Brighton and Hove HA17,89310,0537,84017,0288655.117,260
West Sussex HA18,7149,7059,00918,640740.418,554
Barking and Havering HA10,8045,3715,4339,9298758.810,078
Brent and Harrow HA8,2444,6253,6198,309-65-0.88,550
Camden and Islington HA6,0833,6712,4125,6624217.45,418
Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow HA13,7346,8016,93313,1785564.213,188
East London and City HA11,3886,5494,83911,514-126-1.111,590
North Essex HA20,87210,09510,77720,925-53-0.322,027
South Essex HA17,4087,16510,24316,5228865.416,908
South Lancashire HA7,9363,4854,4518,355-419-5.08,540
Liverpool HA10,5965,3045,29211,132-536-4.811,084
Manchester HA12,1895,6746,51511,0161,17310.611,325
Morecambe Bay HA6,7892,7474,0426,1776129.96,123
St. Helens and Knowsley HA9,5144,5904,9248,7947208.28,627
Salford and Trafford HA12,8284,9657,86311,4011,42712.511,233
Sefton HA7,4303,4204,0107,2971331.87,251
Stockport HA7,2493,7543,4956,7405097.66,632
West Pennine HA11,6634,6786,98512,051-388-3.212,03
Northamptonshire HA13,7286,5087,22013,2554733.613,196
Oxfordshire HA10,9426,0344,90810,0538898.810,173
Suffolk HA15,2557,7037,55214,3638926.214,999
Barnsley HA4,2432,0922,1514,953-710-14.34,435
North Derbyshire HA8,2023,5294,6738,735-533-6.18,600
Southern Derbyshire HA12,4705,0997,37112,824-354-2.812,800
Doncaster HA4,1111,9642,1474,331-220-5.14,120
Leicestershire HA16,0568,3557,70116,556-500-3.016,100
Lincolnshire HA15,7177,3708,34716,195-478-3.016,600
North Nottinghamshire HA7,9764,1313,8457,8471291.68,000
Nottingham HA11,3656,1065,25911,328370.311,615
Rotherham HA3,8192,0191,8003,6961233.33,700
Sheffield HA11,2875,6265,66110,5687196.810,475
Bury and Rochdale HA9,5234,6134,9108,7008239.58,664
North Cheshire HA8,7476,9444,6828,938-191-2.18,821
South Cheshire HA14,1486,9447,20414,570-422-2.914,046
East Lancashire HA12,4415,1667,27511,9904513.812,036
North West Lancashire HA11,3504,5646,78611,560-210-1.811,704
North and Mid Hampshire HA10,5085,6674,84110,0594494.510,088
Southampton and SW Hampshire HA13,5646,3837,18113,933-369-2.614,708
Somerset HA11,6235,7855,83811,1424814.311,122
South and West Devon HA13,7717,3156,45613,3434283.213,005
Wiltshire HA12,3976,3876,01011,5248737.610,434
Avon HA21,49211,9599,53319,9811,5117.619,990
Birmingham HA15,1977,2707,92714,3798185.714,393
Wigan and Bolton HA13,5406,4177,12313,2742662.013,577
Wirral HA5,6023,2052,3974,90969314.14,808
Bradford HA10,0013,7656,2369,8221791.810,255
County Durham and Darlington HA11,5085,6355,87311,2092992.711,313
East Riding and Hull HA11,6376,1445,49311,673-36-0.311,807
Gateshead and South Tyneside HA7,6713,4714,2007,778-107-1.48,244
Leeds HA13,6756,8906,78513,5101651.214,286
Newcastle and North Tyneside HA6,9453,5843,3617,696-751-9.87,839
North Cumbria HA7,4973,0694,4287,478190.37,752
South Humber HA7,8482,8375,0118,474-626-7.48,310
Northumberland HA5,1772,4202,7574,9322455.04,910
Sunderland HA6,0952,8173,2785,9111843.16,127
Tees HA10,9525,2865,66610,6243283.110,984
Wakefield HA6,7213,4923,2297,087-366-5.27,394
North Yorkshire HA13,7956,4917,30414,571-776-5.314,460
Calderdale and Kirklees HA10,5644,7165,84811,068-504-4.610,760
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HA12,0046,3175,63312,388-384-3.112,123
Dorset HA8,7364,1524,5849,745-1,009-10.49,745
North and East Devon HA10,9915,8305,16111,178-187-1.711,273
Gloucestershire HA8,2053,8794,3267,9202853.67,935
Coventry HA4,8072,5752,2324,15265515.84,187
Dudley HA4,7922,3272,4654,6271653.64,327
Herefordshire HA2,7921,3381,4542,04838415.92,630
Sandwell HA4,6012,0312,5704,4661353.04,520
Shropshire HA7,0123,9843,0286,7053074.67,053
Solihull HA3,4871,6891,7983,448391.13,523
North Staffordshire HA6,4733,0743,3996,494-21-0.36,715
South Staffordshire HA12,6675,8006,86712,5301371.112,767
Walsall HA2,7411,5331,2082,5761656.42,608
Warwickshire HA10,3454,6795,6669,5078388.89,780
Wolverhampton HA3,7302,1661,5643,651792.23,726
Worcestershire HA9,5174,6134,9049,738-221-2.39,950
Cambridgeshire HA14,6167,4437,17313,8347825.713,641
Norfolk HA18,4938,5899,90418,3011921.017,442
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire14,8767,3737,50312,6812,19517.313,026
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey HA15,0768,6386,43815,353-277-1.815,865
Hertfordshire HA21,51311,14110,37221,897-384-1.822,373
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HA13,8176,9336,88413,2305874.414,288

29 Nov 2001 : Column: 1103W

29 Nov 2001 : Column: 1105W

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